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• Olumide Douglas •
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knowing #JESUS is the BEST thing ever
What's on your summer reading list? — This is a nice list. I am currently reading this:
uhmm 1st of August...HAPPY NEW MONTH.
Do what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happinesr
I dont Kw Why? Just got happy for no reason.
Cartoon: Comic Page (medium) by Eoin tagged comics,comic,strip, #Lumid-D
There are 15 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame dedicated to fictional characters.
Any friendship that exceeds the 7 year mark is more likely to last an entire lifetime.
Your pupils expand up to 45% when looking at something pleasing.
To be the best you must go through the worst!
Play for the name on the front and people will remember the name on the back.
The chilling shiver you experience with a strong emotion is called #ñfrisson
#Avocados have more protein than any other fruit.
Sometimes you have to walk away from people, not because you dont care, but because they don't.
Trials keep you #strong. #Sorrows keep you #human. #Failures keep you #humble. And #God, keeps you going!
#Advice is easier to give but harder to follow. It's easy to talk about the right thing to do when it's not your life.
It takes 21 days to form a habit.
People who prefer to remain awake for longer periods during the night are more capable of processing new information the following day.
Don't be cocky. Be confident.
The total combined weight of the world's ant population is heavier than the weight of the human population.
Amazing Cats: 12 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Our Feline Friends...
Amazing Cats: 12 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Our Feline Friends...
Each pineapple plant produces just one pineapple per year.
Everything is going to be ok in the end. If it's not ok, it's not the end.
Each year, millions of trees are accidentally planted by squirrels who bury nuts and then forget where they hid them.
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“Wrap Rage” is an actual term for that feeling of frustration you get when you are having a hard time opening product packaging.
How to Tell When a Girl is Interested in You: 10 Signs...
The color orange alters our perception of how something taste which may be why orange juice taste so good.
People who daydream often tend to be better at solving complex problems.
Want Great Looking Hair? Check Out These Top 10 Tips...