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Another long day of streaming, had a blast on NBA & Black Ops 2. Seriously, thanks for watching my dudes. Have a good night, be back 2morro!
Finals of the 4v4 Black Ops 2 MLG Variant is starting now! Come support the crew @Jus_Doubt @Jus_Blfire @OpTiClayster
Just had one of the craziest Black Ops 2 Hardpoint comebacks I've ever had in the life span of the game. You guys have to see it again.
Wishbone Island - Teach Me to Minecraft! Ep.10 (Hardcore Survival): via @YouTube
NBA2K15 with Nadeshot - KEVIN DURANT THE GOD: via @YouTube
Stream is live, homies! 4v4 SND Tourney all day and NBA 2K15 grind is about to be real!
Nadeshot Got Worldstar'd AGAIN:PART 2: via @YouTube
11 hour stream in the books, had a blast with you guys. Thanks for coming out, I'll see you tomorrow, ok? Have a good night/day homies.
She can get me high when I'm feeling low
3rd round of our 4v4 SND is up, come hangout and watch me game!
Wishbone Island - Teach Me to Minecraft! Ep.9 (Hardcore Survival): via @YouTube
Stream is live, going to be playing a few different games today. Starting with NBA 2K15!
Lemonade and Chicken Strips acquired 😭
My point is that I didn't even purchase the game. Haven't had my Xbox on since Nashville. I am so confused.
Went to go purchase and download NBA 2k15 on the Xbox Dashboard...but it says it's already 60% installed. How is this even possible?
Chik Fil A lemonade is happening today, 100%.
Feeling like I've made it over the last hump of this sickness. Slept through the entire night and fever is gone. Should be 100% in 1-2 days!
Sleep is running away from me tonight and I can't seem to catch up
Hip hop has many different styles, don't hate on another person for their preferences in music #RespectEachOther #Positivity
Mac Miller is in my top 5 100%
Sorta like this but switch the heads with your imagination
My head feels like it has been RKO'd onto concrete 100 times over by Randy Orton
I would play Call of Duty: Ghosts for another year if a Wendy's Frosty appeared in front of me right now
Short Day in the Life with Nadeshot!: via @YouTube
Probably going to attempt to stream today. It's been way too long and I miss hanging out with you guys. I'll bring the Kleenex and medicine.
bored so i made a banner for @OpTic_NaDeSHoT for the release of Advanced Warfare. RT/ Fav appreciated.
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Dazzled by the lights
Chicago's been gloomy since we got back but I can't say that I don't enjoy it
I'm in a bad spot boys. Dont think I'll be able to stream or make videos today. Woke up feeling like death, probably gonna hit the doctors 😷
Been nursing this sore throat all day. Went and got some Halls cough drops. Diggin the messages on the packaging
This post event flu is killing me
If you watched Saved by the Bell, Family Matters, Full House, or Fresh Prince of Bel Air then we're best friends
If I don't get into music production at some point in my life, I haven't chased all my dreams. Never appreciated music until I got older.
This picture originally started as this. And then as more pros walked by, we had them jump in. Love our community!
Search Team Yaky on Facebook if you'd like to follow her journey along with me. So humbled to receive this from her.
Honored to have met this courageous young lady. Even though she's fighting cancer, still finds time to be Green wall!
I was honored to meet this courageous young lady at UMG Nashville. Even though she's fighting cancer, she somehow finds time to support the Green Wall. It's people like this that make all of this worth it and I'm proud to be a small part of Team Yaky now. Search her Facebook page if you'd like to fo
Back to the OpTic House! Last night was a lot of fun, check out the new OpTic Gaming squad #GreenWall 😂
Karma just knows how to win
Wishbone Island - Teach Me to Minecraft! Ep.8 (Hardcore Survival): via @YouTube
GGs Rise, lost 2-3. Search and Destroy bit us in the butt but I'm proud of the way we played. See everyone at Season 3 playoffs! Placed 5th.
"Bob and Weave!" - Black Ops 2 LIVE w/ Nadeshot: via @YouTube
Beat tK 3-1, guaranteed a top 6 finish. Playing Rise Nation for top 4 next. Let's go boys! #GreenWall