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Old Spice
Male-pattern boldness
Answer the call of the wild. Your wait time will be six minutes. #naturefacts
Champions win games. Legends invent them.
All happy families resemble one another
Ocean breezes, tropical fruit beverages, wallet-seeking monkeys. These things don’t come with Old Spice Fiji. Or do they?* *No
You can tell how old a true outdoorsman is by the number of pockets he’s grown on his cargo shorts.
The best way to get the most out of life is to bang on the side a bit and see if something else will fall down.
Animals know nothing of war, greed, pride, lust, cookies, 3-D video games or applied material science. #naturefacts
I stand by my decision to build a solid-gold sailboat. Unrelated: if you can pick me up right now, I will tell you where to find a sunken solid-gold sailboat.
Don’t worry, he’s not aggressive. He just gets nervous and maybe a little hungry.
It took Prospector Jeb all morning to make that selfie stick and only 3 seconds for the Internet to break it. Tune in and apologize to Jeb in person on your computer thousands of miles away. #twitchplaysoldspice (link in bio)
Completely normal regular things happen when you let the Internet control a hiker in the woods. Watch more normal regular things today at (Link in bio) #twitchplaysoldspice
Tune in tomorrow to see if Prospector Jeb gets more likes and Nature Man does more stupid stuff. #twitchplaysoldspice
Nature's confusing. Also an animal chewed through a cable (that is not a joke). So we’re starting a bit late. Nature!
Nature can be so cruel.
Well, that’s one New Year’s resolution to check off the list.
A camera flash won’t take your soul, but an angry baboon surprised by that flash will probably take the lower half of your jaw and most of your spleen. #naturefacts
Oh, that’s a 2008 model. Better to just cut the line now.
One in every seven camel humps contains a refreshingly pleasant antiperspirant stick. #naturefacts
This isn't where Old Spice really comes from, but it's funnier than explaining the paperwork-intensive manufacturing process and supply-chain logistics.
Lions inadvertently ingest 15 tons of meatloaf over the course of their lifetime. #naturefacts
If you have your priorities straight you’ll keep the business in the back.
If history has taught us anything, it’s the importance of smelling great and standing in a rowboat, looking cool.

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