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Thanks for tuning into the stream, homies! Feels great to have a subscriber feature once again!
1 RT = 1 Prayer for Scump and Mboze's SND game
We are happy to announce a channel subscription button starting with @OpTic_NaDeSHoT! Info here -
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Stream is live! Playing The Sims 4 since there is only 3 days until AW! SUB EMOTES ARE BACK MY FRIENDS!
What if I told you sub emotes were coming back 😏
Thumbnail for the Advanced Warfare breakdown video! Go check it out on my channel!
Advanced Warfare: Weapons, Exo Suit, and Maps - Breakdown and Analyzed: via @YouTube
The Sims 4 came out and I may have purchased it. Stream will be up in a bit!
Haven't watched baseball one time this year, but I'm hoping for a Royals rally
Bout to go eat the stinkiest burritos with @OpTic_Scumper STRAIGHT STANK BOMBS
OpTic Gaming: Behind the Green Wall - TEASER #2: via @YouTube
OpTic Gaming | Behind the Green Wall: via @YouTube
To clarify, we don't have copies of Advanced Warfare at the house anymore. We got to play for a total of 3 hours and that was it.
Advanced Warfare - First 40 Bomb in Hardpoint by Nadeshot: via @YouTube
Don't remember the last time I bought a CD but I had to buy out the store for @Logic301's Under Pressure album 🙏
My bedroom can be spotless clean one day and then turn into an apocalyptic warzone in hours...HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN EVERYTIME
Seeing people happy makes me happy
It sucks to think that Kobe Bryant's legendary career is gonna end in such a dismal manner. The Lakers aren't the Lakers right now.
You guys helped me change everyone's Twitter timeline in the competitive CoD community in 1 tweet tonight. That's unreal.
Advanced Warfare 1v4 ACE vs. OpTic!: via @YouTube
Time to kill on AW felt great. I think most pros will agree when they play it. Most were saying it looked too low, but it was just right.
Thanks for tuning into the stream, everyone! Shoutout to @SHGames and @Activision for allowing us to show off Advanced Warfare! #GreenWall
Help us hit 100,000 viewers! RT and come tune into the stream and support competitive CoD and Advanced Warfare!
Don't miss the Advanced Warfare stream! 2nd map coming up, just got a 40 bomb 😁
10 minutes until #OpTicPlaysAW COME HANGOUT TILL THEN!
OpTic Gaming Plays Advanced Warfare!: via @YouTube
Trending in the United States! Keep it up homies! #OpTicPlaysAW 2 Hours until the stream!
Help me get #OpTicPlaysAW trending worldwide and I'll giveaway 3 Nadeshot Knows T-Shirts! #OpTicPlaysAW
We will be playing @CallofDuty: Advanced Warfare tomorrow on
Big thanks to @jud3vill for taking the time to put this together for us. This medal meant a lot to me and our entire team. Thank you guys for being there to support us now and forever!
Just sent an audio message via iPhone 6 to the OpTic House group chat of me farting...THE FUTURE IS HERE. TECHNOLOGY IS UNBELIEVABLE.
The @OpTicGaming team will be playing @CallofDuty: Advanced Warfare this Tuesday only on!
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There's rostermania intel in this photo, can you find it?
When EG announced they're breaking up