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Adam Saleh
I am not the 'killer' in our new video 'Another Scary Movie' :p hahaha or am I? Im nott
New Video is up! ANOTHER SCARY MOVIE! Who is the killer??? hope you all enjoy! :)
retweeet my next tweet for a follow/dm :) or if youre ready to find out who's the killerr!
10 minutessss :)
New Video in 15 minutes! 'ANOTHER SCARY MOVIE' you all have to find out who the killer is! :D
congrats to everyone who won! We'll be having more competitions, so dont feel bad if you didnt win this time :( x
New Vlog is up! #ASADailyVlogs UK TOUR COMPETITION ANNOUNCEMENT! hope you all have a great day much LOVE! RT :)
New Vlog will be up in 5 minutes! #ASADailyVlogs :)
Can't forget the first homie I ever met in London!! Thanks for the shirt habibi :) x
Throwback in London Airport! Miss you all! See you again in December :) x
Uploading #3mhMayhem competition winnners ina few then our 'Another Scary Video' at 3 pm EST :) x
Tomorrow for 3mh we are uploading a short scary movie, 3pm EST :D you all have to guess who's the killer! its called 'Another Scary Movie'
@omgAdamSaleh Hi guys time to wrap up this vlog. Give it up thumbs up go turkey. I'll see you tomorrow. Okay see ya PEACE I love you mwah!
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who knows exactly what Reema said at the end of the vlog? :) haha
New Vlog is up! #ASADailyVlogs SHORT FUN DAY! hope you all have a great night much LOVE! RT :)
New Vlog will be up in 5 minutes :) #ASADailyVlogs ... short vlog but didnt wanna give you nothing today :/ so its something :) x
Don't think I forgot about todays vlog, its uploadinnnnnng :) x love you!
We Are Picking Names To Put In The Hat.. So Enter You Reasons NOW..
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Both of my eyes are open now :)
Just wokeee up, still got one eye open *_o ... goodmorning :)
Hunger kills more than Ebola but it's not considered a significant problem since rich people can't die of it.
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New Vlog is up! #ASADailyVlogs SCREAM PRANK ON BROTHERS! Hope you all have a great day much LOVE! RT :)
Arab moms in Halloween haha
gonna be following and dm'ing 5 people who LIKE/comment on my next instagram video :) 2 minutessss x
Gonnna upload a new instagram video in 10 minutes :) x
If you can be on twitter for 10 minutes more than 5 times a day, then you can pray 5 times a day with no problem! Start today :) love yoU x
From this day on I will pray 5 times a day, everyday inshAllah! No matter where I'm at, as long as I'm breathing... no excuses
Sometimes I dont pray 5 times a day and I feel like crap :( Pray before you're prayed upon!
Mohsinnnnn has beeen cryingggg for the past 15 minutessssss!! I did everything to try and make him stop cryingggg, any tips?
Im stuck here baby sitting Reema, Jamal and Mohsin
Whats everyone up to today? :) x
New Video is up! ASK ADAM & REEMA! #AskAdamandReema hope you all have a great day! much LOVE! RT :)
retweeet my next tweet and hashtag #AskAdamandReema with the link for a followww :) 2 minutesssss
New video will be up in 20 minutes! #AskAdamandReema
Love you guys! Sleep tight xx see you tomorrow with a new video #AskAdamandReema :)
gonnne be filming a Question & Answer video with Reema ina few! So askkk as much questions as you want using #AskAdamandReema
@omgAdamSaleh 'He likes all my Instagram pictures and always retweets my tweets '😂😂😂👌 HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THEM?�
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@omgAdamSaleh if you ever hug me like you hugged karim, I'm never letting go! Just sayin 🙇�
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New Vlog is up! #ASADailyVlogs PROPOSING TO MY BEST FRIEND! hope you all have a great day much LOVE! RT :)
New Vlog will be up in 5 minutes :) x
I will find you and I will love youuuu
Where is my Kim Kanodisshhhhhhh?!?!
Helloo prettyy ladyy :)