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I just want to thank everyone for all the support your showing on my channel, it means a lot, love you !
Never been so tired and it's only 10pm :/
Anyone who is interested in joining a Network (youtubers) let me know, ill get you a partnership !
& Since when is abortion the only procedure that is applicable to only one sex? We aren't denied the right to be treated for ovarian cancer.
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I know I haven't been uploading but I have a good excuse for that
Goodnight everyone !
Hey guys, sorry ive been off twitter for soo long.. im back
Black Ops 2 - My Ls test experience: via @YouTube
Going for my Ls test today.. Wish me luck :)
Hey guys, come check out my new GTA 5 video…
Grand Theft Auto 5 -Road to Heaven ''What the actual Fuck'': via @YouTube
im so sorry for not uploading any content for 3 days! ive been really busy.. hope you understand.. ill be uploading some today :)
I hate being up early
Hey guys! come show some support on my latest video :)…
The two truck finally came to get the car in my street ! Aha
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Black Ops 2 Update, Pewdiepie Has Fake Subscribers?, Phobia Of Insects
Here's a pick of the flipped car.. Enjoy !
Come check out this video and dont forget to comment what you think and if you have a phobia of insects !…
Black Ops 2 Update, Pewdiepie Has Fake Subscribers?, Phobia Of Insects 1: via @YouTube
Guys I've got around 41 topics to cover for my new video... Make sure you check it out when it goes live.. Thanks :)
"@xtiandela: *~* RETWEET if you Follow Back! Follow @GeornnyWalker @murunga_ @OMGitsBuddy &EVERYONE who Retweets This *~* Theyfollow"
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hey guys i just uploaded an awesome black ops 2 gameplay, the road to shotguns Series.. come check it out…
The #GTAOnline Independence Day Special (in association with Ammu-Nation) is now available:
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Black Ops 2- Road to Shotguns Info: via @YouTube
finally here ! its the best series ive ever done! come check it out and tell me who your favorite youtuber is :)…
Great things to comment on a youtube video !
Road to ShotGuns #1 -Black Ops 2 Zombies Whos your favorite youtuber?: via @YouTube
The video that I told you about earlier will be uploaded in 3hours !! #BlackOps2 #Zombies
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Road to ShotGuns #1 -Black Ops 2 Zombies Whos your favorite youtuber?
Guys I'm rendering a 1 hour 30 minute zombies video! Retweet and favourite if your going to check it out :))
World Record, Challenge, Zombies, Series and MORE!!: via @YouTube
I want to make a vlog but like... everyones in my room having a party..
Im going to make a quick vlog about whats coming up on my channel.. Hope you'll like the new Series !!
Playing with the biggest noobs on Black Ops II Nuketown Come check it out…
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Nuketown Playing with NOOBS!: via @YouTube
Morning everyone.. Again.. Why am I awake so early.. I'm definitely going to fall asleep again -.-
I liked 'Minecraft - Ali-A's Adventure ...' in the AliA App
I liked 'Mario Kart 8 GAMEPLAY - Part #...' in the AliA App