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John Mitchell
You may not know what to do with your life. Just don't take that excuse into old age
Sometimes I feel like I don’t belong anywhere. Like they will scatter my ashes from a United Airlines flight over the sea #UnitedAirlines
Some people won’t live long enough to make all the mistakes they are capable of
I didn’t inherit a thing. Except for my fears, doubts and anxieties
Sometimes the day is painted the wrong color. But today it is painted with the future
If you’ve glimpsed the afterlife, don’t tell me about it. I prefer surprise endings
Age is tipping the scale away from my youth
It’s ironic that we can’t know the future but we can certainly create it
I am not afraid of dying. I am just afraid of dying too soon
My inner critic is a lot like other critics. Has a lot to say but never does anything himself
Habit controls you. Imagination frees you
It wasn't easy getting here. I had to find what it was that I could fail at the least
When the lines are blurred, you can't be blamed for crossing them. Unless tequila is involved
Downtown Manhattan is being redeveloped into a spectacular wonderland #Freedom
We all need to stop judging ourselves through the eyes of others
I want to live in the moment. But there are times when I would like it to be someone else's moment
Just because you run away does not mean you can escape. Some ghosts live with us forever
You have to create the truth or you will have nothing to lie about
No one limits your imagination except yourself
I know a lot of famous people. At this stage, it's simply that they don't know me
It could be time to change the people in your future
We are all stalked by the grim reaper. In my case, I have a restraining order
Real life is not always relevant to the story
Never labor under the ambition of fools
Why limit yourself to a belief in a sixth sense? There could be a seventh. Or an eighth
I am trying not to confuse activity with progress
I’m really in agreement with life before death
Ugliness is in the eye of the beholder
Back in New York. The city that runs on energy drinks #NewYorkCity
We only grow up in public
Back in Hong Kong. Awakening to the exhilaration of the future in creation
There is a human limit to genius. The same cannot be said for stupidity
Your negative self-image is not who you are. It is how other people once wanted to make you feel
They never said life would be this easy
Most people die at home. That’s why I stay out so much
Do it now or today will be the yesterday that you are regretting tomorrow
Sometimes you have to face reality. But first you have to find it
And it’s a new dawn. Not sure what we would do if it was a used one
I realize now that it is unlikely that I will ever be old enough to know better
Our heads are full of dead people who live on through us
It’s not love. It’s fear that makes us want to hold onto life. The fear of losing what we love
Life is a mobile home. It is meant to be driven. Not parked forever in one place
People say you should take life a day at a time. But today I am taking two
There is so much technology just waiting to be invented. Gadgets that we never knew would be so essential to our existence #Apple
I don't think about life after death. But I do think about life here and now, every waking minute of this amazing existence #Life
I really don’t want silence inside my head. It gives me too much time to think

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