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John Mitchell
I am not afraid of people whose eyes are wide open. I'm scared of those people whose eyes are wide shut
We can never understand the future. And we can only hope to understand the past
That which cannot be owned cannot be possessed. This does not, however, prevent repossession
I woke up knowing that I would dramatically change the world today. Or tomorrow. But definitely before next Thursday
Just because you cannot see the future does not mean that you don't have a part in it
I keep asking myself questions where I already know the answers but wish I didn't
Sometimes when you cannot find the way it is because you have no idea where you are going
I hate lists. It's number three on my Top Ten Things I Hate The Most
I don't need anyone in my head who doesn't want to be there
We live in a virtual stadium, selling tickets to our lives
As time goes by, I want more and more things that I didn't know I needed
We know that "intelligent" life exists on Earth. No planet could make this big a mess of itself on its own
Tomorrow will bring a new dawn. That's good because I don't like old ones
We all go through life at the same speed. It's just that some of us appear to be moving more quickly towards the end
I must have had a great time last night. I don't remember a thing about it
Apparently nothing is forever. This could spell the end for infinity
I have not met all of the people inside my head. But I'm hoping that one of them is going to change my life for the better
Just because the voices in your head are gone, it doesn't mean they have left
I have always wondered what real life is like
We are all amazing at something. Getting out of bed does not count
We spend our lives building our own prisons. And then we hatch endless plans to escape
I thought, therefore I was
I am now living life one day at a time. I tried going slower but it felt like I was history
Joy cannot be destroyed. It can only be buried in sadness
Today is here. I don't know why I thought it wouldn't be
Real life is what happens while we console ourselves with ambition
I love it when people say that first you must love yourself. I refuse to love anyone who does not love me in return
Don't think outside the box when that's where you left your keys
In a moment of time you can have nothing. You can also have everything if you push the others out of the way
I have never lived up to my expectations. Now may be the time to lower my standards
There are some questions I have never asked myself. To date, they remain unanswered
I prefer words. Actions always get me into trouble
Just because I am talking to myself, does not mean I am listening
It's important to love yourself. Just don't expect it to last
We should all forgive and forget. I forgave myself and then forgot about existing long ago
There are a lot of things I still need to learn. And as I get older the list seems to get longer
There is a book inside every one of us. It is being written every day. Don’t leave any pages blank
If you feel like you are fading away, try not to be so transparent
If you want to ride off into the sunset, be sure you are not afraid of the dark. Or horses
The truth will free you. Unless it is evidence of your guilt
I used to mean the world to myself. Then I found someone better
I do not want to lose touch with the real me. But it's hard because I didn't leave a forwarding address
Some of those people inside my head act like they actually know me
We all need a running mate in life. Someone who is prepared to do the really stupid things
Apparently, to succeed you must first know failure. It will be tough squeezing all that success into what's left of my life
Tomorrow I will seem incredibly smart. I will achieve this by being incredibly dumb today
Sometimes I just pretend to listen to those voices inside my head
Today I am going to be like everyone else and ignore myself
If you look bored when you are talking to me, please do not expect me to look interested
I have so many imperfections. When they are all joined together I am perfectly imperfect