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Akemi Makoto
I am live tweeting tonight's #NASCAR race. #ITNR
#NASCAR … Kyle Busch intro song is Rowdy Busch & says: "I'm sorry what, I can't hear you (to the boos). and walks off. #AskMRN @MRNRadio
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I run @PCALive and @Lolicon_News! Give them a follow, if they are interesting enough.
I'm done, leave me alone. I'm watching #TamakoMarket on @TheAnimeNetwork.
A black thug gets shot by white police officer in #Ferguson, MO and the world babbles about it. A black thug in...
Someone needs to rescue the license for #Saikano. I could see Rightstuf or Sentai Filmworks doing just that...hopefully, not FUNimation.
SAO isn't a filler filled POS like Bleach & Natuto, so that's the only reason I can think of as to why many people hate SAO.
I think it's simply because the fact it's popular. If it's popular, and people love it, it must suck. #sao_anime
The newest episode of Sword Art Online II was just as entertaining as the previous episodes. I don't get the high level of SAO hate at all.
NEWS: Iceland raises aviation alert for Bardarbunga volcano to red - eruption 'is imminent or in progress' - @ThorpeDave
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Tamako Market is a very welcome change of pace since I completed Black Lagoon. It's so cute and light-hearted.
@vplus Humanitarian aid > Weapons for terrorist/Russian troops?
NOTE TO SELF: PROOFREAD BEFORE YOU TWEET! I hate re-reading a tweet several minutes later, realizing I made an error.
There are almost 20 Anime I plan to buy next year & that list is still growing. Also, one manga series: Eden no Ori(Cage of Eden). #Excited
【ついに本日!!】ニコ生スペシャルPhase.2が20:00~配信です!ご視聴と、タイムシフト予約もお忘れなく! 本編… … キャストトークパート…#selector_anime
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@adamikachu The fact it's a drama/romance already has earned it my full interest, it's only a matter of when I'll watch it.
Yes, I made this decision based off only 1 episode. I know what to expect, so why delay a purchase? #TamakoMarket
Tamako Market is a very cute/moe and funny Anime...that's it's only appeal from what I've seen. I like it though and will buy it.
Gov't eyes developing early warning system against sudden downpours
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Maybe I'll watch Honey and Clover if I get sick of this show.
NOW WATCHING: Tamako Market!
I have COMPLETED #BlackLagoon season 2! Blah blah blah, I loved it. It was one of the most powerful Anime I've...
If anybody needs me, I'm finishing off #BlackLagoon so I can watch Tamako Market.
@MattWeaverSBN lol I thought the same thing.
Starting to look like I might have to power up my boat next week because a hurricane might be headed this way. I can't have her sinking...
@EricHolthaus I'm rooting for a push to the west. #HurricaneOtaku
@TweetSmarter Do you think Twitter is likely to start shuffling the timeline and abandon chronological tweets all together, eventually?
@Nascarking3 The storm is moving at just under 20 mph. It'll 31 miles away. We still have a good hour and 10-20 minted before we worry.
@mashable Maybe the idiots should ask us what would help improve instead of being a controlling lover and deciding for us.
I discovered a really cute loli hentai doujinshi!… #NSFW
RED FLAG lifted. Yellow is back out, green is next. #NASCAR #FoodCity300
@MattWeaverSBN Stop worrying. It's not moving fast enough to become a threat until well after the race is over. At least, for now.
RED FLAG! Race session suspended. Big crash took place. #NASCAR #FoodCity300
Despite what they are saying on TV, the rain in question won't arrive until AFTER the race is over. #NASCAR #FoodCity300
8 years later, the GREEB FLAG is out and we are underway from Bristol, baby! #NASCAR #FoodCity300
@NASCAR_Wonka We are now at the halfway point of this race. #Sarcasm
@NASCAR_Wonka Longest yellow flag run.