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John Mitchell
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I like dreaming. Especially when I'm wide awake
I love it when people say you should be all that you can be. Obviously they don't have the same problem getting out of bed in the morning
I saw a badly wounded rat hobbling through the subway rails tonight. And I realized that I would never know whether it mattered at all
The illusion of choice must be made by circumstance, no more or less than the illusion of no choice at all
For most of us, making life better is incremental. It's only when we look back that we see how much better it really is
I am breaking up with myself and focusing on finding a future with a more amazing person
I know I'm lucky to be alive. I just hope I didn't take someone else's place
I love it when I listen in on a conversation I'm having with myself. Of course, eavesdroppers never hear any good of themselves
There are so many astonishing lives out there going unused. Go and claim yours
I have made a list of things in my life that I need to be less structured about
It is not a matter of what you could do. It matters what you are exceptionally good at. And how you apply that to what you will do
It’s way too late to decide that you are not ready for this life
Take the light inside. It doesn’t have to be this dark
I have never treated myself as second best. I consider it more of an aspiration
Sleep is so overrated. Personally, I prefer to dream when I'm awake
I thought today was going to be simple until I ran into the theory of functions of a complex variable
Tomorrow will only be amazing if it starts with a bacon sandwich
Here’s where you are. You can only create a better future for yourself if you decide to do it
You’ve got to look at whether you are expecting more from life than you are putting in
If you cry and no one hears you, did you cry at all?
If you smile on the inside, it will always show on the outside
The truth is that tonight could change your life. As could any other night
I'm setting out on the evening. I hope it is ready for me
We all want to be entertained. But we are not here only to be the audience