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John Mitchell
I love it when people say life is a journey, not a destination. Like we are all at an airport waiting for a flight that is endlessly delayed
Changing everything about yourself all at once is too much. Unless your shoes really don't match your outfit
Simplicity is the divine absence of complication. I have therefore decided to stay in bed tomorrow
You should only look back to help you see your way forward
I am living my life one day at a time. I would like it to go slower but there are others who are living life in the fast lane
Who am I to judge the way I live? It was me who got myself into this mess in the first place
I love it when people say they know how bad their memory is. I would have thought they would have forgotten by now
We are not afraid of the dark. We are afraid of what it hides
I do not want silence inside my head. It gives me too much time to think
Be the person you were meant to be. Before someone else does
Darkness is where we can hide but only if we are ready to live with our fears. Otherwise, just leave the light on
I enjoy lying to myself. The truth is I am easily fooled
It's tough when I ignore myself. And even tougher pretending that I don't mind
I said everything was going to be OK. I never said it would happen a day too late
I regularly forget why I am here so it would be helpful if you took turns in reminding me
If you take yourself for granted, there is a risk you might walk away
Someone told me I had no future. So I'm only going to live in the past. At least I know what's coming
I cannot wait any longer I am going to fulfill my dreams right now. I am now rich and famous. But I won't let it change me
Darkness is everyone's ghost
All my life I've been telling people I talk too much. But they never listen
I am not going to explain my actions anymore. It will only prove how bad I am at lying
I don't get to choose who is inside my head. But it doesn't mean I have to listen to them
My best secrets are the ones I keep from myself
I don't only want to win. I want all those voices inside my head to lose
I have spent most of my life listening. Of course, it was me who was doing most of the talking
We get more pleasure from breaking rules than conforming to them. So we need more rules
The past left us behind. But the future waits for us
I love it when people say they want to improve reality. Like it isn't already real enough
The purpose of tequila is to release us from the tyranny of conscious thought. Also to stop us from standing for too long
If you delete the formula, there will be no answer. I guess that sums it up
The mind is a complex maze. I got lost in mine and never found my way out
What we believe has far more influence on our lives than the objective truth
Do not confuse activity with progress
If you are staring over the edge and wondering what your next move should be, I suggest you step backwards
I keep telling those people inside my head that not everything they want to say needs to be said
I am not afraid of people whose eyes are wide open. I'm scared of those people whose eyes are wide shut
We can never understand the future. And we can only hope to understand the past
That which cannot be owned cannot be possessed. This does not, however, prevent repossession
I woke up knowing that I would dramatically change the world today. Or tomorrow. But definitely before next Thursday
Just because you cannot see the future does not mean that you don't have a part in it
I keep asking myself questions where I already know the answers but wish I didn't
Sometimes when you cannot find the way it is because you have no idea where you are going
I hate lists. It's number three on my Top Ten Things I Hate The Most
I don't need anyone in my head who doesn't want to be there
We live in a virtual stadium, selling tickets to our lives
As time goes by, I want more and more things that I didn't know I needed
We know that "intelligent" life exists on Earth. No planet could make this big a mess of itself on its own
Tomorrow will bring a new dawn. That's good because I don't like old ones
We all go through life at the same speed. It's just that some of us appear to be moving more quickly towards the end
I must have had a great time last night. I don't remember a thing about it