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Owl City
music singing bands 1,317,011 followers
Betul betul betul
*watches upin and ipin*
How do I be more Malay?
The first amp I ever bought. I worked and slaved my actual pants off for months to buy this piece. I was 16 and it was a big deal.
Cool story senpai
"There's a reptilian creature in my western footwear!" -Woody
Dear lovely international fans who cant access @Vevo, the"Wolf Bite" visualizer is now on @YouTube! Love, Adam
Unleash your inner animal! Check out the latest visuals from @owlcity's Ultraviolet EP: #WolfBite
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imagine if it rained cornbread batter...
Hola! RT @Vevo_MX: Empezamos la semana con algo electrónico @owlcity #WolfBite
If anyone is interested, I'm selling my ProCo Limited Edition Reissue '85 Whiteface RAT distortion pedal. This is a remake of the original '85 and the reissue is no longer in production. Brand new condition and I've only plugged it in a couple times because it's a bit more aggressive in character th
telur setengah mateng+nasi goreng pedas > EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD MAS
What about bob
Me: mirror mirror on the wall who's literally the most attractive person in the entire universe ayyy Mirror: 0/10
Imagine a pizza with an upside down pizza on top of it so it's like a huge burger only it's pizza goodbye
Might do a thing today
Is adam young a bread please respond it's for school
*the earth explodes into a massive fireball and gets sucked into a black hole* *good time by owl city plays softly in the distance*
Best Owl City songs: The Beard and the Worm Wolf Belch Fat Time Derp in the Headlights Vanilla Coke Fire Ants The Tip of the Igloo Snot
How do you know if you are bread
Sometimes in the middle of interviews I'm talking and smiling and participating in actual human social interaction and everyone is like wow adam young is such a nice normal guy but everyone literally has no idea I'm secretly thinking about bat pee
The official visualizer for "Wolf Bite" is out NOW! Watch it on @MetroLyrics until it's available worldwide next week! I wanted to make visual companions for each song on the new EP - so psyched for the first one to be out there! Stay tuned for the next one...