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John Mitchell
These days, I tell myself exactly what I want to hear. Then at least I know I'm listening
I discover most things about myself by listening to rumors. Of course, I'm the one who's starting them
I talk to myself. Even if I never listen
I exist. Therefore I will always exist
Some questions simply cannot be answered. I suggest that we ask people who think they know it all
I really should answer for the mistakes of my past. Or I could let that idiot inside my head answer for himself
We all have prisons inside our minds. It's where we lock up the person we are afraid to be
I don't have enemies. I just have friends and family who want to see me fail
I'm usually smart and witty. I'm just taking a day off
Your life is content for memories. Don't let others forget you. It is also helpful not to forget yourself
There is nothing more annoying than when two people inside my head are talking while I'm trying to interrupt
It's only when something is gone that we realize how much we miss it. Yeh, I never missed it at all when it was actually here
There are honest mistakes, unintentional mistakes and deliberate mistakes. I seem to be good at all of them
You think you wanted something until you get it. Then you want two
If life is such a mystery, how come so much of it is exactly the same?
Love and life are two things for which the ending can never be happy
I have left some people in the past because they did not believe in my future
We are all born unique but most of us spend our lives trying to fit in
Someone inside my head wants to know more about me. I'm saying nothing
Most of my dreams end in the same way. I call it a sudden awakening. Others would call it an alarm call
Apparently, we learn from our failures. Mine have taught me the amazing number of things I can really screw up
Stand up for what you believe in. Unless you believe in relaxation. In which case, sit down. Or lie down. And close your eyes
How different my life would be if I had never met myself
One day I will know just how good a life I am living. Of course, my life has to get a whole lot better first
You can also use your life as content for memories
It seems like some people actually plan their stupidity
Make a decision in haste, repent at your leisure. This does not apply to jumping out of the way of a truck
We spend two years of our lives waiting in lines. And half of that time is to discover that we are in the wrong one
We revisit the past to change the details to match the nostalgia of our memories
It's tough when I ignore myself. But it's even tougher pretending that I don't care
Those people who are suffering from insanity seem to be happier than the poor wretches who are living with reality
Every once in a while I look at myself the way I used to
You know, I've tried. But I find it hard to forget myself
I have stopped asking why I am so mean to myself. Now I just want to get even
They say that everybody hurts. They did not say that it would be in equal proportions
I've never learned how to bend the rules. I just go right out and break them
Falling and flying are remarkably similar. The same cannot be said for that bit at the end
If you think you are hearing voices inside your head, you should give yourself a good talking to
Apparently, waiting for something you really want is a pleasure in itself. In that case, I should be really happy
I have decided that my life is for sharing. But at this point, no one wants even a piece of my mind
Sometimes we search for something, knowing that it will never be there
Today is already a lost cause. But tomorrow I will look back on all the good times I had
The eyes will always be a window into the soul. The nose and ears will always get hairier
Misery is available in any quantity you want. Joy has to be created each time
There is a time when silence is your most profound statement
Never admit to a mistake until you are really sure there is no one else to blame
Twitter is like walking down a crowded street, talking to yourself
Life is not simple. Neither is the theory of functions of a complex variable
We must stand up to our biggest fears. Only then can you turn and run
The sands of time get between your toes