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☹Yung Sensei☹
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I know pretty much every boyfriend in the world says this butttttt I have the best girlfriend ever!! I love you babe @melon_fly
It's gonna be hard for Santa to land on the roof without the snow :/ poor Santa
Hey since you're up late doing nothin go listen to my song Crimson Leaves & collective Internet Friends #Soundcloud…
Hey if you got some extra time go listen to my song "Crimson Leaves" and collective Internet Friends on #SoundCloud…
Listen to my song Crimson Leaves by Me and the collective "Internet Friends" #SoundCloud…
Hello my little late night gremlins
The new filters on Instagram are actually kinda dope
Always making food for @melon_fly (or else she'll beat me save me! )
Hey motherfrackers stop messing up eveyone water :-)
I no longer want to see beauty in the things that destroy me.
I swear human beings should be allowed to kill one person
My brain has too many tabs open
I love you more then Kanye loves Kanye
You're really changing me.. And I want to.. I want to he better for you..
Retweeted by ☹Yung Sensei☹
Retweeted by ☹Yung Sensei☹
GUYSSS OUR SERVER WAS HACKED!!?!!?>!!:{}{:??!! oh wait… never mind, she’s fine. just a little leg cramp. ur food will be out in a minute.
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@faglina_: dont remember falling asleep”happens to me every night
Waking up at 6am because school has drilled that into by brain...
I will chop off his head with a sword!
I'm saving my virginity for divorce
Science is cool! Science is fun! Science is awesome!
I didn't get the job at fruit loops...
I don't see why we would need nipples in heaven #NippleHeaven
Literally only staying up to watch @ericandre
I forgot how great Star Wars family guy is 😂
I always end up buying myself stuff instead of Christmas presents for others
Idk a lot of people find the dark scary, personally I find it very soothing and relaxing
I had a really weird dream last night where me and @MileyCyrus went into a convenient store and bought 100$ worth of ugly sweaters
Sorry everyone for all the emo depressing tweets.
Grow you like my hair, Cut you off when I get scared.
I act like I don't fucking care, Cause I'm so fucking scared. I'm only a fool for you, And maybe you're too good for me too.
I got plenty competition I know. She'll find a new man to carry her home. He'll probably be cooler than me
Me: "Can I please not take this exam?" Teacher: "Why?" Me: "I was too sad to study"
Got your scent stuck in my sheets
I'm scared you think I'm not fun or interesting anymore.
Got my girl crying like she's seeing oceans
There needs to be more taco bells in Maine!!