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I liked a @YouTube video from @urltv TSU SURF VS HITMAN HOLLA SMACK/ URL
When is that Hitman vs Tsu Surf dropping? #SM4 I need an ETA
You might spend much of the day lost in your fantasies, conjur... More for Scorpio
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I much rather listen to her little sister Jhene Aiko
Me no like Mila J's music.
You may be rather uncertain about your career objectives now t... More for Scorpio
I liked a @YouTube video from @urltv TSU SURF VS HITMAN HOLLA : RELEASE TRAILER
Why its always a MF w/no money Tryna do the most shit
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Introducing my new #cmg show on 'Abuv The Underground', a show that will…
Someone who seems to be acting in a manipulative manner today ... More for Scorpio
Wait, this is real. Y'all.. RT @BBCWorld: Inside South Africa's whites-only town of Orania
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The people, united, will liberate the world.
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Dear black males: please do not buy this. It's a set up. 🙅
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You have grown weary of the daily grind and now seek the simpl... More for Scorpio
The media be lying and you niggas be believing em
@sarahfelts @OprahBrown well whenever whites get of the "there is no racism" argument maybe things can be properly handled
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@iamaniesia @OprahBrown NIGGAS with they hands up folks are too emotional and too damn scary for what's required of them
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Your closest friends mean more to you than ever, but the obsti... More for Scorpio
Pray for our black men. Pray for #STL. Another one of ours killed by the Police. Sandwich mistaken for…
Why do they hate us so much? It must be the melanin! 😄😊
UPDATE: Victim's name is Vonderrit Myers. Slight difference on first name. #shawshooting
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The mental violence that's being enacted upon Black people is far worse than the physical violence.
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I've never ate a sandwich that looked like a gun. Ijs. #shawshooting #STL #Ferguson 🔫🍔
@OprahBrown join #ISIS or travel to #Liberia. it is safer than #USA. ROFLMAO
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If #BlackLivesMatter, then why is it "wrong" to use self-defense to protect those lives?
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We can't eat skittles. We can't wear hoodies. We can't buy cigars. We can't eat sandwiches. If WE do WE die. #shawshooting #Ferguson 🙏🔫
Whatever the facts are in the #shawshooting, one fact is becoming increasingly undeniable: the police are liars. Do not trust the police.
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There's been another police shooting in #StLouis #shawshooting RT @rlippmann: Crowd at Shaw and Klemm.
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Off-duty police officer, working as a security guard, shoots black teenage boy 16 times after doing a “pedestrian check.” WTF #ShawShooting
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In other news.. We need to know & be aware of what a "pedestrian check" is. #PrayForSTL #shawshooting
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The kid was holding a sandwich. Police say they thought it was a gun. Unbelievable. #shawshooting
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I liked a @YouTube video from @urltv SM4 RECAP TRAILER SMACK/ URL
A sudden breakthrough in your daily routine can lead you to do... More for Scorpio