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We can't be friends if you don't like the movie Drumline with Nick Cannon
Block Party with Nade and BigTymer - I AM CHAMPION: via @YouTube
Tom is building me a castle! 😱@ProSyndicatee#Mianitee
I want to bootcamp my Mac Book Pro so I can run Windows on it, but I'm too lazy to do it myself. SOMEBODY HELP! 😭
Time to Open Presents... (Part 2): via @YouTube
I lied this morning when I said I had a dream about flying. I was actually dreaming that I was a super saiyan from DBZ. Woke up disappointed
You ever have a dream you can fly? Then you wake up you're heart broken that it was just a dream. Worst thing ever.
Never trust a person who sleeps with their socks on
There is no better quality you can find in someone who is just a genuinely nice person. I feel like that is underrated these days.
I am way too stoked for the NFL season to begin this Thursday
Checking twitter every minute to make sure my nudes didn't leak like
All jokes aside, I feel bad for the celebrities having their personal lives invaded so maliciously. The age of technology has pros & cons.
Everyone out here drooling over JLaw and I'm just sitting here praying we see some more Kate Upton 🙏
Taking a day off is the hardest thing to do when you're self employed/your own boss.
Woke up this morning throwing up guys, won't be streaming today. Not sure what it's from. Hope y'all enjoy your Sunday though!
Met these guys after riding segways. Safe to say it was a good day
The baby face is back 😔 I look like I'm in high school
3rd round of the @UMGOnIine $2500 tournament is starting now! We're playing a pro team, should be a great match!
Stream is live! Playing the 4v4 $2500 @UMGOnIine tournament w/ Karma, Spacely, and Proof! Come check out the stream -
The comfort level of my bed should be illegal. The fact that I manage to wake up and leave it in the morning should be an achievement.
Seeing news about friends your age passing away makes you realize how delicate life can be. Gotta cherish every moment with friends and fam!
3 days, 28 hours streamed. Thanks for watching & hanging out guys, you all made this week an incredibly good time for me. Goodnight homies!
Homies! The streaming marathon continues, going to be live for 9-10 hours today. Starting with SND Wagers right now!
Making up for it with a strawberry whirl smoothie from Jamba Juice 😁
Not proud to admit it, but I had a Twix Ice Cream bar for breakfast #Whoops
Can't wait for hoodies and sweatpants all winter long
Exhausted after another 9 hour stream. You guys ready for another one tomorrow? Haha. Thanks for watching and hanging out dudes. Had fun!
We're finally playing again! We've got wager matches on @UMGOnIine going down, come hangout in the stream!
Guys, we have people show up to the house 3-4 times a week. Please respect our privacy, this is our home and not a public place.
Stream is back! Up 3-2 in the $320 Wager match, come hangout my homies!
Day 2 of the streaming marathon has begun! Come hangout: Wagers, League Matches, and SND Tourney - RT's appreciated!
Outlast Playthrough | Ep. 4 | Worst Scare Ever: via @YouTube
#tbt Blankie to my right and controller in hand, grinding Halo 2 matchmaking. This is where it all started for me!
Throwback Thursday. That's my blankie to the right and that's me grinding Halo 2 matchmaking. This is where it all started for me.
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I had the best time hanging out with you guys on stream today, Outast definitely got the best of me tonight. Same time, same place tomorrow!
Oh geese, it's time for Outlast on stream! Don't think I'm ready for this horrifying game but here it goes...
You guys broke my snapchat :(
Add me on snapchat! TheOpTicNaDe