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Oliver Schwarz
dubstep parties 37 followers
Summer is starting - prepare for party every day BD
It's only embarrassing if you care what people think
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Alcohol has a way of making anything seem like a good idea
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Linkin Park -Numb Makes me feel nostalgic :b
"@Partyprobs: When you turn 21, you can legally do all the things you've been doing since you were 15" God bless the justice of austria ♡
"@Partyprobs: Let's get drunk and tell each other everything we're too afraid to say sober" So true :P
"The Rock" is so overrated...
What a weekend.. still a bit drunk from saturday :b
In holidays every evening is a beer evening "Prost"
makes me kind of sad that really good friendships somtimes end with relationships... see it as you want it...
Dafür schätze ich Bela B noch mehr: "ich halte die Beatles für eine überschätzte Band". #wkoe
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Nothing makes me feel relaxed more than this song. #tylerjoseph
There is a fine line between drunk and creepy.
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Money is so overrated
My parents think my friends are the bad influences, but honestly, I'm usually the one coming up with the ideas
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