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Om Malik
What do @chrismichel @sara and @PHenriettaK have in common? Today they are celebrating anniversary of the day they came into our life. 🎉🍸🎂
The pink, blue and yellow hues are mixing it up! #treeshadowsaremyfavorite #california #sunset
Dear @voxdotcom a few click show that this poll you quote about French/ISIS was conducted on behalf of Vladimir Putin's personal mouthpiece
3 @trueventures founders -- @AmyErrett @chr1sa @puppetmasterd -- share stories on on how they hire
"We will drown in sensors before we ever build a true internet of things" great piece by @gigastacey…
"...stars are demigods who see themselves as egalitarian champions of the masses" where? Hollywood or Silicon Valley?…
surprised this didn't get more attn: "Sony PlayStation Network back up after DDoS + plane bomb threat…" by @superglaze
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Pretty clear that @theinformation is on fire. Good work guys!…
Challenge for $AMZN isn't $GOOG Instead it is it's ability to fight many battles on many fronts $MSFT $GOOG haven't been successful in past.
VMware jumps on the container bandwagon through deal with Docker, Google, and Pivotal -- everyone want to fight AWS…
Looks like @Yahoo has decided it is open season on rivals like @Outbrain and launched a new offensive in ad-battle.…
Now that was an eventful weekend
Happy birthday to three cool cats -- @BradStone @shl & @ricmac -- you have a great day boys!
Pens, Photo walks and a earthquake -- Now that's what I call an eventful weekend.
Why is America's Manufacturing Job Loss Greater than Other Industrialized Countries?
Where fog kisses the earth.... #california #latergram #treeshadowsaremyfavorite
Richard Attenborough, RIP. Great Career. Great Films. More importantly, Great Life.…
Well done!!!! "Quartz has a new look-and for the first time, a homepage - via @nuzzel"
Ready, jump, fly #igers #treeshadowsaremyfavorite #latergram cc @artchang
Happy birthday to one and only, the most wonderful Mr. @chrismichel aka a man who can make anyone look good.
Which twitter celebrities were the first to tweet the SF earthquake? @MCHammer @om. But fastest fingers to @FutureBoy
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If you've downloaded the free #RedCross #earthquake app, you know there have been 5 aftershocks since the big one.
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Well now that we are all up, thanks to the #napa #quake might as well share a photo 😀 #treeshadowsaremyfavorite #california
Gentle reminder to Silicon Valley about who's the boss! #quake #sf #napa
At 7 miles deep - the quake was quite shallow. But at 60 miles away - no real chance of damage for a 6.0 Quake in SF. Napa different story?
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A 6.1 magnitude earthquake occurred 3.73mi WSW of American Canyon, California. Details: Map:
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Damn, woke me up. Was super long. #quake #sf
Fog and light - the eternal California #treeshadowsaremyfavorite
Media job interview in Two Charts - via @nuzzel
Cole Rise’s Tuscan Edit
Friday night at sushi bar - it's damn good! Recommend this place pretty highly. Cc @chefmichaelmina #sushi #food #sanfrancisco #pabu
People who have no life experience are life coaches. People who have never felt the ups and downs of startups are startup coaches. Amazing!
Dear @NeimanLabs do you remember "Last Great Thing" you wrote about it.… Just like This & that thing called link blog
With Enlitic, a veteran data scientist plans to fight disease using deep learning — welcome back to startups Jeremy!…
Back in the day we had "link blog" now we have This. (or that.)…
3/ News companies making a play for India's growing digital market forget indian audience is mobile & mobile monetization from ads sucks!
2/ News companies make play for India's growing digital market - are essentially casing raw numbers to show "growth"
News companies make play for India's growing digital market - except there isn't much money to be made - for a while!
Happy Birthday @Borthwick you are 97 now.
Waiting for the next @twitter Edited with #litely
Twice in two days I got to see @karaswisher who is pretty close to doing a radio show and @Recode tv show.
#irony has new poster children: Lawmakers Who Cut Funds For ALS Research Take Ice Bucket Challenge For ALS Research -
Where do think this path leads us? Go ahead and tell me!
Everybody has a story. What is your backstory, asks @aboutdotme I say, what a marvelous idea. well done team! cc @tonysphere @trueventures