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Akemi Tachibana
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I've read a lot of hentai doujin/manga, but this dialogue box contains the hottest series of words I've ever seen.
Hey, CNN? Stop babbling about the #MikeBrown case so much. It isn't worth 25-hours of news coverage every goddamn day of the week.
#BREAKINGNEWS #Stanytsia_Luhanska was MASSIVELY shelled #FROM_RUSSIA from 21:15 to 21:30 local. Reports of massive damage and casualties.
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Hating someone due to their race or religion is stupid. I don't case if you're a friend or family member, our relationship is OVER!
I'm tried of laptops, I'm buying myself a fucking desktop computer next month.
@TheOrangeCone @Clagger01 More like pseudo-proper. The PROPER proper pronunciation is in fact "Jag-u-ar."
@NascarMemes Pronouncing things the right way is weird but it's the right way to say it! It's not "Jag-wire," America!
Morals be dammed, I hope Bernie Ecclestone dies before well before the start of the 2015 F1 season and someone young & competent takes over.
@Just_AP F1 double points was stupid BS. The NASCAR elimination? The final race put me on the fence(I was totally against it before).
@nascarcasm We have to draw pictures on the walls of his cave and wait for him to crawl back in it.
@charlie_whiting Guess they didn't get the memo!
Lewis takes a big gulp then says “That’s not Champagne” LOL.
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#BREAKING: Death toll rises to 50 in blast at Afghan volleyball game: official
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I want to thank my followers to tolerating this all year. We'll do it again next year, let's see if you stick around then.
So, with that, bring my racing live tweets to an end for the rest of the year. Other than one Formula E race next month, I am done!
@TheOrangeCone Won't happen. It would be a PR disaster of epic proportions. Fine? Maybe, DQ? No chance in hell.
Lewis Hamilton wins the #AbuDhabiGP & 2014 Formula 1 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! #F1
I want Jenson on the podium. Then want him to say "thanks F1, I'm going to Le Mans" and drop the mic. #WalkOff
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And with that, Nico is likely out of luck. #F1 #AbuDhabiGP
The championship deciding race is GREEN! #F1 #AbuDhabiGP
Here comes lights, so turn up the volume! #F1 #AbuDhabiGP
Here we go folks! The final race of the year! #F1 #AbuDhabiGP
@MicahGrimes He just of just run his ass over. You have a right to protest, but not a right to block traffic & make commuters miserable.
I will be live tweeting the final race of the 2014 Formula One season hours from now! Until then, it's Anime & NCIS for me!
JMA warns of violent aftershocks for 1 week in Nagano after #quake which injured 39 people.
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@wfaachannel8 Send somebody to the epicenter and interview the home owner!
Chicago radio show hosts learned they were fired from Twitter -
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I love #NASCAR. LOVE IT! Probably always will! But not as much as I love anime! The end.
@Uchiha_kitten @TheProfGrammar Bot. It's a beautifully entertaining grammar bot.
I'm going to buy EVERY SINGLE volume of the SAO light novel and all the fucking spinoffs.
Moving on, I'm now starting episode 20 of SAO II! #sao_anime
This is the main reason why I prefer Twitter over Facebook and G+. We get away with a lot more here than over there.
Facebook needs to fire their entire content regulating team and rewrite the rules because their priorities are in the shitter.
Facebook removed my awesome nazi anime girl photo, but they refuse to remove child erotica & pictures glorifying the killing of cops.
Are you ready for race tomorrow? 皆さん明日のレースの準備は出来ましたか!? #?????????#???????????
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5 dead in Cleveland after girl interrupts murderer
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By the way, the prefecture does have a Twitter account: @NaganoPref. #Japan
The latest figures I have seen are at least 20 injuries, no fatalities. This quake was not a catastrophic disaster, so fear not.