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You feel as if everyone expects you to pull the right answers ... More for Capricorn
If you've been in an emotional funk lately, today could be a s... More for Capricorn
...Young Gyalis...
...from tha gutta to tha buttuh!..
In the end I'm gonna have the most money, power, respect, loyalty, and family....enjoy the darkness suckers...tried to warn u tho
Music folks r funny, they hang around those they think will elevate them but treat em like shit...and yet shit on those trying to help..smh
When the circumstances start getting tough and the weak of hea... More for Capricorn
It's about to get ugly real soon
Ok so I just SHMURDERED this Bobby Shmurda freestyle "hot nigga" @Imyounik throwing a verse on there...coming soon!
... #TheLionsDen ...
Although your self-restraint is legendary, it may be a struggl... More for Capricorn
Like fr fr....I'm mobbed up with all these game changing people in my circle. The Revolution. 🙌
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So many people are about to be kissing my ass soon its not even funny, I know ive been silent....but we havent been sleep...
You are not content to hang out splashing around in shallow wa... More for Capricorn
So you stiff me out of damn near $400, actually more, and think that won't come back on you? 😆. God ALWAYS has me. Just wait....
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You can see a relationship meltdown in the making and may do y... More for Capricorn
It's time to put on a little performance so you can show every... More for Capricorn
You could benefit from sharing your thoughts with others today... More for Capricorn
Relationships may be playing the cosmic energy out on a battle... More for Capricorn
These chicks be putting "goal-digger" in their bios now but still do the same ish..Really? So is it now ur "goal" 2B a gold digger? GTFOH
You really want to understand the underlying motives of someon... More for Capricorn
If you fail to plan you plan to fail...
You have a rare opportunity to confront important issues about... More for Capricorn
If a friend comes to you with a proposition today, you might h... More for Capricorn
Man we jam to songs we don't even understand, let alone understand the words...cray...
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It may be a smart idea to set aside your important responsibil... More for Capricorn purchase...
There is no honor amongst expect NONE in the music business...
...Stay grateful... and this guy has seen it all! ...and yet he's still here...thankful for having a real one with me on this journey...SALUTE! ... #TheLionsDen
Just because others don't appreciate your greatness doesn't mean that YOU shouldn't ...
Love may knock at your door today while the sensual Taurus Moo... More for Capricorn
I got everybody that's real in atlanta fucking with me now...#Check
When will certain individuals learn that Karma will ALWAYS get you? This is why I do the right thing by people no matter who's watching.
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Expressing your emotions doesn't come easily today because you... More for Capricorn