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Akemi Makoto
@MattWeaverSBN Out of fairness? One at a time, 3 laps each. For TV ratings? Go F1 style and stay that way.
My curiosity is going to get me in trouble eventually and the dumbass laws America has isn't going to help make it any easier.
see that temple in the distance? couldn't believe my eyes. it's where my ancestors prayed for 1000s of yrs. #cnnroots
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Wow...I love Talladega. Well, no more spam will occur today. Tomorrow? That's another story! I'm off to watch Anime!
Only Talladega and Daytona can deliver such exciting races every time we go there. No other track beats them. #NASCAR
Timothy Peters wins! Boy that was exciting! #NASCAR #Freds250
FINAL LAP! No more GWC's! Holy shit this is exciting! Look at that race! #NASCAR #Freds250
GWC Attempt #1: GREEN FLAG! #NASCAR #Freds250
Guess what we are getting? A GREEN-WHITE-CHECKERED finish! This is going to be extremely exciting(and dangerous)! #NASCAR #Freds250
Caution! Single car spin! #NASCAR #Freds250
My heart rate is skyrocketing, which only happens to me at Talladega! That's how great this track is! #NASCAR #Freds250
Green flag is back out with 6 laps! #NASCAR #Freds250
2 cars collided! No serious damage, but we are now under caution. #NASCAR #Freds250
10 laps to go! Tune into FOX now! #NASCAR #Freds250
Seeing that followed by a driver calmly saying "Yeah, I'm OK" on the radio never ceases to amaze me. #nascar #ncwts
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He almost flipped over when he smashed the wall. He hit it hard on the driver side, twice, but walked away! #NASCAR #Freds250
The driver is out! Great to see! #NASCAR #Freds250
That was an almighty crash! #NASCAR #Freds250
@NascarMemes But we can't have Nationwide and Trucks be more exciting than Sprint Cup! #DumbRule
@Earth_Pics And it's faked photos like that which resulted in me unfollowing your ass. I wish those I follow wouldn't retweet your garbage.
News: "K" Anime Project to Continue in 2015
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@PPistone At that point, I would of called him "a now former friend."
WOW! The #15 hit the wall head on and the truck briefly got airborne. Welcome to 'DEGA! #NASCAR #Freds250
Several cars are damaged. #NASCAR #Freds250
Talladega is better than all other #NASCAR tracks. You don't even need a big wreck here to make people happy here. #NASCAR #Freds250
Here we go! She's big, she's bad, she's lean, & she's mean! REACH UP THERE AND PULL THOSE BELTS TIGHT! #NASCAR #Freds250
ALERT: TUNE INTO FOX(not Fox News) NOW! Talladega is on! Big crashes, and kick ass final laps are coming! #NASCAR #Freds250
Holy shit, this national anthem is murdering my ears. Make this inhumane torture stop! #NASCAR #Freds250
I encourage all of you to watch today's and tomorrow's #NASCAR race! I promise you'll enjoy it. It's Talladega! Everybody loves Talladega!
TWITTER ALERT: I AM GOING TO SPAM LIVE TWEET TODAY AND TOMORROW! There is a 100% of spam. If you hate live tweeting, MUTE ME NOW! #NASCAR
@Crunchyroll For uncensored Anime, I'll even pay an extra $5, even $10 more. #MakeItHappen
I've said enough. I need to stop giving idiots attention because they kill my brain cells. Read this, I'm out:…
I conducted a non-scientific poll on SodaHead to see if people think lolicon/fake child porn should be banned...a majority said NO!
It makes me feel a bit better about this country because most people can differentiate between fake and real, but not Tom Barnes. Pathetic.
I've seen a good 320 articles about Pharrell's new video and only 1 or 2 complain about depicting a drawing sexually. One by @HotChiliGumbo.