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John Mitchell
Sometimes we search for something, knowing that it will never be there
Today is already a lost cause. But tomorrow I will look back on all the good times I had
The eyes will always be a window into the soul. The nose and ears will always get hairier
Misery is available in any quantity you want. Joy has to be created each time
There is a time when silence is your most profound statement
Never admit to a mistake until you are really sure there is no one else to blame
Twitter is like walking down a crowded street, talking to yourself
Life is not simple. Neither is the theory of functions of a complex variable
We must stand up to our biggest fears. Only then can you turn and run
The sands of time get between your toes
First, you should love yourself. Problem is that I’m just not my type
The exponential power of humanity is in its unity. It has taken the Internet and Google to show us how
RT @Gary_Bainbridge: £2.05. Honestly. Cheaper than The Guardian, or something costing £2.06… Or in America, less than $3.50 - that’s coffee
I no longer care about what might happen. I now only care about what I will make happen
Sometimes we are most scared to lose the things we do not even have
Someone inside your head knows the truth. But it's not always you
People are constantly pointing out my faults. There are a lot of them so it takes a lot of people
You win surrounded by those who helped you. But you always lose alone
Sometimes I have to completely empty my mind. It doesn't take very long
I love it when people turn a meaningless truism into advice. I am what I am. You are what you are. It is what it is
I like to worry. It fills in the gaps between being stressed and anxious
The good thing about starting out with nothing is that no one can take it away from you
We’re all scared We just have different ways of disguising it
The only person you can love and hate at the same time is yourself
Some people totally ignore the body language of boredom. Like a dog that just stares at you after you threw the stick
Missing someone can mean missing what they create inside you
Today I shall erase myself. Tomorrow I will be redrawn
Just because those voices are inside my head does not mean we were meant to be together
You know, I've tried. But I find it hard to forget myself
In the end, the things we regret the most are the ideas we didn't steal
It is ironic that we can speak softly when we most want our words to be heard
I am desperate for some improvements in my life. I will start by not caring about wearing socks that don’t match
After last night, I need to put some distance between me and myself
Your existence is a fabrication of your mind. A place to live inside your head
I didn't inherit anything. Except for my fears, doubts and uncertainties
Apparently, waiting for something you really want is a pleasure in itself. In that case, I should be really happy
Don't take hope away. For some of us, it's all we've got
Someone asked me today if the train had come yet. I said, "Yeh, and it obviously left without me."
Some of those voices inside my head play stupid with me. But I'm better at it
When we fail to remember something important, we are punished just as much as if we remembered and chose to ignore it
Sometimes I miss the old me. And other times, I am glad he left
Apparently, there is something to be learned from everyone. Even if it is that you don't want to listen to them again
Just because the voices in your head are gone, it doesn't mean they have left
And then you wake up and everything is amazing. And the only difference is that you decided it should be that way
Next up it will be dawn on a day we have never known before So don’t treat it like any other
So we imbue clouds with human qualities and emotions. Hoping that anthropomorphism might reduce their power
It’s strange how the massive darkness of clouds can make you feel insignificant and yet secure at the same time
Dark clouds over Manhattan tonight. Looking like they have come back from a thousand years ago