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You're on a roll, talking up a storm with everyone you meet. Y... More for Aries
No matter how serious your intentions are today, it's too soon... More for Aries
Your outrageous actions might be shocking today as revolutiona... More for Aries
How shite is it that it costs you to receive a text when ur abroad, lit sorry a didny mean tae be a popular cunt
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You prefer to be in full control of your fate, but you could e... More for Aries
Expressing yourself honestly grows more complicated when you'r... More for Aries
You might try a more cautious approach to sharing your feeling... More for Aries
You're willing to work extra hard today in order to solidify y... More for Aries
Sorry, Aries, you need to save your daydreaming for the night ... More for Aries
Your Sunday routine may not include going to church, but it's ... More for Aries
You thrive on the unpredictable nature of the day as mischievo... More for Aries
Can't stand people that go out in public places when they are ill infecting other people selfish bastards
Retweeted by Olivia Green⭐️
why cunts put their insta, Twitter, Facebook, snapchat and number in their bio fs mate gees your national insurance number while your at it
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You might receive a rude awakening if you think your past acco... More for Aries
You're waiting for someone to say the wrong word today so you ... More for Aries
#GrowingUpScottish having tae changed the name of Bulldogs in primary cause some wee gimp always cried and grassed when he got mauled
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Although profound resistance to your plans can stop you in you... More for Aries
It might feel as if someone stole your wallet or broke your he... More for Aries
You're often the first one out the door in the morning, but yo... More for Aries
Your willingness to gamble your emotional security for the pos... More for Aries
It seems like everyone else is content to lazily soak up the s... More for Aries
You have the stamina to finish whatever endeavor you choose to... More for Aries
The promise of romance inspires you to take a risk with your h... More for Aries
No matter how busy your schedule is today, it's time to stop a... More for Aries
You truly thought business was handled and everyone was on the... More for Aries
You may be resigned to defend a position on a matter at work n... More for Aries
You have too many options to choose from today because you are... More for Aries
Your inner life may be more complicated than it appears now, y... More for Aries
You're relieved by the realization that the potential for posi... More for Aries
When your friends make plans without you then you see a picture of them on social media..
Retweeted by Olivia Green⭐️
Hate folk that can eat for Scotland and no put on weight
You have plenty to accomplish today and not enough time to do ... More for Aries
Ken when ur "pals" take unexpected photos of u, show u them and u realise just how fuCKING UGLY YOU ARE
Retweeted by Olivia Green⭐️
Although your heart is drawn toward your family life, today's ... More for Aries
Magical plans are on your drawing table and the more you think... More for Aries
You might not be all that concerned about your future emotiona... More for Aries
When you stand still long enough to explore beneath the surfac... More for Aries
You can override your wariness of uncomfortable emotional inte... More for Aries
Your hasty reactions can create unnecessary problems today, es... More for Aries
It's tempting to take the demands of your job home with you to... More for Aries
Your intensity is on the rise, yet you may feel moody and with... More for Aries
Conflicting cosmic instructions make it nearly impossible to p... More for Aries
Retweeted by Olivia Green⭐️
Trivial facts can be annoying today, especially if they get in... More for Aries
It's not fun when someone rejects your plans, but you might as... More for Aries

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