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If Christ wasn't executed there will be no celebration. Happy Easter @OfficialTopaz @oyeeb
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Graffiti est illégalement cool, s'il vous plaît épargnez-moi m. officier @oyeeb @IAmDavid_dau
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Graffiti est illégalement cool, s'il vous plaît épargnez-moi m. officier @oyeeb @IAmDavid_dau.
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See am not saying don't do music, U r 41 and lookn up 2 wizkid as mentor, Men U need 2 format Ur brain. #gwagzsun @IAmDavid_dau @iamwhalay
2 buses leaves 4 an occasion, 1 carried only ppl while the other food n ppl, d other gets missing. Which one would U have been. @iamwhalay
U have been praying for dat hot weather so U can wear dat shirt #gwagzsun #gwagzgirls help Ur self 2 help d nation #coverproper @iamwhalay
Sticks and stones they break my bones... Pls dress properly #gwagzsun #gwagzgirls...
You call ur self incredible but u cannot sell common salt under the rain. If I catch U! #gwagzsun @iamwhalay @waffboy. Feeling good 2day.
I get inspired by the sun, but the sun too hot for here I could expire #gwagzsun @IAmDavid_dau @iamwhalay @trendyrammy
I want to be real about this, its just 20Naira bike to hell here #gwagzsun shirt!!! See heat.
now I need a drop... Like 4m computer center to scl gate @iamwhalay #Abuja #gwagzsun
Hey guy what do think about an online birthday @iamwhalay
Complains everywhere, privatization on transportation sector @OjaySays what would U say about this?
#SOUNDCODE making sense @FRANKRICHBOY its on point, may God keep lifting up.
"@HelenPaul_: The fact that Tecno phones can now ping Blackberry shows that there's no condition our God cannot change" I dey tell U!
"@HelenPaul_: When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, remember that God has given you a thousand reasons to smile." Amen
"@HelenPaul_: If u are ever having trouble on a test, just write “JESUS” for the answer because JESUS is always the answer. God Bless."
"@HelenPaul_: Samsung Full HD LED slim TV for 1.5million naira ??....Abeg would I get to watch Judgment day live on it?"
Shout out to those girls that lost their virginity to "Bold 5" now Samsung S5 is out....MORAL LESSON ----> #Surulere
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He who says nothing lasts forever hasn't tried Hausa perfume.... True or false? LOL
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You are wondering y ur mums prayer aint workin? how will it work? wen ur mum is praying 4 Oluchi Ugwu & u've changd ur name 2 Natasha Mark ☹
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MTN will soon start their yeye Telecommunication Nuisance like Text "Mandela" to "4100" to Download his Last breath! ☹
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OJUKOKORO is when food is served and you still look at other peoples food to see whose meat is bigger
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Faith is the substance of this hoped for and evidence of things not seen wow what a mystery...
@gospelswagger2 Pls DownLoad #RRHP Cypha ft Gameman,Rapsodee,Choice,Wallz,Provabs & Sokleva here - thanks
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Understanding the concept of perfection through repetition @IAmDavid_dau @iamwhalay
I respect your hustle, great men that will shake this generation @iamwhalay @IAmDavid_dau @jdihim @coastrocks
A sweet relationship is beyond looks and need, its about wants form a sincere heart @IAmDavid_dau @iamwhalay
Hey bro just seeing am in love with a church girl @iamwhalay making sense movie.
Relationship grows in maturity couple with understanding @iamwhalay
My WOMEN are a precious jewel Its my responsibility to protect them And doing this has made me into a REAL man @oyeeb @OfficialTopaz
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#ILoveGraffiti Graffiti ranges from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings @oyeeb
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Start with the man in the mirror to make the change, he's not as truthful as you think @lecrae @360gospel @116clique @116Hub @AndyMineo
We organised Occupy9ja in London, a day before the protest, 1 guy leaked all the details of our plans to the Nigerian High Commission.
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At the #smwAdoptATweep, fun and art will meet technology. Join can be a part of this. Just go to
Do you know that comedy and poetry will fall in love with social media and technology at the #smwAdoptATweep? @iamwhalay @Sabificate
The atmosphere would be a light and jovial one today. That’s why the theme is “A Social Affair – Now “ Connect | Future. #smwAdoptAtweep
Why not join us, and bring along your box of fruits and a mat? It’s #SMW14 picnic. Happening live at #smwAdoptAtweep @iamwhalay
the freedom to dress the way we want is everybody's right women inclusive #rise4justice stop RAPE and child ABUSE @OfficialTopaz @oyeeb
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