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I just donated to stop GM pushers Monsanto from bullying Hawaiians @SumOfUs
Three more days left to grab you free copy of QX Magazine (in UK) where, in a very interesting article by Pat...
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Iconic singer Marc Almond @MarcAlmond has announced a 2015 tour, including a 17 April date at the @THSHBirmingham...
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@OthonPanMuzik @MarcAlmond because you both are gifted and very special. (and Jeremy's words as well I suppose)
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@MarcAlmond @OthonPanMuzik Such GREAT and EXCITING news!! I believe what you are going to do will be absolutely amazing.
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@OthonPanMuzik @MarcAlmond cant wait o listen to this too and glad you received your pic gifts too xx xx
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@MarcAlmond @OthonPanMuzik Its been a real labour of love. I'm sure the final result will be stunning! xx
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@MarcAlmond @OthonPanMuzik U both r doing very well together. I hope we can listen to it some time in the future.
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Had a full play through of the rough of Against Nature yesterday. Music of @OthonPanMuzik is stunning. Deciding where to go from here.
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@OthonPanMuzik (Pan Muzik) - "Impermanence" (feat. Ernesto Tomasini)’ by @OthonPanMuzik on #SoundCloud
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Maverick, visionary composer and musician @OthonPanMuzik makes his UK DJ debut KAOS 11th anniversary on 22nd November
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I am soooo excited about this!!!
So when is UK going to follow? Cause it is bound to happen sooner or later and we better be one of the first...
Just watched the most disturbing contemporary dark French horror film #Inside & I have seen a lot.. great music #Àlintérieur #horror #film
Othon (Pan Muzik) - "Impermanence" (feat. Ernesto Tomasini)’ by @OthonPanMuzik on #SoundCloud…
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***Gay's the beat*** I always wanted to share a page with Madonna, Kylie and Beyoncé and now it seems that I made...
KAOS 11th Birthday +++++ did I mention that I will present at the end of my set the ecstatic ego-shattering epic...
Experimental & imaginative vegetarian food by two lovers who put love on the food they make.. tomorrow... melting!…
New interview in Avopolis Music Network (Greece). Enjoy!...
I am thrilled to announce that I will be doing my London DJ debut at KAOS London for its 11th anniversary party...
I have been interested in Hypnotism and Hypnotherapy for many years though I never had enough time to master the...
@OthonPanMuzik I call BS. You'd blow the bubble with the snake in your neck and worldpeace would reinstate.
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@MarcAlmond As Eno says, "honor thy error as a hidden intention".
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After succumbing to facebook & twitter KAOS London is now launching a youtube channel with a stunning teaser for...
And yet another fantastic 'Pineal' review, this time from The Gothic Gury, which highlights also the importance...
Obsküre Magazine (France) released previously unpublished material of my printed interview on their site....
Bullying from big co-ops makes my stomach churn... especially when it comes to not labeling #GMO foods - #Vermont
Sometimes random creates order. Just completed my randomly made interview with @OthonPanMuzik & turned out to be pretty good. Coming soon!
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Yes! “@emwilco: #ea61 final provocation on future of classical music "we have to stop giving concerts/recitals. We must create Experiences"”
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COBRA CORAL EP I am excited to share with you that I am finishing working on a new EP, which will be released...
May your heart rest in peace and may your smile be always present in our memories. Thank you for bringing techno...
***Close Encounter*** Feeling the vibrations of a marijuana plan, suprisingly not on the #intoxicatedbyKew in Kew...
Intoxication Season with Ernesto Tomasini.
The last night of Kate @KateBushMusic Sky of Honey exquisite emotional.,words not enough.Tears! Hope it's not the last time we see her live.
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@OthonPanMuzik loving your set for Aya2014 @ mixcloud. Wish I known you when i was living in London. I am now in Austria. All the best!
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Here is the opening of my first evah' DJ set in Ibiza as part of the World Ayahuasca Conference 25-27/09/2014. If...
@OthonPanMuzik Hello Othon. Enjoy yourself & ur audience tonight in Ibiza. Don't forget soundcloud ;-) x
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We love IBIZA!!! What a spectacular World Ayahuasca Conference 25-27/09/2014, what a fantastic packed party, what...
Othon has a show on 2014-09-27 at 22:00 @ Sansara in Santa Eulalia del Río, ES
Othon has a show on 2014-09-27 at 22:00 @ Sansara in Santa Eulalia del Río, ES #concert
2 days to the start of the World Ayahuasca Conference 25-27/09/2014 in Ibiza and 4 to my first ever DJ set....
@vodkaangel22 @OthonPanMuzik U can hear he is a musical explorer. I like the Impermanence album as well. I wish he can go on making music!
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@Tiberion1967 @OthonPanMuzik Impermanence is my favourite. I know Othon and he's just fabulous. Deserves great success! I'm a big fan :-)
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