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Akemi Tachibana
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Mainichi poll: Public still opposes Secrecy Law by a 49% to 30% margin.
Retweeted by Akemi Tachibana
The LDP is going to destroy the DPJ in the upcoming election, which is terrible news for free speech, in particular Anime/manga.
Nope, changed my mind. Got bored of it. I just don't do funny. Not anymore...
@nyaaners Now if only every file up there had a torrent and/or they offered easier ways to get credit for downloads, things would be better.
@nyaaners As do I. I am a big fan of his art. >:3
Well then, #BayAreaStorm has been trending at #1 for a while....fucking lightweights.
I cannot wait to pick up my multiple issues of #ComicLO. I fucking love that magazine. Screw Americ'a anti-loli legal grea area laws.
@NortonSupport Oh god, I gotta download it again? Only way is to disable Norton...I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the help!
@NortonSupport So could Norton analyze the file and see what in the hell is sitting on my computer or is that not an option?
@NortonSupport Yes, when Norton ran the AutoFix and I did 3rd restart, it booted up again, Eraser found nothing but there must be something!
@NortonSupport it started with nothing in Chrome loading(not even settings) then I did a restart and Norton was gone along with file tnails.
@NortonSupport I deleted the file 20-30 minutes before the issues and then did a norton scan which came up clean. Any undetectable trojans?
@NortonSupport & I cannot be sure it was a trojan. Norton only detected the threat as "WS.Reputation.1" VirusTotal detected it as a Trojan.
@NortonSupport Norton is up and running again, so do I still need to reinstall? Also, I didn't run the exe, I only downloaded the file.
@NortonSupport Minutes after I noticed Norton wasn't running and didn't start, it ran an AutoFix. is it safe to assume I have a threat?
@NortonSupport I ran it, it found nothing. I did get an error notice from Norton saying there was an issue with Norton and what not.
@NortonSupport I couidn't start Norton at all. It didn't boot when I restarted and wouldn't respond to my run request.
OK, Norton was unable to detect a Trojan but I can confirm I have one because my files aren't loading and Norton won't start. #Useless
@NortonSupport Yes, it is PhotoRec that I downloaded from… . I double checked on VirusTotal that confirmed its danger.
@NortonSupport Will Norton be able to detect and remove the virus completely or am I now screwed?
Right now, I would welcome Norton sending Gary Hendrix,. Michael Brown(CEO of Norton), & Daniel Schulman to beat the fucking shit out of me.
I ignored Norton's warning and removal of an exe file I got, disabled Norton, redownloaded it, and found out the file was a Trojan. #IDIOT
if @AdultToyJapan and @nagomi_web will be seeing a LOT of me in 2015 if they still ship anything to the US because I am buying everything.
You can now find me on the loli/shota social network, #Lolibook!…
【エンタプラス販売商品】はつゆきさくら 抱き枕カバー(玉樹桜)TOYPLA購入特典付き 12,000円:サイズ 1,600×500mm。素材 2wayトリコットライクラ
Retweeted by Akemi Tachibana
I have finally downloaded and used Trucrypt. I know it is no longer maintained, but as long as the software...
I am moving Vividred Operation from DROPPED to ON HOLD.
@nagomi_web Do you still ship doujin overseas to the United States? If so, there are a LOT of things on your site I'd like to purchase soon.
I am in contact with the publisher of #ComicLO. I am trying to negotiate a licensing deal with them.
Nothing beats sitting at home blasting @BoAkwon throughout the house while looking at loli hentai images and doujinshi. #Lolicon
I've waited enough. Time to start episode 22 of Sword Art Online II.
So, the #AngelBears countdown announcement was to announce that there will be an announcement. I'm leaning towards a new KEY/Aniplex anime.
In other news, I want to move to California but the only thing stopping me is the silly ass TV delay they deal with over on the west coast.
@haaretzcom Give him over to Hamas and let them torture his ass.
@CielPhantomhyve Hate reading? Even simple thing like manga? Texan born and raised, Eh?
When I heard that #PirateBay is down, I decided to celebrate by opening a $2,680 bottle of Karuizawa Vintage...
HEY?! I have seen over 550 Anime and I spend in excess of $3.000 on anime, manga and related products/year. You will show me some respect!