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Sarah Shahi
When are you back in LA? We need another round of #ShotswithShahi!! RT @onlysarahshahi: All new @PersonInterest tonight tonight tonight!!!
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All new @PersonInterest tonight tonight tonight!!!
Finally watching Fault in Our Stars. I 💜 it. It's so precious without knowing it.
Because in the right situation popcorn IS SEXY. Wait, what?!?!
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@Deadline: ‘Person of Interest’ Licensed To Netflix In Warner Bros Deal
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Either on a carousel or stripper pole. ??
Happy Hump Day from these sweet cheeks!
Kevin thought he saw @onlysarahshahi in an airport and screamed at her. Turns out it wasn't her! Do you have a similar story? 800-520-1067
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Take a stand against Bullying. Help support LGBT Youth. Wear Purple on 10/16 with me! #SpiritDay #Shameless @glaad
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Signing off folks. Gotta go nite nite. Thx for hanging!!
OH SHIT! MINI! @PersonInterest. Even though i read the script, i still get caught off guard!
but they had good empanadas on set that night
1 of the depts had sprayed deoderant for reflections and we were coughing for hours during this scene!
i have siblings i'd totally give my life for. you?
shaw is sneaky sneaky
I know where the bugs are, bespectacled man. But I will not tell. No matter how much you rub belly inflict on me. #personofinterest #poi
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Shaw with a wrench, handcuffs and some sweat... Heaven #PersonOfInterest
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We have the best camera operators in the world, Ron Baldwin and Petr Hinomaz r about 2 blow u away with this chase scene #PersonOfInterest
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i love scenes where actors get to look " dewy." that means less people fussing with you!
mini spoke some truth, " we all die in the end."
reese should hook up with capt hottie and det hottie. at once!
reese should hook up with capt hottie AND detective hottie!
MINECRAFT!!!! my son asks for that. does every child play minecraft!?
ok ok, bathroom break
and it was very hot in the ambulance and the garage, and i loved it. it's the cold i cant do!!
BAM! SHAW GETS A THRILL out of anything that challenges death...
Elias! i've heard such amazing things about him and never worked with him ;(
that little girl is such a cutie. bummed i didn't get to work with her
how are you guys getting ready to watch @PersonInterest ?
Reese's new life gets a little more complicated. Tune in to an all-new #PersonOfInterest right now on CBS!
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I just got a new tattoo. Now I'm ready to TWEET! ( it was only the second tattoo the artist had ever given, so be ki…
almost time for an all new @PersonInterest on @CBS!!!!YAAAAAHOOOOO
This was Elvis' reaction after watching tonight's eppy of @PersonInterest. AND I'll be live tweeting. Don't miss. Th…
Don't forget an all new @PersonInterest tonight!!!!! I'll be live tweeting! Have the greatest Tuesday ever:)😜😘
Photos: Person Of Interest - "Brotherhood" (4.04)
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When my son saw a pic of Bill Murray, he said," that's peter Venckman." #proudmama
Potter the Craiglist puppy is still looking for a home! If you're in LA you can go visit him and other…
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Congrats to Malala Yousafzai & Kailash Satyarthi, two tireless champions for children's rights! #NobelPeacePrize
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Will Reese risk his cover to look into a new number? 12 Moments from the next #PersonofInterest:
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Big kids AND little need to read this! No room for judgments! Let's be kind to one another. Repost from …