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Akemi Makoto
@AP A little comma would avoid confusion with that tweet headline.
@EricHolthaus Might as we'll stop trying to survive now and just have fun. It's all over for us. #WeAreAllGoingToDie
Back to more important things: ANIME!…
You are free to disagree with me but if your tweet contains nothing debatable just an insult, you will be blocked. #Troglodytes
@momofjoshandcc @violetsusan @TMZ Guess you missed the point: She is smart enough to think for herself. She doesn't need your bullshit.
@violetsusan @TMZ You realize she's an intelligent adult woman, not a clueless little child right? Mind your own business, as I said
@TMZ This is between him and her, not anybody else. If she's fine with what happened, everybody should fucking shut up and butt out.
I'm going to, again, defend Ray Rice. In the elevator video that I'm forced to see(even though I really don't...
Yukito from Cardcaptor Sakura is one of the creepiest Anime characters I've ever seen. I wish he was killed off early in the Anime.
Luckily, I moved all my important(Anime & manga stuff) stuff to the top floor before the flood, so I'm not upset in terms of damages. #VAWX
WOW. The National Weather Service shows that my exact area got 9-10 inches if rain yesterday. #Chesapeake #VAWZ
Severe storms possible North of Tokyo but still in the Kanto Plain today. Storms also likely in Tokyo.
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@adamikachu Doesn't matter! I already know how the characters end up and I find it disgusting. I'm afraid I can't overlook that fact.
...pretty much kills any chance of me watching the Anime w/o wanting to kill both main characters.
It's rare, but I have DELETED an Anime from my #MyAnimeList list. The Anime? Usagi Drop. The fact I know how sickly(?) the manga develops...
I need to argue and debate more. PLEASE somebody that thinks lolicon should be banned or think loli fans are pedophiles, tweet me! PLEASE!
News: "Sword Art Online" Asuna and Yui Featured in Vignette Figure
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Scotland : "I'm leaving you..." Britain : "You can't!" Scotland : "I'm leaving. It's over." Britain : "... I'm pregnant!!" #RoyalBaby
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#WhyIStayed: You loved Anime as much as I did. #WhyILeft: You didn't enjoy Clannad/Clannad: After Story, Kanon(2006), or Saikano.
@ShizuruHiME I refuses to watch the TV dub of it because it was heavily censored and edited. The dub released by NIS/Aniplex is unedited.
@ShizuruHiME Not very interesting. I'll likely treat it like Inuyasha and watch it off and on until I complete it.
@ShizuruHiME It's now very interesting but it's oddly addicting, like Inuyasha.
Back to Cardcaptor Sakura.
It's hard to hate John Cena when he's like this. #RAW
I now believe in GOD. I have a true real life god that and his name is Jun Maeda. The greatest storyteller and music maker in history.
@NewsBreaker @DavidNakamura US diplomatic might...which is a joke.
In a minor defense of this man name Ray Rice, hitting a woman isn't always indefensible. They aren't children. Read:…
I am Akemi Tachibana and I am seriously unpleasant - I am a bastard. My bite is very much worse than my bark and my bark is ATROCIOUS!
@AnimePlanet I read the manga spoilers and I was greatly disturbed. I'm fine with sibling incest endings, but adoptive parent?! Disgusting.
Well I spoke to my boss, and it seems there was a mistake. I'm only under review, probation if you will. I'm not fired...yet.
Thanks BBC for waking me up w/ a useless news alert about some royals having a fucking baby, as if that's actually annoying.
I'm going to my former work place today and shoot up the place...nah, I'm kidding. I'm just going to discuss my status with the company.
BREAKING: Iranian news agency says Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in hospital, has prostate surgery
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NOW RESUMING: Cardcaptor Sakura!
I am a pervert. If you saw the kinds of Anime images I had on my iPhone, you'd quickly realize that.
As vowed, I will not suspend viewing any other Anime in my PLAN TO WATCH list until I watch the Anime I have ON HOLD(about 42 titles).
I have COMPLETED Mawaru Penguindrum. I had high expectations for the Anime, and I enjoyed half of the show...then...
My Yosuga no Sora figure will be ready this week and will likely arrive the following week!
@adamikachu That's unfortunate. Oh well, I'll watch it eventually...I guess. Thanks!