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Learning how to ladder stall for Advanced Warfare with @FaZeTemperrr
I've seen this Vine so many times, but it's still way too gnarly to not post again
Might have locked us out of our house in Cali, I don't think Scump is amused
I haven't been on this Earth nearly as long as many other people but one thing I've learned is that it's okay to be different than others
Mianite - Syndicate and CaptainSparklez Must Perish: via @YouTube
Advanced Warfare + Looting = LOVE: via @YouTube
I have a horrible habit of setting my mind on a goal, and then not executing. No more procrastinating, I'm quitting that today.
I can't wait for Advanced Warfare #CountingTheDays
Jumped on an Olympic trampoline today. Long story short, YOU GO REALLY HIGH. Even recorded it in 240 Frames Per Second with the iPhone 6 😁
First tweet from my iPhone 6 Plus. Noodleshoots That'll be all.
GGs Most Wanted, lost 2-3. Time for some Destiny though!
GGs FaZe, won 3-2 in quarters! Moving onto the semi-finals of the 5K.
#1 Slayer on OpTic Gaming
You guys have some pretty unique dream jobs, not gonna lie. If I wasn't a professional gamer, I'd want to be a rapper/music producer.
What's your dream job?
Pizza makes everything better #CheatDay
The iPhone 6 Plus is as big as everyone keeps saying. Love it though.
Had so much fun playing the Mianite Purge today, hope you all enjoyed! Time for some Destiny now, come hang!
Streaming all day! Minecraft Mianite Purge and Destiny. Come hangout!
Homies! Stream is live. Mianite Purge and then Destiny all day grind. Come hangout and let's chill - RT's appreciated
Alright homies, it's on. Hopping in a cab and heading to the studios. Streaming Destiny ALL day. I'll be live within the hour.
Was supposed to take the day off but I'm thinking about driving over to the @redbullESPORTS studios and streaming Destiny. YOU GUYS DOWN?
Playing for exclusive loot is ridiculously addicting. Curious to see how supply drops pan out in Advanced Warfare. In game loot systems >
All I can think about is Destiny 😭
Watching College football freaks me out nowadays. All I think to myself is, "Wow, all these kids are younger than me now." Hahaha
Today was a great stream, better than most. Had a blast hanging out with you guys. Sounds nerdy but thanks for being my friends! Goodnight.
GGs tK and Curse, ended up winning 2-0! Time for some Destiny now -
Yo homies, these shirts are now available for purchase if anyone is interested!
Time for league matches! Going up against tK and Curse once again, come hangout! RT's appreciated.
Yo homies! Gonna be grinding some Destiny until our league matches tonight. Come hangout and chat!
Really starting to enjoy Destiny, can't wait to stream later today and tonight.
More testing at the Red Bull eSports studios!
If the NFL was smart, they would allow almost all touchdown celebrations. Seriously. Pure entertainment.
Proud to say Devin Hester was a Chicago Bear for most of his career. Happy for him and the new record holder in NFL history for kick returns
GGs tK, ended up winning the Scuf Showdown 3-2! One more match coming up vs. Curse - Come hangout, lets be homies
Stream is live! The @ScufGaming Showdown is going down between OpTic Gaming and tK in 15 minutes, come hangout -
Still can't believe I deleted everything off my phone earlier trying to install iOS8 😭
The Money 8's curse has been broken! Thanks for tuning into the stream homies! Great day of Call of Duty and especially the winning part lol
Time for some Money 8's with the crew! Trying to make this money and hangout with y'all!
GGs Denial and JusTus! 2-0 on the day and now we're on a 4 game win streak in season 3!
A swatter referred to his name as "Matt Haag" when he called dispatch and threatened a building:…
OpTic vs. Denial in our last match of the night, come hangout in the stream!
Nadeshot Challenges You! (Healthy Lifestyle): via @YouTube
First day of yoga complete with the squad!
WOAH WOAH WOAH, OPTIC GAMING IS ABOUT TO SCRIM? Come check out the stream, taking on tK! RT's appreciated