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Todaay is soo nice out
things we buy to cover up whats inside
just relax and everything will fall into place
you remind me of
its onn im about to change my life
Yo @kendricklamar knew not to mention @chocolatedroppa in his verse.....HE WOULD OF GOT THIS WORK!!! BARS REAL RAP RAW!!! LMFAO
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" ooo Kill em ooo" = You're dancing skills are superb & continue to surprise me.
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vamp life has been real everyday this summer
I wanted to skate with the crew brooooooo @Pablo_Johnson
If "pro" is the opposite of "con", what's the opposite of "progress"? Wake up, America
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My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is a great album from start to finish. Never gets old to me.
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FEAR is something created by our own thoughts.
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F'real smoothies are delicious
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My sleeping pattern is allll kinds of fucked up.
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I'm a new person now.
I like girls that do stuff like exercise and maybe play sports and eat good. Just cuz you cute that's cool but its deeper than that.
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illmatic is the greatest hip hop album of all time
when i feel bummed i just look up in the sky and say "theres a whole world out there"
i need to take a break from internet .
If dat boy don't grind then that boy don't shiiiiinne
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