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Season 3 playoffs are live! Come watch the stream -
Mario Kart 8 champion in the pro lounge at Season 3 playoffs. You would be proud of my performance @FlamesworDsQ @OpTic_BigTymeR
New Astros on fleek
John Wick was dope. Only because I love Keanu Reeves, THATS MY HOMIE.
Taking off, talk to you guys when I land
In the stretch off to Columbus for Season 3 Playoffs!
Thanks for tuning into the stream this week my homies! Closing our Ghosts with a bang. Streamed 65 hours in 6 days!
When you're bout to clutch up 5-5 last map but choke
Stream is live! Starting off with some Money 8's with @OpTic_Scumper and crew -
NaDeSHoT Taps into High Performance Gaming | The Red Bulletin…
Another great day of streaming! Black Ops 2 league play was a blast. Hope you all had fun, see you guys tomorrow!
Going back and playing Black Ops 2 has made me finally realize how OP adjustable stock M8 was
Stream is live! Playing some NBA 2K15, might open some packs -
Getting serious 📷 @ozenrique
Had to shut down the stream, connection seems to be acting up. I'll let you guys know if anything changes, sorry dudes.
Black Ops 2 Throwback Tourney Destruction: via @YouTube
My first A in NBA2K15 MyPlayer!: via @YouTube
Stream is live! Playing Money 8's, possibly scrimming, and NBA 2K15!
Somehow slept till 2 in the afternoon today, there goes my sleep schedule. Hope you night owls are ready for some late night streams 😱
The couch seems more appealing than my bed lately
Another great day of gaming with you guys. Four days, 48 hours streamed. Been a blast, see you guys again tomorrow!
Congrats to @Logic301 on the release of his debut album #UnderPressure What's your fav track so far? Mine has to be The Intro. Go download!
Nadeshot Opens MyTeam Packs on NBA2K15 (Epic Cards!): via @YouTube
Wishbone Island - Teach Me to Minecraft! Ep.12 (Hardcore Survival): via @YouTube
Nadeshot Meets the Nicest Kids in the World!: via @YouTube
Stream is live, homies! Money 8s, Ghosts Tourneys, and NBA 2K15 all day my dudes -
Another great night of streaming. We played Black Ops 2, won money 8's on Ghosts and balled on NBA 2K15. Thanks for watching my dudes!
Another Black Ops 2 tournament coming up my homies! Come hangout, NBA 2K15 after -
Wishbone Island - Teach Me to Minecraft! Ep.11 (Hardcore Survival): via @YouTube
The Greatest Jumpshot in NBA2K15 Ever: via @YouTube
Stream is live! In 2nd round of a 3v3 SND tourney, then 8s and NBA 2K15!
Another long day of streaming, had a blast on NBA & Black Ops 2. Seriously, thanks for watching my dudes. Have a good night, be back 2morro!
Finals of the 4v4 Black Ops 2 MLG Variant is starting now! Come support the crew @Jus_Doubt @Jus_Blfire @OpTiClayster
Just had one of the craziest Black Ops 2 Hardpoint comebacks I've ever had in the life span of the game. You guys have to see it again.
Wishbone Island - Teach Me to Minecraft! Ep.10 (Hardcore Survival): via @YouTube
NBA2K15 with Nadeshot - KEVIN DURANT THE GOD: via @YouTube
Stream is live, homies! 4v4 SND Tourney all day and NBA 2K15 grind is about to be real!
Nadeshot Got Worldstar'd AGAIN:PART 2: via @YouTube
11 hour stream in the books, had a blast with you guys. Thanks for coming out, I'll see you tomorrow, ok? Have a good night/day homies.
She can get me high when I'm feeling low
3rd round of our 4v4 SND is up, come hangout and watch me game!