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I am a part of the 0.01% of people who are not at Busch tonight.
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Reply to @over9000asians Wow, you're so bad at bowling, I can probably get all the 300s and strike the touchdowns with a homerun.
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so he actually did it...
One of these days... Perfection will be mine
I wanna go home now
I actually hate waking up at 8 on a Saturday just to bowl
I didn't know Kareem's pain was so entertaining to everyone...
Kanye West after scoring 106 points on a wheelchair basketball team!
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Random Kid in class: yeah i can lift 200 Kareem: yeah... so can i Dena: is that your weight or...? Kareem: *begins to cry softly*
"Magic Conch Shell, will a NFL player get arrested tomorrow?
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Harold: they told me to do it Ms burnett: if a man told you to take off your pants would you do it? Cobe: depends how much they are paying
bae- come over me- I gotta return a punt bae- I'm home alone me-
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This lady is confronting the table about how messy we (they) are
BREAKING: The entire #Falcons roster has been suspended 6 games under the NFL's new domestic violence policy for what they're doing to Tampa
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Key inactives for tonight's game: Roddy White Doug Martin Whoever gets arrested in the next hour. #TNF
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I had to rip off the back of my packet b/c @T0ASTERS drew a Pegasus on the back of it
Should probs be starting my homework
Andrew is getting exposed right now
Really hoping this meeting is long enough we don't gotta take this quiz
"Us fluffs gotta stick together" - Tylan to another kid with puffy hair
Little Caesars thinks making their crust bread pretzels will help it from not tasting like ass
I got rid of my jailbreak for iOS 8 and it was not worth at all
Forever answering the easy questions in physics so Greene won't call on me later
dude who isn't getting arrested in the NFL right now?
We showed Ms. Burnett what the Puma logo looked like and she said it was a tiger
I miss the days when Adrian Peterson was talked about for abusing NFL defenders.
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Idk why people are taking this pre-test forreal
We haven't done anything for the past 3 days in psych
Ray Rice is tryna get rid of/reduce his suspension even tho they have proof
I'm about to do my math homework at lunch again
i haven't changed my avi since freshman year 😂
How you expect first day of highschool vs how it really is 😘