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Om Malik
That moment when you realize you know the roads of San Francisco better than the GPS your @Uber driver is using & is frankly dumb about SF!
Can we stop saying that tablet is a PC or vice versa. I love them both. Otoh: Airport Security loves PCs more & as they merit a separate bin
Fashion Designer Oscar De La Renta Dead at 82
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So @espn says Posey is the next DJ.… I called SF Giants a dynasty in 2012:…
Ahead of Baseball World Series I bemoan lack of October baseball in NY & what @Yankees are doing wrong @bijan @rabois…
@om Wait for sunset. Yosemite is always dark at night. It's a lunar thing.
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Urgent: need some help on Yosemite.When restarting the screen is all dark. It worked earlier, but now it does not. Anyone encountered this?
Microsoft says its cloud revenues are $4.5b. I want to know how much revenues do they have once you remove Office 365, cause that's cheating
Microsoft rolls out a private Azure appliance and big freaking cloud servers
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Calling all beliebers: @justinbieber just joined Storehouse. Get our iPhone app to follow him
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Just published "A visit to a Parisian men's shoe store" on @storehousehq
The @Azure Cloud with a global reach - 19 regions -- twice as many as AWS & 6 times as many as Google Compute Cloud.
Microsoft @Azure will be available for data analysis for Ebola starting tomorrow -- I guess it is free? @satyanadella
"7 out of 10 people will live in cities so more elevators needed & good for thyssenkrupp maker of azure connected elevators" @satyanadella
What we are going to hear today -- the new Microsoft ecosystem and how it will evolve. Cloud is where it's at, people! #cloud @Azure
Everything you need to know about Apple Pay. Via CardHub #creditcard #AAPL
Last day to sign-up for Structure Connect, the connected devices & IOT event curated & created by @gigastacey…
Some new stories on Storehouse
Old town Manhattan #latergram #newyork
30days of blogging: Week #2 wrap-up
This is the first intelligent and thoughtful interview of @pmarca by @kevinroose in a long time
Helvetica on Yosemite — are OS designers on vacation at Apple or did they lose some bet and we have to pay the price.
The memory of New York! #newyorkcity #cloud #photooftheday #igphoto
The magazine that puts @tfadell on the cover, publishes my column also publishes this. Not sure I understand!…
This post makes me ask the question that no one including @Apple has answered - why do we really need a smart watch…
Social media has done one thing right -- killed modesty!
.@wa8dzp given how much they are in the pocket of telecom/cable/wireless incumbents now it is time for @FCC @AjitPaiFCC to do this!
Just published "Bestetti & the art of beautiful shoes" on @storehousehq cc @Leffot
I met @ricardobestetti this past week @leffot in New York and we talked shoes and Italian approach to shoes. I took a bunch of photos and created a storehouse story ( if you want to check it out.
Just published "Elle Side Story" on @storehousehq featuring @elleluna and a nice photo from @helena
Some seriously brilliant writing by lovely @Kate8: What happened in Belfast…
The WatchMan: @AutodromoMedia founder Bradley Price shared his story earlier this week - outlining how he went from designing phones to becoming a self-sufficient startup making beautiful and iconic watches. Coming soon to a website near you!
This is #selfie by the one and only @elleluna in New York City!
I’m partnering with @Quarterly to bring you a curated Holiday Tech box! Sign up now and be the first to know more -
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3 things to read this weekend
Wondering if @Whisper PR/Marketing chief still is employed. I hear NSA is looking for someone to refurbish their global reputation?
The many ways Apple could seize control from the carriers with its new SIM card - Gigaom
No WhispERROR says @guardian… or as kids say mic dropped!
Apple & rise of the carrier antagonistic SIM
The Internet in Real-Time! Damn that is some clever visualization -- the URL however....…
Not a bad performance by Apple over past 12 months! Can it keep going?