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Owl City
Honored to be on the upcoming Paul McCartney tribute record with a cover I did of "Listen to What the Man Said."
Alex Perkins installed EverTune bridges and new pickups in my touring guitars. The Cabronita tele has an Invader in the bridge and a Phat Cat in the neck. The Les Paul has a Dirty Fingers in the bridge and a Custom Custom in the neck. The '72 Deluxe will get a Seymour Duncan overwound custom shop '5
I like playing in Japan. I'm coming back to Japan in a few weeks. See you there 🇯🇵
Not many people know this but I hired a unicorn to produce my new album
Fell asleep with my socks on so it's been a really crazy last couple hours
Enchiladas are so good someone give me a shovel so I can dig a grave and climb in because I'm dead
Just got an XQP 531. My favorite de-esser.
I'm so tired what is bread
we're having some sales. *sits on La-Z boy chair that has wings and floats out a window*
These either made your day in P.E. or broke your fingers
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Rt if these impacted your childhood in a positive way
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Thank you so much to @arceffects for the K2. Gonna use it a ton on my new record. #arceffects #toneheaven #knowyourtone #stompbox
Guys, I want a castle.
What's a good book on how to kill a mockingbird
having a post-labor day sale in the OC store. idk what that means, but that's ok! check it:
No matter how hard you try you will never be as sad as this purse
ICYMI: Heres the "This Isn't The End" visualizer that hit late last week. Thx for all the kind words about it <3…
Got some sales goin' on in the OC webstore. check out my back to school items over at
What if it's not technically a "hedge" of protection, what if it's more of a shrub bush
One time in 5th grade I was at orientation for middle school and I was wearing huge floppy sandals and my best friend and I were walking down the stairs and I tripped and started falling and when I reached out to grab my friend's arm I actually grabbed the bottom of his shorts and I ended up yanking
Glenn Close cameo in Hook still blows my mind
Might make a full length instead of an EP. Might put out singles in Nov and an LP in Jan. Might put on pants. Might not.
I opened my capri sun
Am I the only one who sleeps like garbage the night before I fly
So tell me darling, do you wish we'd fall in love
Photo by @brianxbradley
Sometimes I drink fruit punch to throw a surprise party for my liver
Hey guys - so happy to unveil the LAST Ultraviolet visualizer - here's "This Isn't The End!"…
Does anybody run Pro Tools HDX on Mac and "HDX" doesn't show up in Audio/MIDI Setup? I want to listen to iTunes through the Avid HDX I/O 😩
Something is coming on Friday. *runs through glassdoor*
tomorrow marks the two month birthday of the Ultraviolet EP. Grab a copy if you haven't already:… *does somersault*
Tried tons of mics, still nothing beats a 57
One time in 7th grade my neighbor kid chris couldn't get his lawnmower started so my parents made me go over and help him and I was like stand back bro let me try and then I yanked on the pullstring with the strength of a thousand ripped unicorns and my hand flew off the handle and I accidentally pu
How am I going to live happily ever after when I don't know how to pronounce .rar
The part where she cuts chicken with scissors #90skid