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holy fucking shit
#OnePlus One will be available for pre-order on October 27! #NeverSettle #PreordertheOne
idk what this guy is singing i dont speak Croatian
oops i turned it into a t perm
i think i almost learned z perm! woo! t perm next
Compression Optimized Vinyard Vines for Jaded Sandwich Enthusiasts.
i tried to open a kissing booth where people spit in my Fucking face instead of kissing me but they eventually started refusing to pay m e
Retweeted by Mittens
*reading e perm algs* uh no thats a z perm alg you idiot *looks a title* o fuck it's a z perm thread
in high school i was voted most likely to have the best eyes
A fridge doesn't fart when I take my meat out
Ur mums so fat she's only 4gb
i must be the first person to live tweet music
*echo noises* o
wopp woop dee doop de doop lalala
uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yn
what the fuck is this i asked for salt not cocaine false advertising no wait no dont take it bakc
intuitive f2l is taking too long i mean shouldn't i learn algorithms for a few cases that are difficult
actually it was an m4a but i converted it to play on stuff cause fuck you drm
01 Freak (feat. Steve Bays).mp3
five peoplejust followed me at the same time they look like spam accounts that just want a follow back sorry guys i dont do that
Many of us here saw the 9/11 attacks coming... they flew right past the window
Ah frodo you're hurting me when I said you should destroy the ring...
Thank you for purchasing learning_to_play_guitar_with_Stephen_hawking.mp4
I wanted to be a policeman, but then I passed my GCSEs
It's no surprise the the Australians beat us at cricket. Hitting things, then running away is the criminal mentality. @squeezinpeaches
Become an organ donor: cycle in london today!
I want to direct my last tweet to @squeezinpeaches
My tweet count is the number of times I could hit you in the face before I stop doing it out of fun and start doingit out of a sense of duty
can i have your gun it's bigger
fuck off brah i got a salt addiction
what everyone knows @charliesheen never actually did any cocaine
fuck the sunglasses
SPRING BREAAKK i need to stop doing everything so late DEADLINES DUDE
*rubs face* *punches face*
o fuck i think i smell
theres building work downstairs why is it called building work they're not building well i guess they are shut the fuck orange
doot doot doot
im like @dril but less funny