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I just want to thank everyone for all the support your showing on my channel, it means a lot, love you !
Never been so tired and it's only 10pm :/
Anyone who is interested in joining a Network (youtubers) let me know, ill get you a partnership !
& Since when is abortion the only procedure that is applicable to only one sex? We aren't denied the right to be treated for ovarian cancer.
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I know I haven't been uploading but I have a good excuse for that
Goodnight everyone !
Hey guys, sorry ive been off twitter for soo long.. im back
Black Ops 2 - My Ls test experience: via @YouTube
Going for my Ls test today.. Wish me luck :)
Hey guys, come check out my new GTA 5 video…
Grand Theft Auto 5 -Road to Heaven ''What the actual Fuck'': via @YouTube
im so sorry for not uploading any content for 3 days! ive been really busy.. hope you understand.. ill be uploading some today :)
I hate being up early
Hey guys! come show some support on my latest video :)…
The two truck finally came to get the car in my street ! Aha
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Black Ops 2 Update, Pewdiepie Has Fake Subscribers?, Phobia Of Insects
Here's a pick of the flipped car.. Enjoy !
Come check out this video and dont forget to comment what you think and if you have a phobia of insects !…
Black Ops 2 Update, Pewdiepie Has Fake Subscribers?, Phobia Of Insects 1: via @YouTube
Guys I've got around 41 topics to cover for my new video... Make sure you check it out when it goes live.. Thanks :)
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