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Umair Zaki
A lie is a virus that can & will eventually kill your relationship. Be honest with the one you're with or lose them. #lifelessons
Off from #Office today. Have done with another shifting of my home. Shifted in a new place, new peoples new races. #excited
"A beautiful dress is of no use until it inspires someone to take it off" #humor
Being in a relationship is not about kissing, dates or showing off. It's about being with the person who makes you happy. #relationships
A relationship with no arguments, is a relationship with a lot of secrets. #relationships
The only thing worse than a broken heart, is knowing u would give them a chance to do it all over again. Good Night. #goodnight
عرش والے میری توقیر سلامت رکھنا, فرش کے جھوٹے خداؤں سے الجھ بیٹھا ہوں. #mylife "Ye Ha Hamari Kahani"
Promo of my TeleFilm "Ye Hay Hamari Kahani" is been aired on last night the whole drama will be on Censorship desk. Hoping for early release
Don't keep lookin back, if u do, you'll trip in the present and fall in the future. #lifelessons
Lunc time is over, Chal #Umair kaam pr lag ja beta. ;) #mylife #officelife
Back to back 2 cups of tea just after lunch at office. Feeling energetic :P #mylife #officelife
No one is perfect, don't put them on a pedestal they never asked to be on. #lifelessons
Who cares if they don't like you, all that matters is that you love you. #friends #love #relationships
Yeh Chaar Din Ki Rafaqat Bhi Kam Nahi Aye Dost, Tammam Umr Bhala Kon Sath Deta Hay? #mylife #friendship #friends
We just have to accept that people are going to stay in our hearts even when they don't stay in our lives. Good Night. #goodnight
"Age is an issue between matter and mind, if you don't mind, it doesn't matter. - Mark Twain." #lifelessons
لمحہ لمحہ کھچتا جائے کسی کی جانب دل میرا, جوڑ دیا تقدیر نے شاید اس سے مستقبل میرا. #mylife
Ek Baar Aao Mere Dil Mein Apni Mohabbat Dekhny, Pher Lotny Ka Irada Hum Tum Par Chor Dy Gy. #Muhabbat #love #mylife
Sometimes it's more easier to smile even if you're hurting inside, than to explain to the whole world why you're sad. #lifelessons
Late night back arrival at home. Mum is full with anger :( #mylife
Bye for now tweets. have a blessed evening everyone.
Uffffff, another official meeting. My official life is sucks with this meaning less meetings. #mylife #officelife
Wahan Jahan Tu He Mera Libas Ha, Wahan Jahan Tu He Meri Talash Ha. . . #mylife
Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people. #lifelessons