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[INSTAGRAM] xolovestephi: #GOODBYEHOLLER 태티서 를 빛나게해준 모든 분들게 다시 한번 감사드립니당 thanks again to eve…
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태!티!서! Holler~!! 마지막방송까지~ 즐겁게 마무리했어요~~응원해준 팬여러분!!너무너무너무 고마웠어요♡ 여러분이 모르는 태티서 리허설 장면!!ㅋㅋ 안녕하세요~태연!티파니!서현! 입니다~~ㅋㅋ
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[1080p] 141012 Holler - 소녀시대-태티서: via @YouTube
Confirmation that Yuri will take part in the MV of SHS, Kangta and LJH's Group 'S' comeback…
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Taeyeon: Hi. Sorr- FP: *whisper* Shut up and take the iPhone.
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2. "I'll try my best to give you only good things from now on." She was crying while saying this. (source…) #SNSD
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1. TY at today's fan sign meeting: "All I wanted is protecting #SNSD, that's the only thing I cared. I'm so sorry to make you suffer this."
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as expected from flying fansite masternim
so flying petals gave ty an ip6 ^_^
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taeyeon really cries.... cr: 琳小只_TYeon
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Fuck. Even seo is crying now
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Taeng cried halfway during the fansign.. I cannotttt
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although jessie is not mentioned in the interview, but they hear them shouting jessie. TY and Yoon's eyes turn red.
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when will knetzs stop linking everything the girls have posted to this issue
dont u fcking dare drag taeyeon again…
Do not the event tonignt in fan meeting, plz. It is so rude to Other members. Only need Wait, and believe. Only keep your eyes on them.
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okay can samuel stop with ot7
But im not used with this ot8
4. [+2,248, -225] I'm leaving the fandom... Its up to you knetz
im crying blood
but sm will continue supporting jessica's individual activities and stuffs (official)
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officially #snsd is now 8 members.
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wth since when sica neglected snsd activities
whywhybot literally has spoken
omg whywhybot u are here
She doesn’t really use comma. She capitalizes random letters. She can’t post 2 carefully crafted weibos at 5.00am sharp. Tell me to believe?
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uhh why deleted that tweet already
article says she met with the jyj lawyer, but when contacted by sportsseoul, he said he never met her
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'Tiffany, "no comment" on the controversial Jessica exit ...'
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SM said they are checking this issue
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theyre not even smiling :((((
Only 8 members
urrrghhhhh sm
onion and soy ..... ..... .....
sm please say something .-.
damn what is happening
man i just cant stop laughing