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So much for playing elder scrolls online ._.
What’s wd40
Frosty the snowman can’t have sex cause his penis would melt
Birds are about as particular as the US military about where they drop their load
That's how we can guarantee quality.
The children that made these shoes know that if they get one stitch wrong, their family will be beaten with sticks.
In the hospital "can you go for a shit so the surgeon can get his car keys back?"
Not very wintery but oh fucking well... Makes a change from snow
Why can't florida do the winter olympics?? It'd be great
It's your fucking flag, you bought it. "I burned your flag" It's your own flag you fucking idiot
New Mega Walls and Blitz maps this weekend :)
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What’s the nvidia 7750 equivalent
// @blackthund3r dubstep. Every song sounds the same, yet somehow manages to be worse than the last.
No ET don't leave
I'm happy to say I do animals
anyway jac do my hair
Is spotify meant to have this option?
Mitt Romney remains opposed to abortion, even though he's a great advert for it.
I'm a criminal let me out of here
in the department of we have too much time on our hands in the university of why don't other scientists take me seriously