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Creative thinking can free the mind from what it's been programmed and conditioned to accept..
#Theorists #ResHeads! Big happenings for Bellamy these next two weeks. Here's a sneak peek: #Resurrection
This Sunday, get ready for the BIGGEST bombshell yet! #Resurrection
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Giving overtakes..
Grab the reins of destiny and ride out..
#Resurrection keeps expanding around the world. Tonight it's arriving to Latin America thanks to @AXN_LA. Make sure to tune in! #Teóricos!
Hola Latin America! Today’s the big premiere: #ResurrectionAXN second season starts TONIGHT in @AXN_LA. Buckle up for the ride!
Dream bigger!! The universe is limitless. Limits only exist in the prison of your mind.
Rise & grind Atlanta! On my way to V103 to chop it up with @therealrc! Tune in..
#Winning! #CowboysNation 👊 #WeBoutThatAction!
"They're all returned and they're all sick" - Maggie #Resurrection
Luicelle snapped on Barbara!! #Resurrection
"All of our troubles started with that girl in there" - Margaret - #Resurrection
"I just wanted to say that I'm sorry" - Jacob #Resurrection
Fred's carrying around a little bone in his pocket? Yeah...that's not creepy at all... #Resurrection @Resurrection @omarepps @Frances_Fisher
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"I'm not here to rake you over the coals for a decision you made 32 yrs ago" - Henry #Resurrection
I've already told him on set, but @LandonGimenez is getting bigger before our very eyes. #Resurrection
"You will not defy me on this Frederick" - Margaret #Resurrection
"Seems we can't avoid each other" - Janine #Resurrection
"Every year on this day I take flowers to his grave" - Lucielle #Resurrection
An all new #Resurrection starts right now!!
Live tweeting in 5 mins! Join us! #Resurrection
HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS!! #CowboysNation 👊
Random but whoever invented the term "selfie" should've trademarked it. Carry on..
Join us tonight! #Resurrection
S/O to all our peeps in Japan! Hope you guys enjoy #Resurrection on @Dlife_BS258!
Family dinners can be awkward, tmrw's Langston dinner takes the cake! An all NEW #Resurrection tmrw at 9pm/8c on ABC!
Break free from the prison of your mind..
Aaaannnnddd Yosemite😁
Dear @pongcase, Ya'll are taking way too long to release the new iPhone 6 cases. C'mon already! Sincerely, A Devoted Pong Case User
Here's a sneak peek at the upcoming episode "Old Scars"! #Resurrection #Theorists #ResHeads
#StephenARomo #CowboysNation👊
S/O to @stephenasmith for keeping his word! #CowboysNation👊
@ESPN_FirstTake: @omarepps Coming tomorrow on his bday bro.” <He should be wearing a Cowboys jersey today AND tmrw! #CowboysNation 👊
"You think I'm crazy?" - Henry #Resurrection
Deputy Carl just snapped!! #Resurrection
Deputy Carl's brother though?? #Resurrection
"You'll never be allowed to keep it" - Elegant Woman #Resurrection
"Your father, he's hurting" - Margaret #Resurrection
"It's happened before, this changes everything" - Maggie #Resurrection
"How do you grieve yourself?" - Bellamy #Resurrection
"No it isn't time" - Luicille #Resurrection
Bellamy's dream sequence though?? #Resurrection
An all new #Resurrection right now on ABC!!
HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS!!!! @stephenasmith better have on a Cowboys jersey and hat tmrw on @ESPN_FirstTake!!! As promised. #CowboysNation 👊