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John Mitchell
I’m not starting anything unless I am truly prepared to finish it. Should significantly reduce my to-do list
Sometimes I only have words. But I do have a lot of them
I love the way that danger and beauty are so often packaged together
I don’t judge other people. I’ve spent a lifetime judging myself
Stormy markets, stormy weather. And the biggest construction site in America
I have walked the line, crossed the line and towed the line. And one day I will have a closing line
So, the most important thing is determination. Apparently, talent didn’t make the cut
Somewhere along the line, I became the person I created
Suddenly you get there and you realize that it’s the journey that makes arrival so amazing
My inner critic is up for a lifetime achievement award
I’ve stopped chasing my dreams. Most of them were made when I was much younger and they can run really fast
One day you realize they left the child in your head. And now you’re trying hard to be a grown-up
If one of those people inside my head leaves, I just let them go. Some people I can simply live without
It’s hard to play all the parts in your life. Unless you are a very good actor
I’m OK with living in the moment. So long as I am building better future moments to live in
I hate it when I’m arguing with myself even when I know I am wrong
I know you can’t choose your family. But you can choose the effect they have on your life
There are new voices inside my head. Not sure if they’re planning to stay or not
Absolutely no one can take away your memories. The same cannot be said for tequila
I plan to live in the future. Assuming the future has plans for me
So many incredible things I know nothing about
The most spectacular weather in NYC. We’ve earned it. Next up, ice age
No one ever helped me with my mistakes. They are all self-taught
Sometimes starting something new can feel very old
Knowing who you are helps you to understand what others are not
I comfort myself with the thought that starting to learn how to do something is only one step away from being totally useless at it
I don’t worry about dreamers. I worry about those who live in their warped reality, destroying the dreams of others
It’s good to have deadlines. It’s also good to have lifelines
Some people see you only for your past. That's why they are not going to be in your future
Sometimes I feel like the search for contentment is like trying to see air
It's really annoying when people ignore the fact that I am ignoring them
You can't get lost unless you go to new places
That awkward moment when someone asks you what's wrong and it's them
With practice, you can get better at anything. Some of my flaws are now almost perfect
Maybe what I’ve forgotten is the really important stuff. And I’ve remembered what doesn’t matter at all
Today I will go to new places. But some of them will be very old
Sometimes it’s hard to really know yourself. Especially when there are so many versions of you
All of my faults were not my own to begin with
Being a true stand-out means that at some point you were ridiculed for who you are
Nobody said it would be this easy. Funny how one word can change your life
You can change the people in your life. But it’s much harder to change the people in your head
You don’t have to spend so much time with imaginary friends. I’m sure they have friends of their own
So many common misconceptions. Just once I would like one that is unique
Good morning New York! Great to be back, sweating in sauna city
It’s tough when people ignore you. Even tougher when you ignore yourself
Sometimes you want to relive the best experiences of your life for the first time
It’s amazing how often opinion is confused with the truth
Apparently, if you don’t make mistakes then you aren’t really trying. So some of us are obviously trying really hard
I have traveled the world, only to realize that I prefer to be in my own home. Now, if I could just remember where I lived
Too many people making their afterlife inside my head

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