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gotta do all this English homework, and learn everything we've done lately in Alg 3. I am not believing right now.
We all low key grew apart as time passed and it sucks
the amount of pureness went from 100 to -12
bruh I can't breathe... nigga said potato 😂�
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Kareem is forever telling me I've lost weight and idk if he's being sincere or just being an asshole
I am not feelin it right now
When You Getting Head From Your Side Hoe And Your Main Girl Walks In
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when you realize that Draven carry is too strong
of course when i touch a basketball for the first time in 2 months, i had to guard the guy with no shirt on.
When you out hoopin but squad tryna squad up @jstnbruce
when u order a 6-piece nugget and they give u 7
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Low key pissed about getting cheesed into riding the bus
DENA WHY?!?!? 😷😷
Really wanna know what exactly happened in physics on Tuesday...
That moment when you realize Draven can't be shut down
This is the first person that has uncoded Yung Thug. Congratulations. 😂
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the only good thing about today was lunch 😒😒
Movie so bad I went to the bathroom without having to go
On god, Courtney has your Chapstick @Siddneyyyy
Andrew and Sidney are eating lunch while it's like Africa over here
Mr. Stubbs pls stop this
Ben Franklin sucks
Nigga heard Ebola was in the U.S and wasn't having it 😂😂😂
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that moment when you realize Draven is the realest nigga in league
Why does oomf gotta be so ignorant, like what the hell were you thinking
It's been almost 24 hours and I still feel like i'm dying
I just wanna sleep man...
LeBron still thinks he's a Heat player. Sets pick for Norris Cole.
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