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Packet One Networks
RT @wanawini Takpe then. Terima kasih atas langganan saudara sebelum ini. :) #p1buddy
RT @richardgiuliano Kindly email & we will forward them to the relevant parties. Thanks #p1buddy
RT @leosabri Thanks for the kind words. #p1buddy
RT @leosabri Kami sentiasa memperbaiki kelemahan yg ada. Pujian bagi kami adalah peringatan utk sentiasa meningkatkan mutu perkhidmatan.
RT @leosabri Noted & terima kasih atas peringatan #p1buddy
RT @wxuanswx Hi, it is not so hard to find actually. Did our colleagues serve you well? Thanks. #p1buddy
RT @wanawini Terima kasih kerana memberi tahu :) #p1buddy
RT @wanawini Buat masa ini, Iklan kami hanya keluar di Youtube :) #p1buddy
RT @wanawini Maaf, baiki paip bocor tiada dalam perkhidmatan kami ;) #p1buddy
RT @richardgiuliano Not just yet, but we are heading towards that direction :) #p1buddy
RT @Fidtman Thanks for your feedback :)
RT @Jeffayn Kindly try again. It looks alright on our side.
RT @ahmadbai Kindly reach customer support via their webform http;// thanks! #p1buddy
22nd Auguts 2014 - National Mourning Day for Malaysia. We will always remember | #MH17 #RIPMH17 #mas #flyinghigh #rememberingmh17 #malaysiaberkabung #mourningday #cominghome
RT @Shaharudinali Thanks for pointing out. We are working to our best effort. :) | #p1buddy
RT @teddy0ryan Noted on that. We are in the midst of fixing it. Thanks for notifying. @p1buddy
@p1buddy Thank you. This is 21st Century customer service.
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RT @jyeyeee All the best and good luck! #p1buddy
"@p1buddy:Our hope that the perpetrators in the #MH17 tragedy to be swiftly brought to justice #RIPMH17" Yes to that.
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RT @iamsaran You should get a response from @P1Cares by now. Did they responded yet? @p1buddy
RT @ErNie_AmAr7 takkan ada beza sebab semuanya automated. Bawak bersabar ya. @P1Cares
RT @iskandarreza no problem. Thanks for informing us. Have a nice day! :)
From P1, we would like to wish all Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin to all our fans and customers! #hariraya #p1buddy #p1networks #malaysia #holidays
It was indeed another sad day for us as a nation. Another flight belonged to our national carrier, MAS has lost another plane, the #MH17, believed to have been shot down by separatists in war-torn Ukraine. From P1, we express our deepest condolences to the families and friends of the 295 passengers
P1's Corporate Social Responsibility (#CSR) blood donation drive. #charity #blooddonation #noblecause
Going e-Commerce Today (G.E.T) Seminar, 5th edition is on at P1's HQ. Speakers include Heppiface, P1, Rakuten and Gapture #p1biz #p1networks #p1buddy #rakuten #heppiface #gapture
Going e-Commerce Today (G.E.T) Seminar, 4th edition is on at P1's HQ. Seminar is for those who wanted to know more about digital marketing and consumer #p1biz #p1networks #p1buddy
Inter-department #foosball tournament during the height of #WorldCup fever! Special thanks to PROWL who organised this! #p1buddy #p1networks #work #play
PROWL organized inter-department badminton tournament #p1prowl #p1networks #p1buddy #work #play
RT @sweetlemonade11 there is nothing much we can do, as we are not be able to provide you service if you have no coverage. Sorry about that
RT @ErNiSyAz cycle tu ikut billing cycle, bukan waktu bayaran dibuat.
RT @sweetlemonade11 the only plan you can use is the ToGo which is a #MiFi so you can use them on-the-go only in coverage areas.
RT @Nazkhi FYI, @p1buddy operates between 9am-6pm, therefore any messages left after that will only be replied the next day.
RT @diannaredzuan when and what is the response of your last communication with @P1Cares?
RT @juneliang thanks for the kind words. Will follow you closely too :) #p1buddy
RT @ErNiSyAz setakat ini belum, akan ada nanti sblm penghujung tahun :) #p1buddy
RT @hakimikun Noted on that & we apologise for the inconvenience caused. @P1Cares #p1buddy
RT @EzadRuzelan Thanks for dropping by to Paddocl #p1buddy
RT @eryniara Baik settle cepat. Kalau lama tertunggak lebih sukar utk melangsaikannya :))