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Adam Saleh
New Vlog is up! #ASADailyVlogs DOES REEMA REALLY LOVE CARROTS?? Hope you all have a great day much LOVE! RT :)
New Vlog will be up in 5 minutes! #ASADailyVlogs
How I get dressed and go out everyday :)
gonna be following 10 random people who like/comment on my next instagram video :) 2 minutess! much LOVE
New Instagram video will be up in 5 minutesss
Gonna upload an instagram videooo then the carrot vlog :) ok? ok :p
@omgAdamSaleh IF SHE DOESNT LIKE THE CARROTS ๐Ÿ™… then I'm sorry it's apples next!
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@omgAdamSaleh She will be so EXCITED!!!!! Id laugh if she didn't like it! She'll talk about bananas next! Haha
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@omgAdamSaleh i think She'll be happy and say "i love carrots" ? Idk ๐Ÿ˜
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Helllo! Reema getss her first carrot todayyy! How do you think she'll react? :x
To everyone who always supports us and always by our side! Thank you for EVERYTHING! I have so much LOVE for you x nothing will stop us ! xx
It looks like today is probably the greatest day for our haterzzz
I gavee Reema her first carrot todayyyy!!! :o
New Vlog is up! #ASADailyVlogs 'NAME 3 CITIES IN THE UK' TEST! Hope you all have a great day much LOVE! RT :)
New Vlog will be up in 5 minutes! #ASADailyVlogs :)
Remember Guys The #3MH Clothing Is Coming Out This Saturday..We Bring To You Hoodies, T-Shirts Snapbacks & Many More
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If you ever feel like no one loves you, just know that Allah loves you! x
Iced caramel latte :)
New Vlog is up! #ASADailyVlogs MY FAMILY IS CRAZY! hope you all have a great day much LOVE! RT :)
New Vlog will be up in 5 minutes! #ASADailyVlogs :)
I wont shave my head half bald??0_0 hahaha I think its about time I put up the vlog!
lol you guys are tweeting me the weirdest hairstyles!!!
I wanna change my hair!! Tweeet me pics how you think I should do it? What color? Short? Long?
This brilliant video highlights the problem of racial profiling in the US
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Youtube hasn't updated the views but you guys got our new video to 350,000 views! Thanks for spreading the word!
Watch police frisk man in Muslim dress moments after letting him walk past in Western clothes
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Shopping with @SlimmySlim94 ! Should I get these? Haha ๐Ÿ™Š
Shopping with @slim_slimmofication ! Should I get these? Haha ๐Ÿ™Š
Thank you #TEAMASA for all the support and love on our new video and for helping us spread a message to the world!
@omgAdamSaleh omg we did it adam!! Yes we made headlines again omg!!! ๐Ÿ‘ well done#TeamAsaFamilyy
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Thank you for showing the world what they don't see sometimes! @omgAdamSaleh Racial Profiling Experiment:
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New Vlog is up! #ASADailyVlogs TRYING TO MAKE A BABY SMILE! Hope you all have an amazing day much LOVE! RT :) x
New Vlog will be up in 5 minutes #ASADailyVlogs
Don't think this is gonna stop me from wearing my Arab clothes...Ima continue to wear it and film what I want without any harm to anyone.
And this doesn't just happen to me, it also happens with Muslim women wearing hijab and people with a skin color that isn't white..
This is why I can hardly film any of my Belly Dancing videos because whenever I wear my cultural clothes I get followed by the police...
New Video is up! 'Racial Profiling Experiment' Full video:
#ASANewVideo the way the cop treated them just cuz of wat they were wearing @omgAdamSaleh @SheiikhAkbaar its just sad
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