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Sarah Shahi
Happy Birthday James Gandolfini a generous, kind soul and a #Cinespia regular. You are truely missed.
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See what Bear the Dog (@BearDeHond) from #PersonOfInterest did this summer. It's fiercer than Kaley Cuoco's haircut.
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Please RT: 12 year old Miranda Freiburg, described as "despondent," last seen in Canton at 7:05a. Massive search now.
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Wait wait wait... GHOSTBUSTER DOUGHNUTS!! HELP! I need one!
Ny! Send the ☔️ to CA!! They need to get wet!!
What's that clint black song," killing tiiiiime, is killllinng me." Yup #setlife🕓�
Want an insight to @PersonInterest S4?! Join the writers at NERDIST!! Lmk what you think!
Join the POI writers for a sneak peek at Season 4 this sunday at the nerdist writers panel @BenBlacker
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Workin on a Sunday 👎. But still grateful to have a job!
13 years later, we don't forget- 9/11. God bless the souls of the fallen and the families of.
Don't know why Instagram tagged @Adrienne_Bailon when I typed @Latina! But she sure is a pretty girl!
Don't forget to pick up a copy of @Latina! I'm inside!
@143nbss: @onlysarahshahi can I just say, you're wearing the cutest boots in this pic. Love them!”thank you:)
Stop Washington’s wolf executions. Please read and consider signing the petition to stop WA’s wolf executions!
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Umm... I'm kind of dying over jasonwustudio. Hey ilariaurbinati. Let's make this happen
Heaven just got funnier. Thanks for all the laughs. RIP Joan.
Friends @FaceForwardLA is in danger of shutting down- who will help me and retweet and send a donation? PLEASE HELP x
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Be positive. Be positive. Be positive. Even if you have to fake it...
Lights, Camera, Lester! Will Bill & Virginia need his assistance again? See for yourself on tonight's #MastersOfSex.
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A) I love you. B) The noise you make sounds like Satan is driving an ambulance. RT @onlysarahshahi: @thekevinryder OMFG. YOU ARE A SPAZZ
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(2 of 3) What's missing from the "IceBucketChallenge?" Oh...Slow motion. @onlysarahshahi
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If you have a child going to school or even just KNOW a child going to school, this is a must read!
You have no idea how happy this makes me.
Person of Interest is awesome, so @TheMattFowler runs down 5 reasons you should be watching… #PersonOfInterest #POI
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Watching final episode of True Detective... HOLY.
@onlysarahshahi @ZacharyLevi You've been called out Zac, waiting for your ice bucket vid! #ALSIceBucketChallenge
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@slack2thefuture: @onlysarahshahi Three words, Shahi. EXT. NIGHT RAIN”you'll only be hurting yourself
I donated like the rules said but @onlysarahshahi insisted I do the ice bucket thing anyway. RT @soul99plus1:
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I nominated @slack2thefuture and he did the #ALSicebucket challenge! Video coming soon! Let's see who he challenges!!
To all those who watched #ALSIceBucketChallenge, thx. But it would also be good to donate.