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Chicks hop in the bed 1st, we got five minutes to join or she sleep. Dudes hop in the bed, she can take 3 hours we still gone bang 😂💯
females lowkey be wanting the same shit as niggas, to fuck w/no strings attached & have some one to talk to and chill with some time 😏
you see any nigga with these boxers on just know that he ain't getting NO MONEY😳😬🙊�
You niggas better stop ignoring your girl. It's a side nigga waiting to eat her coochie like a pack of pink starbursts my nigga 😂👏
I spend 85% of my day thinking about my future.🙇💭💍🏥🏡💸 I can't afford to be a bum. 💁
You CAN'T fall in love with somebody twice🙅💔💔😒💯
when she wants to go out with her "friends"
How I did on Twitter this week: 22.8K New Followers, 477 Mentions, 661K Mention Reach. How'd your week go? via
When you 1st start talking to a girl it's "hey wyd aw ok just HML when you make it home" catch feelings now it's "WYA!? YOU WITH THAT BITCH"
This teacher gotta chill 😂😆😭🙀
Why do people thank God for seeing another day at 6AM??? Bitch when you was up at 12AM why didn't you thank him for seeing another day😐😐😐
This Lil baby is so strong something blew up in his face rewtweet to pray for him😣❤�
We All got That One Person That We'll Do Anything For 😘🙊👫
it's "bros before hoes" not bros before ya girl, lmao you niggas retarded asf
Never Take Life As A Joke💯✊.You Can Be Gone Today Or Tomorrow👋😴
If you care for someone, you will go through hell and back with them. You may get tired, but it's worth it if the other person care too.👫🔐❤️
Everybody Go Fo👣ow My Little Brother ASAP @_king_gambino @_king_gambino @_king_gambino
Breaking someones heart should be a crime. 💔🔫😓👮🚓🚨
When you first start a relationship it's like: 💕👑💍💰💸 Then it gets like: 🔪🚶 But only REAL people get through it all: 💯✔👰👪💕💍
A female that wont fight a bitch over no nigga, i salute you 😌💯😍💃💁💁
Girls only get crazy when they really love yo ass 😳💁😡❤️
A bae that will text you all day, make you smile, check on you & give you compliments out the blue👏😌😏😍👅😩💕💯👌🙈 That’s a real bae!
Fuck with the uglies! You're guaranteed loyalty🔒🔐. Never have to worry about cheating or being left cause they ass ain't going nowhere!
EVERY nigga/female has the potential to be faithful but it take a real Mf to keep them tht way 💯💯
Niggas can make it to their charger just in time when their phone at 1% 🔋 but cant pull out on time 💦
A Real Bond Wont Ever Break... It Might Bend , But It Wont Break 💯🔐✊👫💏
Two students with Down syndrome crowned homecoming king and queen 😍�
Side hoes be like "bitch when my mouth heal, ima suck his Dick again"
When you give ya girl money for the abortion but she went and spent it on shoes and clothes
😭 😩 y'all hackin schools website now
lurking 👀 on my twitter will have you confused , you might think i'm single🚶 taken 👫 mad 😡 sad 😥 or happy 😆💯 i just be tweeting honestly 👌😂👏
How I did on Twitter this week: 6.11K New Followers, 344 Mentions, 571K Mention Reach. How'd your week go? via
This dog badder than most of the females I know 😂�
Yall Go Follow My Lil Sis ASAP. She Coo And Ha Pics A1 😘😘😍😍
Woman Catches Her Boyfriend Cheating And Shoots Him In The Balls! 😱�
Bitch thought she could flex in a no flex zone 😴
Fuckin with a crazy girl you will never be single . You can tell her " im done with yo ass" and she'll be like " i disagree 😊" 😳👀