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Oluwatosin Abiola™
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It was Plato who suggested that telling a lie was OK as long as it was for the good of the people. He called it the noble lie."
Israel has broke 65 U.N resolutions with zero consequences. Iraq broke two and got invaded, bombed and destroyed."
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The most effective way to study is 30-50 minutes with a 10 minute break."
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People who laugh at your jokes are more likely to be interested in having sex with you."
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A lemon will float in water, but a lime will sink."
A honey bee must hit 2 million flowers to make 1 pound of honey."
If you leave Tokyo by plane at 7:00am, you will arrive in Honolulu at approximately 4:30pm the previous day."
Some people are afraid of being too happy because they think something tragic is going to happen soon -- This is known as Cherophobia."
People who consume more pizza may actually be decreasing their risk of cancer."
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: Human foreskins are used in some makeup."
If you chew gum when you study a subject and then chew the same flavor when you the take the test it can help you remember."
: Giddyup is actually slang for "get thee up"."
Holding hands and kissing reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol, lowering blood pressure and optimizing immune response"
Methylchloroisothiazolinonephobia is the fear of texting."
In 1959, Volvo invented the 3-point seat belt, then gave free license to all other car manufacturers to use it."
During WWII, scientists considered bombing volcanoes in Japan to trigger eruptions."
A study finds, most men believe that brunettes make good wives and blondes make better girlfriends."
Being under the influence of alcohol makes it easier for the human brain to tell the truth."
: Scientist observed that when taught to use money, monkeys attempt to pay female monkeys for sex."
Whiskey is clear when it is first distilled. It gets it's color and much of it's taste from the oak barrels in which it is aged."
Half of the world's roundabouts are located in France."