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Olly Murs
Find out how to get pre-sale access to Olly’s yet to be announced 2015 tour via @AmazonUK: OllyHQ
Check out Olly’s live performance of #WrappedUp for @TransmitterTV on @MTVUK here: OllyHQ
@_emmariley: TWEET US THE BEST SELFIE EVER @ollyofficial #askolly” had this yesterday but never sent #MYBESTSELFIE
@_emmariley: @ollyofficial HAVE YOU SEEN THIS HHAHAHAHAHA #askolly teen awards! Love dumb & dumber 😂
Love my shot souvenir to take home 👅
Adios Australia Amigos!!! Had a ledge 7 days!Have seen #WrappedUp is at 7 on itunes & climbing! Thanks to everyone for the support!! 👍😘
If you missed my Oz performances you can watch them here: @sunriseon7 & @thexfactor_au
Just chilling with the cash cow on @sunriseon7 Performing my single #wrappedup next!
I’ll also be on @sunriseon7 bright & early tomorrow! Come down to Martin Place and watch me perform #WrappedUp live!
Hope you enjoyed my performance of my new single #WrappedUp on @thexfactor_au! You can download it here!!
The night has arrived @deanraymusic Good luck sir!! I'm rooting for ya backstage @thexfactor_au 🙏
Wowzers timeline Overload! Loving the tweeting! Good Q&A sorry if I missed any of you out peeps! Good laugh..Off to do more press press! 😎✌️
@jessicaak_: @ollyofficial Would you rather have a kangaroo or a koala as a pet? #askolly 26” ooh a Koala!!!
@mrsfuzzymuzzy: @ollyofficial #askolly what do you want for Xmas ....apart from Trifle lol” good present for a change 😜✌️
@chewitssss: @ollyofficial are you excited about touring again? X #askolly” always can't wait to tour!!!
@Chloeeee_JLS: @ollyofficial #askolly will you do a collab with @AstonMerrygold? That would be perfect😍🙏” course love ASTO-Ramirez !Toplad!
@OllyMursAus: @ollyofficial any favourite Australian bands you dig? #askolly” met @GuySebastian last night and he's a great artist!!!
@TaySprizzleFans: @ollyofficial the most hilarious movie you've ever watched? #askolly” dumb & dumber! The greatest!!
@Loisssss_: @ollyofficial I'm updating my music library.. Can you recommend an album to buy?☺️ #askolly” new Paolo nutini one!
@connieashton_: @ollyofficial any support acts lined up yet for your tour? #askolly” not yet!! But Your know sooooooooon 👍
@erihermar: #askolly @ollyofficial What is your favorite season of the year? 77” gotta be when the sunshine is out! 😎
@mursgirl_1998: Where I'm the world haven't you been that you'd really like to go? #askolly @ollyofficial” India...
@tichslaugh: @ollyofficial #askolly what type of kebabs are your favourite??” Any at 4am 😜✌️
@olivia18113: @ollyofficial #askolly what do you like most about australia! 22” beaches and the weather!!
@ollymurssgirl: @ollyofficial you started watching Gotham yet?? #AskOlly” NOPE but looks good!! 👍
@ohsnapitzolly: @ollyofficial which of the songs on your new album are you most proud of? #askolly 🎶🎶” all of them, I really can't pick!
@Callyyyy_: @ollyofficial what is your favourite thing to have on toast? #askolly” Peanut butter!!
@Ollysstalker: @ollyofficial breaking bad or dexter? #askolly” Breaking bad for sure!
@i_am_amazingamy: @ollyofficial Nandos or McDonald” nandos all day! Coleslaw. Macho peas. Peri-tamer butterfly chicken DONE!!! 😋
@Chloe_OMurs: @ollyofficial #askolly if 'wrapped up' gets to number one what are you gonna do? 😏x” PARTY PARTY PARTY!!! X
@Megannn_Murs: @ollyofficial have you tried any traditional Australian food? #askolly” NOOO I haven't... What shall I eat?!
@hyfrebecca: whats your favorite one direction song!! #askolly @ollyofficial x28” MOMENTSSSSS
@t3llthew0rld_x: @ollyofficial did you ever try a dipdab icelolly?? #askolly” NOPE! Gutted need one but he summer has gone in UK
@fxckzouiam_: @ollyofficial do you like potatoes #askolly 7” hell yeah! But trying to come off them slowly! Too many carbs!
@JasminWerder27: @ollyofficial When will you come back to Germany? #AskOlly” I'm there on weds 😜
@Rochelle_Murs: @ollyofficial #askolly If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?☺️☺️” Toad in the hole!!
@frickinkale: @ollyofficial What are you Wearing?” Red wing shoes, black jeans, white T & casual jacket.. Simples!
@NicMursHall: @ollyofficial what do you miss most about home when you go away? #askolly” my bed!!
@TopMursArmy: What do you love most about Australia? #askolly @ollyofficial x” The BEACHES!!
@enchxntedzouis: @ollyofficial #askolly would you rather go without clothes or talking for a year...? xx” I'd get buff & go naked 😜
@Hollie_OM: @ollyofficial what you been doing today in Australia? #askolly” press, press and more press!!!
@lucyupcraft: who's your favourite artist you've ever seen live?? @ollyofficial #askolly x” Justin Timberlake!!!
@staystrong1DRB: @ollyofficial what's your bigges fear? #askolly” eating tomatoes 😂
@michyh85: @ollyofficial #askolly what's the craziest thing you've ever done? (like bungee jumping, sky dive ....)” climbed harbour bridge
@hilinss: @ollyofficial #askolly Vegemite, your opinion please” LOVE IT!!!
@KatieMurs03: @ollyofficial #askolly which song from your new album are you looking forward to performing live the most?” Did you miss me!
Whats happening guys!!!! I'm here ready to answer your questions! #askolly