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Omar A
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Skinned #lobster #seafood
Why there isn't beef Mac? CoZ of Muslim holidays!!! Muslim can't get a break... Anywhere.
Although it's stormy, but still hot!!!
We brought doom-ness with us, electricity is off at the airport!!!! 😞
Gold could decline to 1280 on a break of the 1289 low.
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She might be pretty but she was rude. #emirates ↗️ #Sanaa ↘️ #Dubai
It’s vitally important to know that it's the monetary system that creates the oligarchy-not the variations or "isms” of the monetary system.
@Fact: In England, a failed suicide attempt used to be illegal and was punishable by death.” Worse death would be
#???_?????? Finally it represent the situation - but the solution too ideal tbh
Typical Arabic drama, problems for 29 days, and the 30th day, all is solved. #eid
مع غروب شمس هذا اليوم أسأل الله أن يكتب لكم السعادة والفرح ويفتح لكم أبواب رزقه.. تقبل الله طاعتكم وكل عام وأنتم بخير ❤🌺❤
الحلم ببلاش #???_??????
Why would you call your daughter "Bussy"? #????_???????
Yet another plane is missing yet another plane with #17 crashed. RIP #MH17 #AH5017 #MH370
Australia Stock Market Set to Shrink on Foreign Takeovers via @BloombergNews
Australia’s Core Inflation Accelerates Faster Than Forecast… via @BloombergNews
I like this Gerges fella but he is outdated, @AlArabiya_Eng #UniofLondon
Don't you dare call back !!! @husseinalnaqeb
Pigeon has been shot down, the smoke've been blown away and the message got lost @edmaxjo
#Saudi will open up their stock market to foreigner investment next year. #yalo
Off to swimming, common #Ramadan activity.
Will we ever live to witness the guilty been punished?
الحمد الله على كل النعم - ما ظاهر منها و ما بطن... اللهم برك لنا...
perhaps #Obama called #Putin,told him #Malaysian plane crash was "act of aggression" but when discovered no #Americans aboard, he kept quiet
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