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Akemi Tachibana
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@bobvarsha @TV_Racer Great to hear! It's odd how FIA think they can predict the weather weeks in advance. It's not possible yet. Thanks!
I wish Hayao Miyazaki and Bernie Ecclestone would act their age and die already. Miyazaki is stuck in the past and Ecclestone is an idiot.
If you pirate Anime or manga, I am better than you by default.
@whounfollowedme new followers? Nothing. I considered it but nope. Unfollowers? It depends, but I always say something mean when they go.
Finally, Amazon has shipped my Anime DVD, Ghost Hunt! I now have 3 Anime DVDs, 1 Miku figure w/ motorcycle, and 2 #COSPA shirts coming soon!
I'm going to start treating anime/manga pirates in the same way that people use to tweet...Uhhh...what was that...
I haven't had to say this since November 2012, but here goes: To me, most friends are expendable. Same goes for...
@bobvarsha Can you confirm that Formula E will be aired LIVE on TV at 1am? @TV_Racer list the start time at 3am on a same-day delay.
Those that "work for" illegal anime/manga translation groups need to attempt to talk to me. I hate you and your...
A fucking tragic, unexpected, and heartbreaking end to Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. Goddamn I'm in so many…
It oddly seems that I've done better socially and economically when I'm being a quasi-sociopathic assshole on and offline to others.
I don't like talking about myself in a quasi-sociopathic fashion but there are times when some people need to be told where they sit.
Folks, I want to clear something up. It seems I wasn't clear enough when I told you people not to take my...
Well, guess that's it. Back to Anime!
Shakemap via the @USGS after M4.8 earthquake strikes near Kansas/Oklahoma border.
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Ok, it was a 5.4 that struck Southwest Wichita, KS. No official or unofficial word on damage or casualties, yet. #Earthquake
Come on @USGS, give us something! I have hentai to...use...but can't until I know what just happened! #Wichita
Earthquake felt at the NWS Tulsa office. Here is the Seismograph from the OK GS in Leonard, OK. #OKquake
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I'm currently seeing nothing from USGS, which is odd since they are quick to tweet US-based earthquakes.
I'm temporarily suspending my joyous tweets, as I'm now seeing reports of a sizable earthquake hitting the United States -Midwest. #USGS
3:40 pm CST: Just felt a fairly strong earthquake at the NWS office.
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@shawnekleckner Is there any chance that Rightstuff will sell either one of these?… -OR-…
I am fucking OVERJOYED! Lucky Penny/Rightstuf has grabbed the license to Looking Up at the Half-Moon! Now if they'd grab Saikano...
Pre-order Nozomi and Lucky Penny's Feb 2015 releases now! Lucky Penny also acquired Looking Up at the Half-Moon!
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@animetoday HOLY SHIT! Looking Up at the Half-Moon?! I'm crying tears of joy! I'm preordering it as soon as it's up for preorders! WOOOOOOO!
.@robferdman @washingtonpost Blame the parents for letting them watch TV AND the parents who BUYS THEM THE GODDAMN NUGGETS!
I just payed the KKK website a visit...those fuckers are out of their mind! They scare me just as much as ghetto blacks. >.>
...and not funny. My goal is t to be funny, but rude. Colbert is just being get it, right? ...fuck it, I'm sleepy.
Let me edit that statement: I'll try and adopt a more dickish fake persona to piss people off...kind of like Colbert but more dickish...
@Mellando You might be right, but it'll only piss off Americans. The KKK is pretty much American neo-nazi's, and nazi's piss the world off!
I'm sure that tweet will go over with my employer and female followers like a pregnant pole vaulter...oh well, bite me. Goodnight, yaw!
I'll post a photo of me with one of those Japanese high school whores(J.K./Joshi-Kousei) that'll bang anybody for money & see how that goes.
@CielPhantomhyve There are folks that tweet low quality pictures of a pizza hot pocket that gets retweeted. ANYTHING is retweet worthy.
What can I do to revive the good ole days of being a total asshole before I leave for Japan next month? Set fire...
Retweeted by Akemi Tachibana
@W7VOA HUH?! Obviously, he must of told China we will oppose Tibet if they agree to that goddamn climate deal.
It's time for me to adopt a new on & offline persona that is similar to how I was a few years ago: COMPLETE AND TOTAL ASSHOLE/DOUCHE BAG!
Meanwhile, a few blocks from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department... @ 特許庁
1,342 followers, 12 of which I follow, and you fuckers only read my tweets but rare retweet. #Troglodytes
"Why are you following the American Nazi Party, ISIS, and Iran's Supreme Leader on Twitter?" Because...why not?