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3am, still up, eating frosted flakes, and watching greys anatomy............. No regrets
My messages keep going off but its NEVER anyone i want it to be 😒😒
Im on facebook on my phone.. And laptop #ihaveissues
I sometimes like to look good😁�
@Orellanaa_ excuse his soul. He needs a reality check asap
Retweeted by Gab'☀️
Why people gotta ruin chocolate for me
God gotta keep me focused, gotta help me when the devil disguises himself as family
Just need to sit and breaaathe
Why do people try so hard to frustrate me, i swear people love seeing me in tears.
Another crappy day
Yo no te puedo dejar, en el suelo destruido, porque to fuiste el motivo, de aquel sacrificio🙏☝️�
My heart pounds every time my phone vibrates, always ending in disappointment 😔😒
This how i be with my 3 year old niece... She my best friend. Ill fight ya.👊
Catch on. But i keep it on the low low👌😏 I loved making my cheating exes think i didnt know& make em look
Greys Anatomy is on pause, time to start watching Lost again
i dont plan on leaving this room today
Trying so damn hard rn, i need to go to bed omg
usually i dont go to work upset... but todays an exception. my boss needs to prepare for a not so great sales rep
I AM FREE AT LAST!!!!!😭�#winterbreakak
*points to Jordan snapback* "Aayyyyy shaq tho" Pardon???😂😂
Been a damn good day
Today consists of me seeing unpleasant things everywhere. That guy dogging his 13's JUST about tops it😤😤😤
This guy is DEAD walking in snow/slush in his premium 13's #excuseme #youdontdeservethem
Why do people think its ok to ruin their tims like this. #SMDH
When i dont reply to texts and i distance myself.. Idk how to bounce back from that, so i stay ghost
Yet another sleepless night
I cant sleep 😔
Is it normal to constantly lose feeling in my legs?
I should be asleep, but stress has other plans
I cant be in public and on twitter at the same time.. All you hear is "MM YAAAS" "PREACH BOO BOO" "Lawwwd, RETWEEEEET" Twitters dangerous😂
My life goal is to become twitter famous because lets be real.. Nothing else matters, 😂😂😂#getouttaherehere
Why is 2014 even an option for birth years online, like "aaaay fresh out the womb ready to join gmail"
"Just want the best for you, but i want the best for you to be me"
anxiety….. not tonight, please