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Akemi Tachibana
I'm not greatly impressed with the dub for #Toradora, but it only took me half of episode 1 to get use to it.
NOW RE-WATCHING: #Toradora. I saw it raw now I'm watch in the dub. I gave the Anime a 9/10, by the way. Will that change? Let's find out!
Dore Gold is a fucking lying idiot that's living in denial. #TheLead #CNN
I have COMPLETED Spice & Wolf(season 2). It was NTR-ish in the first half but it was pretty good overall. SCORE: 8/10!
Weather is not climate, you willfully ignorant fucksticks. MT @foxnation: Climate Doesn’t Cooperate With Al Gore
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My next Anime(Angel Beats) shirt has finally arrived at HobbySearch HQ and will be shipped from Japan soon!!!
@CielPhantomhyve The kind is in reference to me buying or legally watching every Anime I see and reporting illegal uploads to companies.
America's most RESPECTABLE Otaku > America's most RESPECTABLE KIND OF Otaku. Give me more bio space, Twitter.
LAPD says snipers will be positioned in helicopter above chase suspect holed up in Malibu brush. LIVE feed -
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@Venice311 Wish they'd use them more often. Have one on every police chopper just in case.
@MatthewKeysLive I'd say leave the little bitch to die but he'd likely scurry away and try to kill another police officer.
My only 2 controversial opinions regarding Anime are: Lolicon/Shotacon and depictions of Incest is ok, it's not real after all.
★ 「絶版マンガ図書館」 求人のお知らせ - (株)Jコミの中の人… 本日、締め切りです。ご応募はお早めにどうぞ。最終日にいっぱい届いております。(^^;)
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@Squirrelmecha @ANNZac Hey, it's not real. The "don't like, don't watch" thing makes sense if a little fictional incest bugs you.
@CielPhantomhyve Where you not paying attention when I spent 3 days ranting about the story 30 minutes after it was posted to CNN's website?
I am now ready to take sides in the Israel/Gaza conflict again. I supported Israel up until they hit a UN school....
I have now set up everything. I am headed to Japan in November, where I'll stay until February 2015, maybe January 2015.