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Omar The DJ
You'd be amazed the shit you find on the internet
Friday after y'all's date when you find out ya girl on her period lol
Jam sesh between classes 😎
Life is moving fast, where the fuck do all these minutes go.
β€œ@BDunn409: Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there with open arms and open eyes πŸ’―β€
Hungry πŸ˜’
Calling girls cute nicknames..πŸ’€
β€œ@iAmScottSummers: All DJs should live by the 6 P's... Prior preparation prevents piss poor performance. πŸ‘β€πŸ’―πŸ˜Ž
β€œ@DaygoLo: Drake a suspect?”lmao
Gym got the best of me today πŸ˜ͺ
I need to get my hands on the rane 61 mixer 😍
β€œ@DJBRAN: I just sit back & watch πŸ‘€ I don't do too much talking πŸ˜Άβ€
I play dumb but never been a fool 😎
β€œ@DJDeezy409: But no matter what my bday bash is still gonna happen” πŸ™Œ
I feel like my school semester pretty chill then all these ppl talking bout how they studying for all these tests.. Make a nigg double check
I hate when ppl stare at me.
It'll all be worth it in the long run.
When you cold as shit but u on E, so u don't turn on the heater. The struggle.
I'd be nothing without my parents support and help. I'll admit that Anyday.
My classes and teachers this semster>>πŸ‘Œ
When that one person has to remind the teacher to pick up the homework...
Wake & Thank πŸ™
If you call yourself a rap fan...enjoy. RTβ€œ@KillahRo: Hip Hop & Rap - Killah Ro NEW MUSIC FRESH OUT THE BOOTH”
Retweeted by Omar The DJ
β€œ@_mariannnaaaa: Shleep πŸ˜΄β€
I need to stop taking these damn aminos. They don't let me sleep πŸ˜’
I play @BEATKINGKONG way to much at the clubs here in Gtown, needa hook it up with a drop lol.
& On that note.. Goodnight twitter. 😴
Everybody wanna be successful but nobody wanna go thru the struggle. It ain't gonna come easy. Gotta stay on ya grind.
β€œ@FunnyPicsDepot: me trying to save my GPA” lmao πŸ™‹
Refund checks and Tax season around the same time >>> lol while y'all playing.
Need to put this twic card to use πŸ˜’
That next morning when the teacher was serious about the HW and you ain't do it..
I can't stand when ppl correct my spelling bruh. Like that shit itches my skin.
Twitter more interesting then I thought.
Y'all lying if y'all say y'all never done this lol
β€œ@TheDJGospel: When you don't stay in your DJ booth this can happen @TMZ…”when ur set is premixed lol
So I layed on her couch, told her I was cold and tied. So she gets her covers, puts them on me and…
β€œ@duhitshaley29: Any stating bids on my phone?!β€πŸ˜³πŸ’Έ
β€œ@gus_lust409: Some niggas say, "Sleep is for the rich" but they stay up not getting one dollar. You need some sleep boy πŸ˜‚β€lol
β€œ@6BillionPeople: If you want high quality & real results you will invest not only in yourself but your product.β€πŸ’―
β€œ@ArianaGrande: I think 🎻🎻🎻 strings are the prettiest sound in the world” what if a DJ is playing them? 😱😎
β€œ@QuiWest: Kanye's College Dropout turns 10 yrs old today! Is Kanye the BEST artist/ producer of the past decade?” 2nd. Jay Z then Kanye
March-July The best months for a Dj lol