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Old Spice
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The sweet sounds of man smells at the touch of tiny buttons.
Don’t judge a man by the size of his yacht but by the size of the speedboat that’s inside the yacht.
Check out this bottle manly fan @molnargd made for us. Hyrule? No, Matthew. YOURULE.
Did the @MadMen_AMC use Old Spice hair products? Nope. They lived decades ago & also are fictional. Tune in tonight anyways to see our spot!
Old Spice legal requested that we retract our previous claim regarding graveyard bone adventures.
The eyes are windows to the soul. And glasses are the windows to the eyes. And tattoos are windows to the past. And windows are windows to t
If you have a chip on your shoulder, try to relax with soothing 7-layer dip on your back. #oldspiceadvice
Be thankful every day that the sun comes up and that your body smells amazing because of your choices.
Spring is in the air! Spring is on the wall, behind the door! Spring is attached to the wheel of your car, helping it handle bumps.
Smellcome to Manhood, may we take your odor?
Play head games with this new Old Spice hair mobile website and get awesome coupons.
A power lunch is a great way to network with business professionals. #oldspiceadvice
How many different numbers can you think of?
A bald man once told me “Hair doesn’t make a man,” followed by some more lies. That man used to be my father.
When grabbing life by the horns, use a sturdy leather glove with a vulcanized-rubber palm surface for optimal grip. #oldspiceadvice
Contact lenses are a great way to trick females into thinking you’re 100% genetically up to snuff. #oldspiceadvice
Some friends are best left on your face, but, as you see, here at OldSpice we disagree with that statement completely
Muscle memory never forgets. Never.
Name this song: Dum. Dum da. Dum. Dum dum daaa. Dum.
Old Spice hair looks especially good when contrasted with crusty zombie hair. Watch our ad during The Walking Dead!
Hey, Zombies: Just because your brain has rotted into disease-ridden garbage doesn’t mean your hair has to. Watch our ad during The Walking Dead tonight and learn something about proper hair care.