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Patrick Barclay
@paddybarclay @LFC @Everton maybe Everton would find it easier to find a buyer if that person were allowed to invest in the club.
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When did I say that? Or do you just work on presumption all the time?
As soon as you use a phrase like ''I can see the argument...'' you're in trouble.
We should just be like the Germans and that's it.
How's @thedoveman1982 for an example of paranoia? No, what I wanted was for UEFA to try to force the Glazers to pay off earlier.
@paddybarclay yes that's right. Punish supporters even further than the £700m we've already seen pumped out of the club due to the owners
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No, I'm not saying that at all. There was a transitional period which might have coerced the Glazers to pay debt off quicker.
@paddybarclay @LFC @Everton too many loopholes that need tightening, Chelsea have 26 players out on loan!
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I do see the argument that United's debt (and others) should be taken into FFP account. Argued for a debt criterion before FFP was finalised
FFP has unfortunate consequences - but we can't do without it. A spending war among sugar daddies would squeeze, say, @LFC and @Everton
City are progressing the right way. Viz magnificent new training complex and stadium extension. I doubt they'll fall foul of FFP again.
In fact try anything by @Escartefigue777 , aka Robert Chalmers. Great writer.
To all making fun of the lead-in to today's @Talk2Fanzone piece: I don't write the plugs. Read the piece and comment on that if you want.
Today's piece for @br_uk on why #mufc are now the noisy neighbours and Van Gaal's Gaalacticos are here to stay…
Despite impressing, @paddybarclay thinks Man United's Gaalacticos will face tougher tests than QPR… #MUFC
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@paddybarclay Please find the time to RT @footsteps4louie We're trying to raise money and awareness to help this spesh little boy to walk :)
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On the evening of Oct 3rd @GuillemBalague @DickinsonTimes & @paddybarclay talk footballing icons Lionel Messi, Bobby Moore & Herbert Chapman
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#FF big shout out to a new site I write for @Talk2Fanzone which features work from Mr Sunbed @jasoncundy05 and Mr Opinon @paddybarclay 👍
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Great to work with top men @JohnDykesUK and @AndyDunn_SM on Football Today. More like fun than work.
@paddybarclay They watch it. They just don't understand. A team that went futher than us and stood toe-to-toe with Argentina. Sigh.
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Of course we shan't know how good England are until the summer of 2016. But you'd have to be a bit silly not to have hope after tonight.
Isn't it so predictable that people should be saying Switzerland aren't very good? Don't they ever watch football - even the World Cup?
England are sorted. You could see what the Norway performance was about now.
So England are moving forward under Hodgson and Welbeck's a proper goalscoring centre-forward - well, well, who'd have believed it?
@neilashton_ @SundaySupp @paddybarclay @sbates_people Why & How does it cost the same to watch Bayern M than it does Fleetwood Town? Discuss
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Regardless Of Who Is In Charge, It Will Take Years To Make England A Footballing Giant… via @paddybarclay RT #3LIONS
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@paddybarclay re: non-white managers- why did sunday supp not ask why so few non-white journalists have been on show?
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Happy birthday to Tony Book. @MCFC legend. And candidate for best uncapped English right back of all time.
Anyway, got to catch the train. Hope to see you at 7pm tomorrow at @FootballMuseum .
@paddybarclay Anything to stop @CalvinBook banging on about Millwall. He made me not hate Millwall and for that I hate him....
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Seriously, all roll up to the @FootballMuseum in Manchester tomorrow night. It's not just about writing. We'll have some fun.
@paddybarclay I'm heading along tomorrow night as it goes, I expect some Alan Gilzean chat
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@paddybarclay I was there 3 weeks ago and it is a really cool city. My daughter moved there for Uni and stayed on afterwards
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@Talk2Fanzone @paddybarclay i dno wjy he comes out with this when hes just signed a new contract.....he could of left for free this year
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Bear in mind that he left ''Manchester'' because Madrid was in his heart. Has he had a change of heart?
If you read carefully, you'll notice that Ronaldo said he loved ''Manchester''. So do I. In fact I'm heading there tonight.
If you listen carefully you can hear the sound of a cheque book opening somewhere in Manchester #Ronaldo #MUFC
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Try following @Talk2Fanzone . Some good people working there - and me.