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John Mitchell
I prefer to live in the past. That way I don't have to worry about my future
It's taken my entire life to learn the things I need to know to live it. I wish I'd known this sooner
I love it when someone says, "I just want to be myself." That's good because no one else wants the job
Sometimes we give up too easily. Just slide your feet out of the bed and put them on the rug. Now just put one foot in front of the other
I will think. Therefore I will be
Some of us worry about nothing. Like carrying an umbrella on a perfect sunny day
At the end of your life, do not wish that you had lived
In the end, the meaning of life will become clear. Personally, I think that's just a little bit late
Lips stop the skin around your mouth from fraying. You can also use them to whistle
Confusion rests uneasily on the resolute shoulders of belief
Without myself, I simply cannot breathe
I say we should all follow some stalkers and see how they like it
There is a puzzle inside my head. At this stage, I do not know if some of the pieces are missing
All of our emotions are rooted in our childhood. That's why I scream and roll around on the floor when I want to get my way
The most important thing you can do for your future is to believe that you are worthy
Some of the best conversations I've ever had are with myself. It's like I know what I'm going to say before I say it
It's great to know that we are all unique. All 7 billion of us
Your reputation goes before you. In my case, it staggers
How come we only get what we deserve when it comes to punishment? Where's the upside?
I really need to take control of my future. First I have to find where I left my keys
Being happy with the wrong people still makes sense to me if the right people are making you sad
One day you may know just how good a life you have. But by then it may be too late to enjoy it
The biggest risk in life is to close your eyes and keep them that way. Especially when crossing a busy street
Why do people ask if the empty seat next to you is really empty? Like you're so amazing that you couldn't possibly be sitting alone
I've noticed that getting out of bed in the morning is my first step towards failure
I like the idea that we can have a brave new world. A cowardly one doesn't sound so good even if it's new
I no longer care about winning arguments with myself. These days I just agree to disagree
I must stop taking myself for granted. Or one day I will walk away
I recognized another stranger today
People always smile when they think of the good old times. Makes me feel bad for the good new times
Change follows us wherever we go, always waiting to be embraced
It's funny how we can't know the future but we can create it
If you don't want to repeat the same mistakes in the future, it may be time to learn some new ones
Apparently, if you don't make mistakes then you aren't really trying. Seems like I have been trying really hard all my life
If rules were made to be broken, it is unclear to me why they were made in the first place
I have never treated myself as second best. I consider it more of an aspiration
If you think you know the meaning of life, please keep it to yourself. Some of us can only handle a meaningless existence
People say life is short. That's not helpful if you are on fire
Our habits keep us exactly where we are. Our imaginations free us
I've made a list of things I want in my life and things I don't want. I'm on both lists
The world is full of people I do not recognise looking for people I do not know
I want to change the world. At this point, I do not have the password
There is no process by which we can be taught to understand beauty. We either see it or we don't. And no one can say you are wrong
Sometimes it's good to nail things down. Just don't let it be your feet
I only trust people who can handle it
It is in the human spirit to be fulfilled. Go ahead. Eat that chocolate
When those people inside my head stop arguing with me, I will know that there's nothing left worth fighting for
The best way to change yourself is to deny your existence. It's the surest path to reinvention
Sometimes it takes more strength to do nothing. This does not apply to getting out of bed in the morning
The crucial freedom is to free yourself