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If Seattle and Denver win Sunday we will have the only two legalized pot teams playing in the 1st Marijuana Super Bowl. Smoke a Super Bowl.
Welcome to Sweetgreen what kind of salad can I get for you? You gotta meatlovers?
Fav if u like the band name: Crumms
Fav if u like the band name: Screaming Fits
Fav if u like the band name: Crime Time
Sucks when you're friends with an emo and they keep saying they have no friends. WHO U CALL IN NOBODY U CALLING ME A NOBODY?
Cocaine so white I'll eat pussy and do that cocaine over there.
Excuse me. Hey... HEY! Is this cocaine gluten free?
Are you interested in being a #DCZF 2014 organizer? We're going to have some open meetings soon so talk to us, baby...
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I feel like listening to my records and shooting myself in the face.
Is arcade fire playing or did I just accidentally walk into an Olive Garden Commercial?
Steven, you have been gettin money for two years since you moved back in with us. Your mother and I want to know when you will have money.
Glad I checked my Twitter so i could figure out which ones of y'all are gettin money this Tuesday.
Slurpee machine is broke. 7-11 was an inside job.
Now I aint sayin she a gold digga... I'm sayin 9/11 was an inside job.
Sends nudes to yo girl's Kindle Fire.
I drizzle condom mints on my pancakes to practice safe breakfast.
Making out with a peta activist with Jesus as my copilot, I never rediscovered bed lice faction on the ass crack of Wednesday. Hallelujah.
Im a giant Japenese squid irl.
Ayo girl, show me that body. Ayyyy *Yo girl shows me a chained up skeleton sealed off in her basement.*