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John Mitchell
I love it when someone says how bad their memory is. Like they haven’t forgotten already
Back in NYC. Looks like we are skipping winter this year! 60ºF!
Ironically, it is our own mortality that gives us deadlines. A need to achieve. A plan for a better life
Apparently, some things are meant to be. I guess that means you don’t have to live a life of regrets
Departing today for the land down under. Paradise City #Sydney
We take health, love and freedom for granted. And the greatest of these is freedom #VeteransDay
What happens inside my head stays inside my head. Until I start writing...
I wonder why it has taken me this far into my life to realize how incredible you can make every single day. It’s a decision
If time is moving too fast for you, try not eating and see how much it slows down. Or visit the dentist
It’s funny how some people obsess about losing things they don’t even have
Spectacular reconstruction of downtown Manhattan #NYC
Manhattan is all about the precision of chaos #NYC
I am a huge believer in life before death
The only thing that is good about my life is everything
There’s always a party going on somewhere in my head
When I was younger, I thought that dying of natural causes would mean you hadn’t really lived
I have now cleared my head of all thoughts. It did not take long
I’m de-cluttering my life. First to go are those voices in my head. Especially that guy who claims to be my inner critic
Very happy that every day in my life is Friday
@OneJohnMitchell @Dr_powpow give me $1000 and I'll publish everything -Keep the names and just change the sexual positions.
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OK, give me coffee and I won’t tell anyone what you did last night
Life should not be a series of bland increments and decrements, a journey of nothingness until the end
The entire world is at our doorstep
There’s always a party going on in my head. Mostly a room full of strangers
You cannot be the person you are now without being the person you were before
What doesn’t kill you, leaves you head-down in the toilet #Norovirus
That’s 6 days of my life I won’t get back, thanks to the Norovirus
Sleep is that part of your life where you stay out of trouble. Refreshed, you awake to a new day of mayhem
It’s funny, going to sleep in the distant past and waking up so far into the future
It’s only a matter of time until we are wondering where all the years went. Meanwhile wishing it was already the weekend
It’s a lot more fun to live outside of the margin of error
We are all alive. But some of us are more alive than others
My inner critic would have no reason to exist if it wasn't for me
I do not allow myself complete free will. There’s always a party to go to somewhere in the world
Failure is accepting being told that you’re not good enough. Or believing in the doubts and fears of others
What would you say to your teenage self?
Change comes from being different, even if that means being ridiculed
I don’t live inside the prejudices of others
It’s important to live life to the full. There’s no refund for anything left over at the end
I don’t need to apologize for my mistakes. They already speak for themselves
We won’t know which were the best years of our lives until the end. So I’ve decided it should be now
I love it when people say just kidding. What they mean is this was the only way to tell you the truth
I have resolved all my issues into a single thought. And then erased it
Loving this real life thing. Not sure where I was before
Life goes on. Me, I’m hanging on for the wild ride
Apparently, you should take life one day at a time. But no one says what will happen if you take more than that
I have alway tried to at least be honest with myself. Anyway, I can always tell when I’m lying

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