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John Mitchell
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There is a fine line between insanity and genius. Before you cross that line, be sure you know which side you are on
It is important to remember what you should remember and forget what you should forget. Or it might be the other way round
I prefer not to start things. Otherwise I can be sure they will never finish
We are born with the fear of loud noises. And we spend our lives turning up the volume to drown out the fear of silence
Each day gives you another opportunity to find your true talent. In the meantime you will have to make do with the fake ones
Unreachable dreams leave you only with the emptiness of hope
Sometimes still being alive is the greatest surprise
I opened the curtains this morning and saw a bird soaring in the sky. It reminded me yet again that I still have not learned to fly
You know you are living life to the full when it takes all week to dream about what you did all day
Sometimes I just want to curl up in bed and stay there. I get that feeling most mornings
Every day we build our account for the judgment day. I'm not sure what happens if you are overdrawn
It's really annoying when people ignore the fact that I am ignoring them
That darkness threatens me as only the absence of light can do. A silent menace. I should have paid the electric bill
Some people are in my contacts just so I know not to answer their calls
Apparently, we should all live for today. No, I would rather live for that day back in 1998
If we are all here for a reason, isn't it really obvious that someone should have let us know
It is not unrealistic to expect more out of life. Unless you already have it all
If your life seems to be just one big mistake, I suggest breaking it down into smaller ones
I am not myself today. That's why I have a vacant look on my face
If you can't remember what you said, better hope that it was the truth
These days I only forgive myself because it makes me easier to live with
Do not worry all year about the mistakes you will make. Get them all out of the way at the beginning
Sleep is that part of your life where you stay out of trouble
I love it when people say we are what we eat. Like a cucumber has a severe personality disorder
I tried living without myself but no one else would take me in
If people call you weird, you are simply proving that we are all unique. They, on the other hand, are not
I don't want to work towards an end. I just want to end work
I see you looking at me as if I am someone new. And then I realize that we have never met. Yet I'm sure I know you
Significance comes from standing out. Even if people laugh at you for being different
I can confidently predict that today things will continue exactly as they are until something changes
Apparently we should live and learn. But most of what I have lived I did not want to learn
It's not the memory blanks that worry me. It's whether I can trust the things that I think I remember
Today, I am a newspaper. And all the news is good
I opened the curtains this morning on a brave new world. It was still night, so I closed them again and went back to bed
One day we will find meaning in everything. I hope that will include the physical theory of mathematical singularity
Honesty finds itself in the reflection of truth
If you can’t get out of the box, take the label off it
You may travel to the four corners to find someone. But you only need to turn one corner to avoid them
You are never alone in life. And certainly not while you have all those voices inside your head
Why is it that "old and wise" are not available separately?
You will understand yourself best when you are not talking
We should live our lives with no excuses. But some of them just won't leave
I just found out that someone inside my head is cheating on me
An open door can also mean they are asking you to leave
In retrospect, there is no future
Wanting something you can't have is like getting something you don't want
If falling is a lot like flying, then landing is a lot like dying
Apparently, You can still fear death even when you have never lived
I write. I drink. I think. Best when doing all three together
If you fall, I will catch you. But I can only use my words