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Olivia Green
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Just witnessed this boy nae older than 9 get a lighter aff his granda n spark up ahahaha
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That mini heart attack you have when you send an ugly photo to your snapchat story
Pharrell was shite tonight
All I want is clear skin ffs
Hate when people take like a year to reply😒
Still raging about Paris😩😤
Stupid fkn school😭👊👊
So annoyed I never got picked for Paris, no even fair😭😭
Guess how many half pizza suppers a had before a came oot the night
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literally takes 1.85 seconds to retweet... help her get her boy back!
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probs look like such a spaz speed walking from class to lunch so a dont have to wait in the lines
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Why is everyone smoking now, it's not attractive😷😷
Why would you say no to indepedence, so gutted😣
You go out with any boy who asks you #desperatemuch
After spending the past frkn two weeks on my art homework I've lost it, fckn helllll😓
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art would be so much more enjoyable if a didnt draw like a 4 yr old ://
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My art homework is terrible😳
Rip to everyone who died in 9/11 13 years ago today❤
Nothing worse than when ur about to go to sleep and remembering u still have homework
dolly turn round u tramp dnt want ppl thinkin I kno u
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Happy #420 day from me n all da gang at da dumping ground !!Remember guys, no one dies frm weeds n they r safe 2 do !
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Pics from last nites party!!!!! So sik, had 1 fruit shoot too many dough :p xx
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Whole Foods in London are doing a great deal on shitey wee tubs of strawberries if anyone's interested...
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