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John Mitchell
I have done nothing with my life. This could mean that it’s all about to start
Apparently, someday everything will make perfect sense. In the meantime we will continue to live in total confusion
I know I talk a lot about the people inside my head. But they are always talking about me
For now, I'm playing dumb with myself. But I'm usually smart enough to know what I've done
Today I want to be the evidence that sets you free
I have erased all my childhood memories. I am therefore unable to tie my own shoelaces but for some reason I can still dribble
Apparently, you should always look for the good in someone. But some people make it really hard to find
The darkness on the outside is nothing to fear. That cannot be said for the darkness on the inside
A mystery is a puzzle that can never be solved. Like who ate the last square of chocolate
I threw back the curtains this morning and saw life. Mostly insect life
Being really useless at something should not stop you from making it into a career. It helps if you are surrounded by other useless people
When people say tomorrow is only a day away, they really mean they've had enough of the one that has already arrived
The real me is difficult to find when it's so crowded inside my head
Confronting your enemies is easy. Confronting your friends takes evidence
If you can have true love, then I guess you can have false love. I prefer to call it sucking up to someone
If you think you know me, please keep quiet about it. I am happier not knowing who I am
Yet again, I am reminded that I live in the real world. There is no milk for my cocoa pops
At least when you are going around in circles you get to see familiar scenery
We spend 22 years of our lives asleep. We should drink more coffee and claim that time back
I have tried to ignore myself but I seem to be there at every turn
First be kind to yourself. It's hard to be kind to others when you haven't had any chocolate all day
Life is too short to worry about what some of those people inside my head are saying
I am hoping to die at home. That's why I stay out all the time
Those voices inside my head speak about me even when I'm not around
My inner critic has such a superior attitude
We spend our childhoods afraid to talk to strangers. And then we grow up afraid to meet new people
Getting everyone inside my head to sleep at the same time is the biggest problem
Apparently, pain reminds you that you are alive. But it is still important to keep breathing
I'm going to forgive and forget. I'm forgiving myself for whatever I did last night that I've already forgotten
We may want to be saved or we may want to save others. But sadly, the cry of help is rarely answered by the cry of here
We do not know where any of this is going. All we can know is that it will end
Life is what you make it. Some people think the same way about the truth
There are things in my life that are simply not good enough. I include myself in that list
If you feel that people completely ignore you, you may want to take off your Cloak of Invisibility
You think you are doing something new. And then you realize that everything stupid has been done before
Apparently, when we think things can't get worse, they do. So don't think about your weight while eating marshmallows
Don't let someone else make you who you are. Unless you are prepared for them to destroy you
I am a better person when I am with myself. The rest of the time, I just have a vacant look
Sometimes the biggest risk you can take is getting out of bed
If you have found someone worth dying for, don't let them know. They might want to cash in early
I have stopped worrying about the really big things. I now only worry about trivial things because they just don't matter
Someone inside my head is stealing all my best ideas
The next step, a misstep, small step, big step. Stepping out. Last step
Insomnia is a terrific cure for nightmares
We create our own demons more effectively than anything that really exists
I am sick of all the pointless drama. From now on, I only want drama that has a point
How come my world comes crashing around me? I'm sure by now it would have learned to come to a quiet stop
Friends are there to help you to your feet after they tripped you up
Your reputation goes before you but it was made in your past
I do not have to take part in every argument that is going on inside my head