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John Mitchell
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Apparently I am always finding faults in others. I learned by finding faults in myself. I had a lot of practice
There are people inside my head I have learned to live with. It doesn't mean I have to like them
There is a fine line between insanity and genius. Before you cross that line, be sure you know which side you are on
If no one cares, then hope is abandoned only to you
In the unlikely event that I am reincarnated, could you please forgive all the mistakes I made the first time around
Never judge yourself by the judgement of others
Slipping and falling is nothing like flying
Sometimes we hope to be filled with the emotion of joy but find ourselves emptied by the emotion of nothing
If you want to do something that totally amazes, you will first have to do many astonishing things that no one cares about at all
I have been thinking about the meaning of life. It could be the procreative beneficence of my genetic code. Or chocolate
There are no dead ends when you go around in circles
I’m in an airport, wondering where to take my thoughts
I am convinced I no longer need myself. But I'm finding it very difficult to move on
In a sudden reverse decision, I have decided to immediately move forward
I know for sure that I will take less things into the future than I had in the past
Today I am going to be like everyone else and ignore myself
I have proved that I do not need myself. Sooner or later the feeling will be mutual
Before there were search engines, we had to use horses
In the end, there is no forwarding address
There is someone in my head who thinks it is really funny to make me fall over after just a few drinks
Inside every one of us is a little girl or a little boy. Just trying to make it in this big grown-up world
I hope I live before I get old
I'm stuck in a moment, knowing that time will still age me
There are many things in life that I did not expect. And so much of life that did not expect me
I found this place in my head that I had never been before. And then I wondered how many more places there are waiting for me