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okta putri hardianta
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It may be smarter to hold onto your current job for a while lo... More for Libra
You might wish that the current relationship stress would quie... More for Libra
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You might not want to continue on your current path because yo... More for Libra
You might not want to continue on your current path because yo... More for Libra
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Ya Allah, sesungguhnya aku beristikharah pada-Mu dgn ilmu-Mu, aku memohon kepada-Mu kekuatan dgn kekuatan-Mu... {HR. Bukhari}
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Maafkanlah kesalahan, itu akan membuat hidup kita menjadi jauh lebih baik. ~ @daudantonius
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Toh Tuhan diatas sana mengatakan "jika kau tak mengambil tindakan maka kau akan menyesal dengan kata menyesali"
Terimakasih utk dpt mnjadi pundak dan rumah ketika ak lelah juga hilang tujuan
Karena kita tau pangeran ada hanya utk yang lemah
Whether people expect you to be the event planner or the peace... More for Libra
There is magic in the air today and whatever happens has an ex... More for Libra
Your smooth diplomatic charm comes in handy now, especially if... More for Libra
Terimakasih... ♫ Listen (feat. John Legend) by David Guetta —
You don't know what to expect now because people are acting ou... More for Libra
Give everyone sufficient time to explain their ideas before yo... More for Libra
The Scales symbolize your innate commitment to seeking balance... More for Libra
You have several projects to do around the house today, but yo... More for Libra
2. Tuhan diatas sana berkata "kau kuciptakan berbeda utk hal baik ini sayang, maka terus lah bertegar dan kuat"
1. Satu hal yg harus kau ketahui adlh meskpun kau terlihat bodoh dengan berlaku kebaikan........
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Living in your dreamworld was fine for a little escape, but it... More for Libra
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You aren't easily distracted by frivolous activities today and... More for Libra
Selamatpagi, selamat berUAS! -semogalancaryaAllah-aamiin ♫ Morning by Beck —
#yangbukuaslinyapaketeksbahasaindonesiakok – Reading The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle —
One of your strengths is how you help colleagues feel at ease ... More for Libra
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Your infamous indecision is not a problem today; in fact, you ... More for Libra
Expressing your feelings to a close friend is a good start, bu... More for Libra
떨어진다 눈물이 (Tears Is Falling) by Wax —
The same obstacles that have been in your way for a while may ... More for Libra
A disagreement about work ethics or core values might have you... More for Libra
Your responsibilities aren't as simple as you had wished today... More for Libra