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Olivia Green⭐️
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Your inner life may be more complicated than it appears now, y... More for Aries
You're relieved by the realization that the potential for posi... More for Aries
When your friends make plans without you then you see a picture of them on social media..
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Hate folk that can eat for Scotland and no put on weight
You have plenty to accomplish today and not enough time to do ... More for Aries
Ken when ur "pals" take unexpected photos of u, show u them and u realise just how fuCKING UGLY YOU ARE
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Although your heart is drawn toward your family life, today's ... More for Aries
Magical plans are on your drawing table and the more you think... More for Aries
You might not be all that concerned about your future emotiona... More for Aries
When you stand still long enough to explore beneath the surfac... More for Aries
You can override your wariness of uncomfortable emotional inte... More for Aries
Your hasty reactions can create unnecessary problems today, es... More for Aries
It's tempting to take the demands of your job home with you to... More for Aries
Your intensity is on the rise, yet you may feel moody and with... More for Aries
Conflicting cosmic instructions make it nearly impossible to p... More for Aries
Trivial facts can be annoying today, especially if they get in... More for Aries
It's not fun when someone rejects your plans, but you might as... More for Aries
NEW | WIN this entire BOOTEA BUNDLE! 😀Simply follow us & RT to enter. Winner 20/7 �
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NEW | WIN this entire BOOTEA BUNDLE! Simply follow us & RT to enter. Winner 20/7 🎉
Retweeted by Olivia Green⭐️
Unsettled career questions make it tough to relax today, but a... More for Aries
You wake up with a fresh outlook on life. It seems as if the d... More for Aries
Your attraction to someone special makes it difficult to expre... More for Aries
Remaining quiet might seem like a sensible strategy today, but... More for Aries
There are so many things you want to start today that you can'... More for Aries
You aren't likely to take no for an answer today, but you migh... More for Aries
Change is in the air today, but you can't figure out which dir... More for Aries
You are dangerously close to reaching your boiling point today... More for Aries
An unfinished relationship discussion may resurface today, as ... More for Aries
You might have been caught in intellectual cross-currents rece... More for Aries
Just when we think the excitement has reached a crescendo, the... More for Aries
You can become a superhero today, but you must overcome your c... More for Aries
Your choices are as murky as mud today, yet you're ready to bo... More for Aries
You could spend a lot of time thinking about your future, but ... More for Aries
You wish you were free enough to say whatever you want, but yo... More for Aries
Is just me or do folk no find it gay when aw the second year boys are commenting '😻' on each others selfies
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You may set off for an emotional journey now, even if you don'... More for Aries
You might believe you are being personally attacked if a cowor... More for Aries
It's important for you to know that your work has meaning as y... More for Aries
You must be ready to shift gears on a moment's notice, since y... More for Aries
Your irrepressible restlessness could get the best of you toda... More for Aries
You might think you know exactly what you want only to change ... More for Aries
Liam out of 90210 is the hottest boy I think I've ever seen😍❤️
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Your plans begin to fall in place today as you gather more inf... More for Aries

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