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Your personal relationships might be a formidable source of co... More for Scorpio
"@OprahBrown: Got 2 see @FMill and @KingVossy last night at TigerTail. S/o 2 them!" Nice seeing you O.B.
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I gotta get ready for my own.
Enjoy your time at synagogue.
Shabbat Shalom to all my Hebrew ppl!
I just found the perfect mascara's $40 and it's on its way to me!
If I give you my time don't waste it
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You can only disguise a lack of intellect for so long
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Lames make it rain.. I hustle to make it double! Black male with a plan = white america in trouble!!!
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I don't care if you don't support me, just support something positive.
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It's what you do when people aren't watching that makes you who you really are <~~~~ Only you know if u real we won't know til us death!!
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@OprahBrown sexy in front of the camera...even sexier in person.. but that ain't my bizz
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Most of you can't say that...
I look better off IG No lie...
It's what you do when people aren't watching that makes you who you really are.
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Got 2 see @FMill and @KingVossy last night at TigerTail. S/o 2 them!
Lol I don't if birds eat crickets But the one outside my window just did... 🐦
Crickets are killing me right now
Can I cook ya dinners (no red meat) give u head and back rubs on demand lol.. ill be so faithful to @OprahBrown .. she don't hear me tho :(
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"Um yea..I'm thirsty.. dark thick and fuckn beautiful... @OprahBrown gone be my wife she just don't know it yet:"
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Like I'm supposed to beg or something...
♫♫ Oprah Brown/@OprahBrown BumpN Echoes of O on Get App Now! ♫♫
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Yew mfas make me sick
That's y I don't log in as much
Iont gotta tweet about how I don't fwu any longer b c I don't fwu
Bitches be out here heartbroken but swear that they moved on in they tweets
I'll be glad when y'all finally have something going for yourselves besides telling Twitter all y'all fake business...
You could be coerced onto center stage whether you like it or ... More for Scorpio
Check Out my latest interview with Monique Waters: Personal Trainer via @WhatsUpKCity…
I liked a @YouTube video from @VersatileNstyle Versatilenstyle- SidelineBitchesBeLIke
S/O to them nosey bit*** had our business in the ditches
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I haven't had much to say lately. I guess I stopped caring more than I usually don't...💁