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Old Spice
Mating rituals of the great white shark can be quite elaborate.
Explore. Learn. Listen. Laugh. Grow. Smells. Good. Click. Experience. Muscles. Surprises. Old. Spice.
Yikes! Can you guess what's giving Mr. Snake these "rolling" stomach pains? Click the picture to find out.
Congratulations to @alex_ekranoplan who is funnier than Danny, our community manager intern, and the rest of you. For a dramatic reading of the funniest caption, read this out loud, dramatically: “Life just wasn’t the same for Jeff since the toaster left.”
"When you ask bae if she can give you some beep beep and if you can give her some toot toot and she says 0100111001101111" Can you beat @professorx412’s line? It will change throughout the day based on best submission, so keep checking back.
Are you funnier than Danny, our Old Spice community manager intern? Of course! Prove it to the world tomorrow by seeing if you can write the funniest line in our real-time caption extravaganza.
Male-pattern boldness
Answer the call of the wild. Your wait time will be six minutes. #naturefacts
Champions win games. Legends invent them.
All happy families resemble one another
Ocean breezes, tropical fruit beverages, wallet-seeking monkeys. These things don’t come with Old Spice Fiji. Or do they?* *No
You can tell how old a true outdoorsman is by the number of pockets he’s grown on his cargo shorts.
The best way to get the most out of life is to bang on the side a bit and see if something else will fall down.
Animals know nothing of war, greed, pride, lust, cookies, 3-D video games or applied material science. #naturefacts
I stand by my decision to build a solid-gold sailboat. Unrelated: if you can pick me up right now, I will tell you where to find a sunken solid-gold sailboat.
It seems like my prom flyers worked😉🐴fFY
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Don’t worry, he’s not aggressive. He just gets nervous and maybe a little hungry.
It took Prospector Jeb all morning to make that selfie stick and only 3 seconds for the Internet to break it. Tune in and apologize to Jeb in person on your computer thousands of miles away. #twitchplaysoldspice (link in bio)
Completely normal regular things happen when you let the Internet control a hiker in the woods. Watch more normal regular things today at (Link in bio) #twitchplaysoldspice
Tune in tomorrow to see if Prospector Jeb gets more likes and Nature Man does more stupid stuff. #twitchplaysoldspice
Nature's confusing. Also an animal chewed through a cable (that is not a joke). So we’re starting a bit late. Nature!
Nature can be so cruel.

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