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Akemi Tachibana
OH. MY. GOD. This is even better. YURI!!!!! I need to find more yuri hentai anime. (Kuttsukiboshi)
Holy shit, I am going to enjoy this. (Kansen Inyoku no Rensa)
HOLY SHIT! That was fucking amazing. I have never seen a pursuit end like THAT. A SWAT van too hm out. #PoliceChase
SWAT van is following him now. #PoliceChase
Where is this fucking scumbag going? #PoliceChase
I have a bad feeling about this. #PoliceChase
I have never seen a police pickup truck before this moment. Holy shit. #PoliceChase
This fucker is a drug dealer with a history of having a weapon and being an asshole to police. He has been to prison before. #PoliceChase
This pursuit just got more dangerous. #PoliceChase
I am getting more worried after what WFAA said. #PoliceChase
WFAA says there is a reason that police are not stopping this car quickly and it may be due something that worries police. #PoliceChase
That helicopter must have one hell of a fuel tank. Not one complaint about fuel yet. #PoliceChase
He has a cell phone and keeps looking out the goddamn window and driving in and out of lanes. #PoliceChase
WOOOOHOOO! He is going faster! #PoliceChase
Ok, that is NOT an eldery person. It is an adult man, in his 30s maybe. The fucker is doing this for FUN! #PoliceChase
Fort Worth PD will face heavy criticism over this pursuit. This shit should of ended an hour ago. #PoliceChase
People, you might have the right to take pics of police like some creepy stalker, but not if you are blocking traffic. #PoliceChase
This shit has to come to an end. 2 white guys on an ATV seem to be following this pursuit too. #PoliceChase
I don't know what DFW policy is on pursuits and how to end them...but they need to change it. This is bullshit. #PoliceChase @PCALive
This person is a confused elderly person, isn't it? #PoliceChase
@MatthewKeysLive Not if you are standing on the side of a goddamn interstate.
A civilian walked onto the side of the interstate and had a camera pointed at the pursuit. Police weren't happy about it. #PoliceChase
@darthgeek Hopefully it's a gun to his head. :|
4 police units have completely blocked off the interstate because of this fucking idiot. #PoliceChase
He is driving slower than I walk. Jesus christ, get this fucker off the road. #PoliceChase
Please just block this stupid fucker. He's fucking up traffic. #PoliceChase
ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............... #PoliceChase
The driver of that green POS car floored it for some strange reason. I hope police noticed that. No speeding, asshole. #PoliceChase
WFAA is following from the front, which is something I haven't seen choppers do before in pursuits...that I can recall. #PoliceChase
Not exactly the most exciting of police chases but it's better than the one before in LA. #PoliceChase
WFAA believes this dumbfuck might be on the phone with the police during this pursuit. #PoliceChase
Wooo! It's been a while since we've had one live in the DFW area. Hope this one is going to be insane. #PoliceChase
POLICE CHASE UNDERWAY!!! Follow @PCALive for a link! I'll live tweet this bitch!
And it always bleeds like a mother fucker. It's just one of a few things I need to see the doctor about if I ever go.
I've had to do this a few times in the past few months. No idea what's causibg the issue I have but its more annoying than painful.

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