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Michael Edwards
hiphop rap sport swag 378 followers
In need of a comeback.. This is my season
I been slacking on my Starbucks diet
I'm so close to being where I need to be.. I can't let n e one take that away from me
Finally!!!! I'm off work
Work might be rough in the morning cuz I plan on chilling for a while tonight after I get off
A day off tomorrow never looked so good .. Wish I could go get golden corral..
Just try a piece of me.. I hope I'm not to much for u
Matt Barnes act tough.. I don't think he want problems with Ibaka tho
Big game tonight.. Hopefully work ain't long so I catch most of it
Damn sportscenter was pretty good this morning
But it football Sunday!!!!
Was waayyy to messed up last night
Up tryna get motivated for work
Work tonight tho smh
Not to mention gonna miss the basketball game tonight... Ugh
Really hate sitting around all day just to go to work
I think Starbucks has been putting cocaine in my drinks lol I'm addicted
Hey what's up @Tdegginger? So, guess what?
Shout out to @HelloCupkake .. Thanks for that follow
Dollar siiiiiiigggggnnnns, dollar signs