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Lol my sisters so quick to tell my brother to tell me to "eat better" but i still havent gotten a msg from her to see how im doing.. SolidπŸ‘πŸ½
Reasons i dont give my brother my phone.....
When you work hard to grow your nails and one fall screws it up.
Finally hlme, get to take a week off work... #ButWhosGunnaPayMyBills ??
Never wanted my fam to panic... But i was even scared
#HospitalSelfie Busted nose, head, jaw n fingers.. πŸ‘οΏ½Gs
Fainting and falling down the stIrs,nice
Fever, aching, nausea.. I hope mcds sends me home
I dont know why i agreed to overnights tonight.. And tomorrow..
ill find a way before i find an excuse
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I'm not being thirsty yoπŸ’¦ it's just that if I don't text back right when I get your messageπŸ“², I will forget to altogetherπŸ˜…πŸ’†πŸ½
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When nobody's there for u so u gotta pick yourself up
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When your squad takes the joke too far
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Ingrid just BOILS MY DAMN BLOOD.😀😀😀😀
The fact that i just spent the last 4 hours talking about God with my boyfriend is a big reason why we are together... #growth
Retweet if your mom always get it done. No matter what.
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"Dont focus on your ex, focus on a better you too attract a better next"
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Sleeping in my little brother room with a shrine that has everything from the viewing and funeral starring at me.... Man that hits deep.
This iOs9 update sent siri through some changes.... 😏😏
Im so weak, i hate seeing one of my favorite bosses stay short handed on staff. Makes me feel like i gotta come early..... Damn
I feel like this weight has been put on my shoulders, im ready to give up. Honestly.
Diosito lindo, i need you more than ever right now.
Random kid just walked into my house... Squeeze me?
I series of bad hair, years of hating my big teeth... Wouldnt change a damn thing about myself…
This was the BEST to wake up to..
Ive always been the type where is not YOURE going through hard times, its we. Because i wanna be there for you. #FamilyFirst
After such a long and stressful day i wish i had my Bible w me to read some stories
Anyone else grab that iOs9 ? 😏😏
Just finished throwing up, felt.... Not so great. Damn.
Day two of waking up to an empty house..
I dont like when people say im too young to love... I can love, because i DO love. To be IN love, theres a difference to me. ✌🏽️
Because even when we bad, ima tell you we good.. πŸ˜„
I swear Don Benjamins look alike came thru my mcds today... Maaan i melted😍
Been feeling so sick, realizing i only ate 2 snacks today... Wonder why i feel so sick πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
Bus driver know im hungry... Thats why he aint show up yet!!😀😀
Cant believe i forgot my debit card at work, i am starving
If i cant talk God with you... Then we aint talkin'
My goal in life is to travel tbh..
this vine will FOREVER make me laugh so hard..…

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