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orla feeney
Calling all you ladies ... What u waiting for???? @djlisalashes: #AllGirlsOnDecks UK DJ Comp/News & #FreeDownloads
Happy Birthday my fabulous friend <3 @Rackorama
Be patient and kind to others - and to yourself too. We are all in recovery from something
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What do you get if you drop a piano on an army base? A flat major. #badumtish
How many producers does it take to change a light bulb? 2, 1 to tell the engineer to do it the other to say 'I don't know, what do u think?
What's the point on posting on Facebook if no one are it, where's the next one ??
My iPhone 5 has been through the washing machine and in water 3 times, snow for 10 hrs, dropped 2 many times still works ! #sweet
My fellow psoriasis peeps omega 3, cod liver oil that along with good moisturiser/steroid cream from Doctor & not stressing will help :)
We know you love your Trance Music so we are bringing you one of the top #Trance female DJ's @OrlaFeeney on 21st Nov
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Equality is still a pipe dream.
Started watching The Strain when head of WHO tells u to run u run. Not look at them like they're crazy ! Just ignore the expert in disease..
iPhone 6 plus, no it doesn't look silly at all answering a call on what may aswell be an iPad, could iron shorts on that bad boy !
Hick Up cures ????
Oh the irony a bloke that throws cake at ppl @steveaoki doesn't get satire @Wunderground_ie whip round for legal fees…
Loving the @graftonlounge great friends cocktails and live sax to the tunes @JohnboyEnnis #hotspot
To stop your iPhone bending uninstall the Uri Gellar app !
Who needs Dutch trance when you've got IRISH !
I you can't wait to eject usb then your most likely hitting agree to terms and conditions without reading them !
So if your in the UK get involved in my girl @djlisalashes DJ competition #AllGirlsOnDecks starts Oct 6th
I'll never forget the girl that said this To me -- ' I didn't know girls could be a DJ, now I know I can too" #AllGirlsOnDecks
Should have been a football player for Man Utd I'd be ok with £300.000 a week to sit on the bench ! Yes please :)
Mascara - takes hours to take off with their ultimate macs area they need an ultimate remover ... Hello panda eyes !
NB *may not actually have one to give away
Giving away an iWatch on the show now on TASTER tune in to win @RTEPulse
Tune into Taster with @OrlaFeeney from 9pm as she plays layers of tech-trance and uplifting riffs on RTÉ Pulse
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Hitting the recording studio today..loads of new tunes on the way ;)
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Time to get in line for apple 6
With great regret I'll not be at Fermaz Festival this wknd. It will not go ahead. I'm sorry for those intending to attend :( "Ce Sera Sera"
Taster with @OrlaFeeney is about to start. Tune in to hear Orla's layers of tech-trance and uplifting riffs from 9pm
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Current listening is Scheer @audreygallagher
Well isn't it fantastic to hear Miss @JulieThompsonUK #NoFrontiers Missed you lady :) @Super8Tab
First time I signed my own chest .. Happy Birthday Mark :)
Course we are we are not commonly available ;) @JerseyJesus @OrlaFeeney @djlisalashes Hahaha you ladies are too fierce! <3
Rawrrrrrrrrrrr @JerseyJesus: @OrlaFeeney @djlisalashes Hahaha you ladies are too fierce! <3”
Seems over the years less and less even mention the DJ mag top 100 seems to have a lot less meaning these days !
hey in case you haven't seen my other 100 tweets about it,check out me and @finalbossmedia show Craic Addicts on @4oD
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Opps 1 hour tan fell asleep .. 7 hours later ! I'll be the Oompa Loompa behind the decks tonight tomorrow back to the chocolate factory :/
@OrlaFeeney ~ ᗩᗰᗩᘔIᑎG and Tasty!!! ✌ ツ✌ #TASTER 056 ✘★★★★★
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