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John Mitchell
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Making this world a better place is not about heroes or leaders or politicians. It's simply about everyone of us deciding to make it happen
The only point in giving up is to create a single loser. And you get the starring part
I enjoy waking up. Because one day I will not get that opportunity
It can take a lifetime to know who you are. If only you knew at the start
When I'm having a disagreement with myself, eventually someone will have to give in
A sense of humor will take you so much further than anger ever will
Pity parties serve only the same negative future
Yes You can - is the best belief
The older I get, the more I know how little I have known. So much I have not understood. How small things could make such a huge difference
I worry about all these words floating around in my head, asking me to make sense of them
Unless you are smiling on the inside, you will never be smiling on the outside
I need to have the guts to say to my face what I am saying about myself behind my back
We are simply here for our thoughts to be heard. Or they will languish for generations, like buried treasure without a map to find them
Yesterday we did not know that tomorrow would be wonderful. Anymore than tomorrow, we may not know that we would rather have stayed in today
I'm not doing tomorrow what I did today. I don't want to repeat the mistakes of the past
I would leave all of this behind, if only to live where everyone knows my name and everyone's glad I came
There's this secret place inside my head. I go there when I want to feel safe and secure. I found it when I was a small boy
There is nothing when you are gone. Except the wonder, the beauty, the creation, the magnificence that is now in the minds of generations
It's fantastic, walking down the street in New York, knowing that it wasn't built for any of us who are here today
You were born utterly unique. So stop trying to fit in
Do not allow the system to process you. You must exist beyond the selfish limits set by others
Darkness is everyone's ghost
Imagination has been the greatest gift of evolution
Self-help for people in a hurry: Inspiration => Motivation => Perspiration = Results. Repeat