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Packet One Networks
RT @damhArihahS Buat masa ini tiada. Coverage masih dijalankan secara berperingkat2. Harap maklum. #p1buddy
RT @AkuAdalahFarah Sila berhubung dgn P1Cares untuk pertanyaan tersebut. Terima kasih.
Kids and old tech - they don't know how good they have it. Can your kids identify old gadgets?
RT @nuraled Terima kasih atas langganan anda selama ini. All the best! #p1buddy
RT @shahroll Kalau dah tukar alamat tu sila inform kami, nnt kami mintak P1Cares check sama ada alamat baru dah masuk sistem ke blom. :)
RT @shahroll Boleh tapi sila check sama ada coverage P1 ada di kaw baru. Juga, sila tukar alamat surat menyurat di Self Care ya. Thx
@SyamimiAmiruddn P1 Customer CareLine team too at 1-300-800-888
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RT @techboy_88 terima kasih atas maklum balas saudara. #p1buddy
RT @nazreenzulcar9 Terima kasih atas langganan anda sebelum ini.
RT @ritzrizuan P1Cares will get back to you soon. Thanks.
RT @ritzrizuan The next cause of action can only be taken once we know your acc. no. Hope that explains.
RT @overlord_666 Yes, but it usually takes 24-48 hrs for the system to refresh & reflect to the new quota. Hope that explains. Thanks.
RT @keantee Sorry for the unpleasant experience. Have you touchbase with P1Cares to check? Thanks. #p1buddy
RT @DiyanaRadzi P1Buddy is not under customer service therefore, we still need to revert to P1Cares. Hope that explains, thanks. #p1buddy
RT @leosabri Terima kasih atas maklum balas anda.
Fresh Friday! Here we go the weekend! #friday #tgif #weekend #freshprince #willsmith
RT @lemeisiza OK cool. Good to hear. Have a nice day ya. #p1buddy
RT @izwanmasnan Noted & thanks for your concern.
RT @syahrul_FelLass Hi, we will look into it & kindly be informed that our coverage will be expanded from time to time. Thx for your inquiry
RT @xanwara I am afraid that you need to fill up the form because P1Buddy have no access to customer accounts. Hope that helps.
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival from #P1buddy! | #midautumn #zhongqiujie #moonfestival #tanglungfestival #mooncakes #lanternfestival
RT @wanawini Takpe then. Terima kasih atas langganan saudara sebelum ini. :) #p1buddy
RT @richardgiuliano Kindly email & we will forward them to the relevant parties. Thanks #p1buddy
RT @leosabri Thanks for the kind words. #p1buddy
RT @leosabri Kami sentiasa memperbaiki kelemahan yg ada. Pujian bagi kami adalah peringatan utk sentiasa meningkatkan mutu perkhidmatan.
RT @leosabri Noted & terima kasih atas peringatan #p1buddy
RT @wxuanswx Hi, it is not so hard to find actually. Did our colleagues serve you well? Thanks. #p1buddy
RT @wanawini Terima kasih kerana memberi tahu :) #p1buddy
RT @wanawini Buat masa ini, Iklan kami hanya keluar di Youtube :) #p1buddy
RT @wanawini Maaf, baiki paip bocor tiada dalam perkhidmatan kami ;) #p1buddy
RT @richardgiuliano Not just yet, but we are heading towards that direction :) #p1buddy
RT @Fidtman Thanks for your feedback :)
RT @Jeffayn Kindly try again. It looks alright on our side.
RT @ahmadbai Kindly reach customer support via their webform http;// thanks! #p1buddy
22nd Auguts 2014 - National Mourning Day for Malaysia. We will always remember | #MH17 #RIPMH17 #mas #flyinghigh #rememberingmh17 #malaysiaberkabung #mourningday #cominghome
RT @Shaharudinali Thanks for pointing out. We are working to our best effort. :) | #p1buddy
RT @teddy0ryan Noted on that. We are in the midst of fixing it. Thanks for notifying. @p1buddy