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Day 2 of the streaming marathon has begun! Come hangout: Wagers, League Matches, and SND Tourney - RT's appreciated!
Outlast Playthrough | Ep. 4 | Worst Scare Ever: via @YouTube
#tbt Blankie to my right and controller in hand, grinding Halo 2 matchmaking. This is where it all started for me!
Throwback Thursday. That's my blankie to the right and that's me grinding Halo 2 matchmaking. This is where it all started for me.
Don't forget to add me on snapchat! TheOpTicNaDe
I had the best time hanging out with you guys on stream today, Outast definitely got the best of me tonight. Same time, same place tomorrow!
Oh geese, it's time for Outlast on stream! Don't think I'm ready for this horrifying game but here it goes...
You guys broke my snapchat :(
Add me on snapchat! TheOpTicNaDe
4v4 1ND Tournament is starting any minute, hope you guys can stop by and check it out! RT's appreciated <3
Call me Danny Tanner AND Uncle Jesse from Full House feeding all these fools at @TheOpTicHouse
Still 8 hours left of stream. Going to giveaway some gear if we hit 20K viewers today!
Tonight, I leave you with my old best friend when I lived with my parents. His name is Pee Wee and I miss him. Night!
I would still be working part time at McDonalds and would have a bachelors degree trying to figure out what to do with my life #GreenWall
If @optich3cz didn't pick me up to join OpTic in 2010, most of you probably wouldn't even know who I am #Fact
You guys always put me in a good mood when I stream. Thanks for watching bros, think we hit 17K viewers at one point. Y'ALL DA BEST.
I be sliding into Karma's DM's like
Stream is live for our 2 league matches and I have the new chat! Come hangout -
Dance Party! VICTORY WILL COME (MINECRAFT): via @YouTube
The two players with the highest K/D improvement from Season 3 to Dallas were @OpTic_NaDeSHoT (+ 0.23) and @Denial_Replays (0.21).
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Starting tomorrow, I'm going to stream 10 hours a day until Saturday. Been feeling lazy since I got back from UMG so we'll change that 😁