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Pammy Orlina ♡
do i just continuously bang my head at this cause srsly what even
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"Sometimes rejection in life is really redirection." - Tavis Smiley
@MethDoza: It's either you've changed or I did't really know you that well”
I NEED A BREAK!!!!!!!!! Sososo tired & stressed
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Can i just marry my bed forever 😭
ssh quiet nga eh asar
watching Mr Popular meets Miss Nobody ✨
My thoughts are literally killing me 😊🔫
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I just want him to be okay and healthy again. I don't want to think about all the things that could happen. I'm not ready.
Pagod na pagod na pagod na pagod na pagod na pagod na ako
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I'm just your friend whenever you remember me or see me. Nice. Reaaaal nice dude.
ayoko na po gumalaw
I can't believe its Monday tomorrow
A random little girl pulled my shirt & asked for a picture with me. Hello random little girl 🌸
The Remaining got me like..... 😲😵🔫💣
I know i'm strong enough to handle all of this.
me: maaaammeh hello mom: hi me: miss mo ko mom: hinde awtsu beh
s/o to the girls who can pull off a messy bun and baggy shirt and still look hot cos when I do it it's like I’ve been doing drugs for a week
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thank u neighbors for adopting me
bullshit beh, bullshit
It doesn't mean that if you weren't able to experience it when you were my age then i wouldn't experience it too.
my phone dies at 100%....... frucking hell
happy birthday @rntczn! stay fab, enjoy the rest of your day & god bless!! 😘🎉
"toospeyst" bish u said whuuut?? 😭
Pick your fight. 😊
Wag mo kong kakalabanin. Wag. :-)
Join me in my next photoshoot with @SMAccessories! Check their Twitter account to find out how to join…
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Philippines, are you ready? #HMPhilippines is coming to SM Megamall on October 17, 9am. RT if you’re excited!
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Mission Ribbon Necktie: check! HAHAHA @isakickz123
you don't know why we did that so don't talk to me like that ever again. you don't even know half of it kid.
smh for this day ugh
I'm pretty sure I was born with the ability to fuck things up without even trying
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crazy how school can make people with tons of potential feel like they're nothing
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why does everything have to happen all at once?
Prove to me that there's still something positive about my life 'cause I couldn't even find one anymore.
mga ugali niyo leche bahala na kayo mga punyeta