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Snsd showtime please πŸ™
'cause sooyoung is syoo dumb My #TeenChoice nominee for #ChoiceMusicGroupFemale is Girls' Generation
i saved all syoo fetuses gifs hahahaha
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA FETUS TAEYEON My #TeenChoice nominee for #ChoiceMusicGroupFemale is Girls' Generation
Heol! Daebak Sagun My #TeenChoice nominee for #ChoiceMusicGroupFemale is Girls' Generation
SN's short hair aka the era she slayed me My #TeenChoice nominee for #ChoiceMusicGroupFemale is Girls' Generation
I thought that acc was already reported but sara came in like a wrecking ball
lmaaaaaao tiffanystaetae is still active on ig
and yaap there goes wild soshi in action. My #TeenChoice nominee for #ChoiceMusicGroupFemale is Girls' Generation
omfg blonde yoona <3
I won't be surprised they'd probably get back together again because they're the on and off kind of couple so
haaaa sudden break up news as mediaplay just fck off la…
btw, it also says snsd comeback around end of june to early july "μ†Œλ…€μ‹œλŒ€ μ—­μ‹œ 6μ›”λ§μ—μ„œ 7μ›”μ΄ˆ 컴백을 μ˜ˆμ •ν–ˆλ‹€."…
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Here comes shippers celebrating if it's true
Reports said that both companies admitted that Nichkhun and t Tiffany broke up due to busy schedules.
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way too scary
this fandom is scary. they're already found the location O.O
odg thats disgusting dude
Just got confirmation over the weekend that Jessica is still signed to SM Entertainment and legally under SNSD by contract.
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ppl love to twist every single she says and posts. that kid can't even post a simple pic without getting shit tons of hate .-.
basically inetz and knetz are the same, nothing less nothing more. they're still hating on taeyeon even if that wasn't her fault
tsk tsk tsk
dont u feel useless when u couldnt even protect the person you love the most. its like shes against the universe and u just stand there,
#lastrt what kind of fan are you srsly. just because your idol dating, so you can posted a comment telling her and her mom to die lol
waaaaaaaah T___T
Wishing that every tears you shed means tears of happiness
The comments are meeh πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
wth miyoung does that and thats 23457622432 times adorable T___T
"dont go" "pls dont go" lmaao sone pls
here comes world war III
uhhh i was surprised? lol i remember when nature republic didnt release her pics anymore nor cares abt ty then this news came up

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