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Owl City
LOOK! a new beanie. *flies away in lawnchair pulled by flying gnomes*
"I'm thinking it out loud. I wish I could reach out, and hold you close, when I'm in Tokyo"... (new song out now @
Life is too short to *jumps out window*
Life is too short to scrape crusty exploded spaghetti-os off the inside of the microwave
Life is too short to cover stuff in the microwave
my song "you're not alone" was #2 on the spotify viral chart last week. YES. can we do it again? LISTEN/SHARE/RT.…
Thanks everyone, sorry I clogged everyone's twitter, love you everyone, goodbye everyone #AskOwlCity
WEAR DEODERANT TO SCHOOL RT @dkshra whats the purpose of living
to skip math class RT @loki_laufeybae what would u walk 500 miles and 500 miles more for #askowlcity
no idea RT @StupidNargles What Asian city was the song Tokyo inspired by #AskOwlCity
THE ENTIRE BOOK OF JUDGES *massive breakdown* RT @TashaWhitsitt what is your favorite book in the Bible? #AskOwlCity
mr rogers when i was like 5 RT @EmilyMillard95 what is the last thing you watched on TV? #AskOwlCity
what are u RT @earthbendan @owlcity who are you
shake my mullet RT @OfficialSheronK What Would You Do If You Are A Artist In 1980's ? @owlcity #AskOwlCity
obama RT @JoeHindmarch who would win in a fight - a badger with 3 arms and 1 eye or an overweight squirrel with a machine gun with ADHD ?
i punch the fame RT @Human_Nature13 how do you hand the fame? Does it scare you? #AskOwlCity
me me me me me RT @faisaldos who let the dogs out? #AskOwlCity
in bed RT @sydthekid11_ where do you see yourself in five years? #AskOwlCity
die RT @idonahtcare what would you do if you could only use internet explorer until you die? @owlcity #AskOwlCity
i dont care RT @folieamgc sum up your life in three words? #askowlcity
call the cops RT aggedydeann @owlcity what would you do if I came to your house? #AskOwlCity
jesse we have to cook RT @famousamos5 Who will win the Heisman trophy this year and why will it be Adam Young?
a monkey named dunston RT @OWListentoAdam What do you want to be when you grow up? #AskOwlCity
the world may never know RT @adtr_ptv_mcr why are white girls so crazy over pumpkin spice? #AskOwlCity
can u not RT @angrytortilla Can you make your whole next record with Windows XP #AskOwlCity @owlcity
steal your stuff RT @brooksdbrewer What would you do if you met me?
im dead inside RT @wheejaninee @owlcity #AskOwlCity how many pancakes are on your roofs?
eggs RT @givemeyour_hand what's your favorite vegetable #AskOwlCity
die RT @Paxx7 #AskOwlCity @owlcity what would you do if o sent you a box of raisins?
yes RT @Scribblore Is "If my heart was a house" based on Skybreaker by Kenneth Oppel? I love that book
santa claus RT @RoxanneDiedrich What are you going to be for Halloween?
this twitter chat RT @oligraham Whats been the highlight of your career? #AskOwlCity
obama RT @beetleflight if you had a pet worm what would you name it #AskOwlCity
somewhere secret, somewhere safe RT @M_HarryGhifary Where are you right now? #AskOwlCity
tim horton is my real dad RT @KirstinColliss How do you feel about Canada? #AskOwlCity
ketchup packets RT @katelynmariesm Do you have a favorite Halloween candy and if so, what is it?
Talk to my face immediately
Gandalf: bilbo u little snot what's ur wifi code Bilbo: filthyhobbitses1993 Gandalf: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *twerking*
I just said "hulksmash" out loud so many times it doesn't even sound like a word anymore, thanks a lot obama :(
@owlcity oh look, it's David Tennant wearing one of your shirts. Nbd.
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Don't forget. I'll be right here. Tomorrow at 7p ET / 6p CT answering your questions. Just tweet at me and include #AskOwlCity.
Congrats to my friends in Japan, SEKAI NO OWARI, on their new single “Dragon Night!” IT'S SO GOOD! @saori_skow @Nakajin_sekaino @fromsekaowa
ladiessssss! 15% off ladies' shirts in the OC web store right now! check it out at!
The balloon full of chili volcano scene in Honey We Shrunk Ourselves was inspiring
The cockroach scene in Honey We Shrunk Ourselves was an emotional journey