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Adam Saleh
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A MESSAGE TO THE HATERS! Comment RT Enjoy! Much Love! x
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β€œ@cheekydudette: @omgAdamSaleh i have to be honest.. im turning into an adoomy :') arent you gonna say welcome to me?” welcome baby girl :)
β€œ@ilove_ASA: @omgAdamSaleh just remember, anytime your down, you can count on us adoomiesπŸ’•β€ and whenever you're down! You can count on me!:)
Gonna be filming all day today! So todays vlog with the announcements will be up tomorrow at 1pm EST ! Cant wait! Sooo exciteddd! Much LOVEx
I love youuuu adoomies!
Never wanna spread any negative energy and make you sad with me! I wanna always brighten up your days!! And it'll start again from NOW! :)
Life is too short to be depressed! Thank you for being there through my ups and downs! Gonna continue on making you all laugh and smile :)xx
Thank you to everyone who messaged, tweeted, commented or told me anything positive in person to make me smile! I see you! I'll remember u:)
I missed you πŸ˜”
Happy day! No more War in Gaza! Keep smiling :) #peace
We need to unite as Muslims and human beings to show the world that we're much better than judging one another. xx
We need to unite as Muslims and human beings to show the world that we're much better than judging one another. Peace ✌️and Love ❀️
5 minutes!!! this video is more serious :[ hope youre all with me! love you x
Uploading a videoo in 10 minutesss..
I seee youu with #WeLoveASA ... I love you more x :)
Love the Adoomy family! Thanks for always having my back! I'll forever keeep you all smilingg! Gonna let no hater take this smile away :)
"Adam Saleh is a bad influence" "Adam Saleh is a bad person" "Adam Saleh uses his fame for bad stuff"
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Let people talk and give all the hate they want, only ALLAH knows your intentions! much LOVE
I hate it when you do something with good intentions and people would find anything to make it seem like you're doing a bad thing
Chillen with the fam today! Reema through her shoe at me in the park, but she missed and it ended up in the lake! Hahahaha
I have a habit of always trying to make you all smile EVERYDAY, whether its with a video, picture, follow, reply or even a tweet ! love U :)
β€œ@Fatimaaminnn: #DaresInLondonVIDEO Waiting for a notif that says 'Adam Saleh' has followed you wow 😩@omgAdamSalehh πŸ˜­πŸ’˜ 4” check now love x