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The black community need to teach they kids how to get money legally at a young age. That's the only way we gone progress as a race.
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The "talking" Stage Annoying AF, Like They Yours but They Not Really Yours. You Could Get Mad At Shit but Then You Really Can't ... 😒
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How much did the #vmas pay BEYONCE to perform her whole album ?
I hope BEYONCE didn't send a vine video performance to vh1 like she did bet #VMAs
Kim Kardashian look like BEYONCE 😳😂
Damn Kim can I see a nipple 😳❤️
Bruh , Crackheads Can Get ANYTHING On A Leash 😂�
Nicki calls Drake her brother ? Shit , if my sis gave me lap dances like that she'd be pregnant with our sonphew
My Feelings Don't Even Hurt The Same No More. Lol I Just Be Like "Damn" 😒
do you ever like a celebrity so much you actually get jealous when other people say they like them
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10 Optical Illusions That You Have To See To Believe! 😱�
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Bow Wow and Lil Mama standing next to each other is like Tyler Perry standing next to Madea..
Hey, @twitter @jack What do I have to do to get my account @verified? I've linked my twitter to my official site. Help me out please
Just updated my blog with a new layout! Go check it out!
It's time for @JohnCena to turn heel! Perfect timing because the crowd don't even respond to him The same #raw
Sorry, I missed your special day, but Happy Belated Birthday @pacrackz
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@pacrackz Happy Birthday PacRackzzzzz!!! 😁😁❤️ Love you! Enjoy it!!
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