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Packet One Networks
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[11 Nov 2014] TM Townhall at Dewan Kristal with Packeteers along with Warga TM celebrating the coming of P1 as part of the TM arm. #TM #telekommalaysia #p1buddy #p1wimax
RT @payid23 Terima kasih atas pertanyaan anda. Liputan dijlnkan berperingkat2. Kelak akan ada liputan.
Good Morning Malaysia! Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.
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RT @AiAtien Thanks for the mentions :)
RT @H_Qaa No problem. Anytime ya :))
RT @H_Qaa Ok takpe. Kami dah fwdkan email sdri kpd P1Cares. Tweet sdri tu boleh dideletekan sbb email terpampang kat public nie bahaya. :)
Hi @H_Qaa, P1Cares has been trying to call you but your phone is switched off. Kindly provide your new email. thx
RT @H_Qaa we have already forwarded your to P1Cares. They will contact you soon. Hope that helps. Thanks! #p1buddy
RT @azrul9414 Terima kasih atas langganan anda. :)
RT @Pitak_ Terima kasih atas langganan anda :)
RT @Alicia_TLY We have forwarded your message to P1Cares. Thanks.
P1 Town Hall gathering for all Packeteers. Since we P1 has became part of the TM arm, this session is to introduce to Packeteers, all the C-level officers that is going to spearhead P1 further! Kudos to all Packeteers who make time for today's event! #p1th2014 #p1buddy
RT @amyranatasha2 Terima kasih atas langganan anda sebelum ini.
RT @Procruiter Thank you for your custom and all the best.
Malaysia is great in so many ways! #chillout
RT @damhArihahS Buat masa ini tiada. Coverage masih dijalankan secara berperingkat2. Harap maklum. #p1buddy
RT @AkuAdalahFarah Sila berhubung dgn P1Cares untuk pertanyaan tersebut. Terima kasih.
Kids and old tech - they don't know how good they have it. Can your kids identify old gadgets?
RT @nuraled Terima kasih atas langganan anda selama ini. All the best! #p1buddy
RT @shahroll Kalau dah tukar alamat tu sila inform kami, nnt kami mintak P1Cares check sama ada alamat baru dah masuk sistem ke blom. :)
RT @shahroll Boleh tapi sila check sama ada coverage P1 ada di kaw baru. Juga, sila tukar alamat surat menyurat di Self Care ya. Thx
@SyamimiAmiruddn P1 Customer CareLine team too at 1-300-800-888
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RT @techboy_88 terima kasih atas maklum balas saudara. #p1buddy
RT @nazreenzulcar9 Terima kasih atas langganan anda sebelum ini.
RT @ritzrizuan P1Cares will get back to you soon. Thanks.
RT @ritzrizuan The next cause of action can only be taken once we know your acc. no. Hope that explains.
RT @overlord_666 Yes, but it usually takes 24-48 hrs for the system to refresh & reflect to the new quota. Hope that explains. Thanks.
RT @keantee Sorry for the unpleasant experience. Have you touchbase with P1Cares to check? Thanks. #p1buddy
RT @DiyanaRadzi P1Buddy is not under customer service therefore, we still need to revert to P1Cares. Hope that explains, thanks. #p1buddy
RT @leosabri Terima kasih atas maklum balas anda.
Fresh Friday! Here we go the weekend! #friday #tgif #weekend #freshprince #willsmith
RT @lemeisiza OK cool. Good to hear. Have a nice day ya. #p1buddy
RT @izwanmasnan Noted & thanks for your concern.
RT @syahrul_FelLass Hi, we will look into it & kindly be informed that our coverage will be expanded from time to time. Thx for your inquiry
RT @xanwara I am afraid that you need to fill up the form because P1Buddy have no access to customer accounts. Hope that helps.
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival from #P1buddy! | #midautumn #zhongqiujie #moonfestival #tanglungfestival #mooncakes #lanternfestival
RT @wanawini Takpe then. Terima kasih atas langganan saudara sebelum ini. :) #p1buddy
RT @richardgiuliano Kindly email & we will forward them to the relevant parties. Thanks #p1buddy
RT @leosabri Thanks for the kind words. #p1buddy