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Old Spice
comedy commercials 224,483 followers
Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup! Wait no, it’s a walking computer with a face.…
If you think about it, carrots are basically nature’s underground vegetable prison shank.
The quality of your haircut is inversely proportional to the number of puns in your barbershop's name. #oldspiceadvice
#oldspicerobot says: Loading human phrases database. Database corrupted. Hey cool dude birds, chow up on some pizza van good grades wow.
#oldspicerobot says: Let’s be friends together and talk about things friends talk about like conversations, goings ons, and large pizzas.
See human bliss on my face from this interaction! RT @ComicShopGuy: @OldSpice #oldspicerobot bonding w/my BMF #sdcc
You are my best friend. RT @Dan_Laferriere: The #oldspicerobot thought I was some cleaning guy @sisflip028
The #oldspicerobot is at ComicCon and is ready to answer your questions. Ask, human! Ask!…
Revenge is a dish best served with cheese fries.
Did you know that dancing is the international language of dance? (Watch to learn more)…
If you can’t afford a coastal vacation, simulate a gentle ocean breeze by throwing handfuls of sand and saltwater at your family.
If you're about to get rich playing video games, congrats! If not, it’s still way more fun than all the other ways you won’t get rich.
A 7lb burrito challenge is a great first date. It demonstrates an adventurous spirit, intestinal fortitude and wealth.
This new Old Spice Hair commercial has scientists hopping mad for some reason.
Breaking a bone is just nature’s way of punishing you for not having an exoskeleton.
Thanks to Old Spice body products, I can be just like a real human and beautiful human ladies will want to be my girlfriends everyday.
Careful! Morning crust in your eye may indicate the early-onset stages of turning into a slime monster.
Whatever you call it, GIF/JIF/GEOFF, we’ve uploaded one. #ESPYS
How’d this shot get past the keeper? RT @ESPYS: How many @ussoccer stars can cram into a #ESPYS @OldSpice pic booth?
Every day is Taco Tuesday if you don’t know how to read a calendar.
This tweet doesn't smell like it was written by a robot.…
Help kids prepare for the world of business by franchising their lemonade stand and selling off their assets in a hostile takeover.
If you don’t have time for the gym, watching this new Old Spice commercial is pretty much the same thing.
The sophisticated burger chef uses 100% USDA ground Charles.