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Omar Todd
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The last 2 days…. @ElysianGates1 We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do! RT! Pictures: © Sea Shepherd / de Schluck
Really feel for Phil Hughes and @seanabbott77 during this very difficult period. My heart goes out to both players and their families. :-(
Aus team doctor Peter Brukner says Phil Hughes' condition is unchanged & he remains critical. Updates here:
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Finally! ;-) hello Melbourne ! (@ Melbourne - @cityofmelbourne in Melbourne, VIC)
3 days only …. @ElysianGates1 We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do! Pictures: © Sea Shepherd / de Schluck RT
Was fun USA. Cyas another time after I've recovered from all fun! Esp hanging with @SeaShepherd_USA peeps! Work calls
Ello LA. Again! (@ Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) - @flyLAXairport)
Nov 28th Sea Shepherd Luxembourg asbl in cooperation with @ElysianGates1 will release something special.. #countdown
Follow @CoveGuardians for the latest news on "Shiro" the second albino dolphin to be captured. ;-( #tweet4taiji TWEET your RAGE! RT
We have given him/her the name "Shiro Iruka" which means white dolphin in Japanese. Shiro is now the second albino dolphin to be taken.
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Checking out the local scene here in Seattle! G8 views with Amber (@ Hempfest in Seattle, WA)
One portion of the Risso's family is frantically swimming in the cove while murder is underway. 11:19am #tweet4taiji
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We will be live streaming in approx. 15-20 mins at as the killers drive the pod closer to the cove 10:20 #tweet4taiji
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Operation Icefish - Campaign update with Captain Peter Hammarstedt Please watch and share! #ICEFISH #OPICEFISH RT!
Wow what a amazing selection of Lavender merchandise! Here with Susan. Bought a few...
How I did on Twitter this week: 42 Mentions, 187K Mention Reach, 39 Replies, 428 Retweets. How'd your week go? via
Australian government to scrutinise new Japanese whaling plan
A beautiful sight & some wonderful scenery too! Thankyou @AmberChenoweth for reminding me to stop & smell the roses!
If you use @instagram please follow me there too! ;-)
Australian government to scrutinize new Japanese whaling plan. @seashepherd…
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Martin Sheen being interviewed for the @sunriseon7 show RT!…/255…/martin-sheens-global-mission/
@seashepherd is committed to defending the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. The ICJ has ruled that the (cont)
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BREAKING: Japan cuts Antarctic whale quota!… RT!
Couldn't help myself but buy some Merchandise! Like an addict! Lots of new awesome stuff from @SeaShepherd_USA RT!
Having a look at the conservation work they are doing here.
Who doesn't love trains? (@ Roaring Camp Railroads in Felton, CA)
Hey @the_levellers fans, check out this piece of art on ebay, drawn by Jeremy- proceeds to @seashepherd_uk Pls RT!…
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NEWS: Six Species of Sharks Awarded Long-Awaited Protections By CMS!… RT!