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Akemi Tachibana
No police chases today for @PCALive. Moving day!
I am going to stay off Facebook and focus on Twitter for a while. My haters have neglected my Twitter account and that cannot be allowed!
[RESTOCKED] figma Racing Miku 2014: EV MIRAI ver. (PVC Figu... |
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.@N_othing_cool You are an example of a woman that should only be seen not heard. *looks at avatar* better yet, you shouldn't be seen either
I think I made a mistake mentioning that I was baiting people on Facebook....fuckin' goddamn hell, I didn't think they'd search on Twitter.
【新商品情報】『ソードアート・オンライン』 「アスナ」お料理Ver. [ブロッコリー] #sao_anime
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There are three types of people in the online world: 1 - Those that negatively talk about, obsess over, or think...
Russia: Communication "discontinued" between Russian Defense Ministry and Turkish armed forces after jet shot down.
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I'm thankful for reverse cowgirl. Happy Thanksgiving!
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For future reference, don't waste police time and resources reporting me simply because you don't like the way I...
Doxing me to police = FAILED! What else do you folks have up your sleeves? Domestic abuse report failed. Loli...
They hate me! They really hate me! God I'm good.
MOST women should be seen not heard. Only powerful women deserve respect. All others have to earn it.
Possible murder outside.
キャラアニより新作フィギュア予約開始!「トリアージX 木場美琴 1/6 PVCフィギュア」… #getchu
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UPDATE: 1 person in custody in police pursuit in Downey area. @KNX1070
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Reason #232 why GENDER EQUALITY is still a pipedream: In the eyes of western men and women, women are always the...
I have the biggest fucking grin on my face everytime I see someone take the bait on Facebook. This honestly brings me great joy.
I'll do the baiting folks, not you. My days of taking bait has long passed. I am the #baitmaster now so, bow down.
I hear cats fighting outside my window. Noisy fuckers.
People are going to REALLY hate my guts tomorrow for what I have planned for Yaya. Oh the pictures, and maybe...
As long as she isn't hurt or bothered by the fake things I say on Facebook, I doubt I will stop anytime soon.
Yaya is a good sport. She is a lot more welcoming of me using her as troll bait than I thought. She's a real team player, and I like that!
BREAKING: Russian official says there will be major escalation in country's political and economic response to Turkey over next 24 hours
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Moving into a $100,000 house tomorrow! I am both excited and nervous.
75 friend request in less than 24 hours. That is a record. This wave of idiots I am getting on FB has reached historic levels for me.
@N_othing_cool But I expected negetive attention, it is what I love the most since it's better than positivity and asskissing sooooo.....
If Anonymous gets hold of this and doesn't notice that I am BAITING ONLY not seriously being an evil asshole, then I might be beyond fucked.
I am becoming VERY popular and infamous on Facebook. Haven't seen this level of fame since 2008 or so. I am LOVING this. I must bait more!
Focusing on a more interesting issue, the President is about to speak to the American people about some national security-related matter.
Police lost the suspects but they'll capture them soon. #PoliceChase
KTLA's chopper pilot is trying to help police locate the suspects by relying info to the police chopper.#PoliceChase
Two people apeared to be changing their clothes behind a building until they saw the KTLA chopper. #PoliceChase
A police chase is underway in LA. Follow @PCALive for a link. I'll live tweet. #PoliceChase

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