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I love a clean oven
Sourdough banana bread ready for tomorrow's breakfast! So anxious to see how ur will look tomorrow :-))
The bakery section at my local #kanehide! Love!
On my own again 2 Saturdays in a row! Lol
Mawa ready to go out....I think she used half of my perfume lol
Late into day 5 and my sourdough starter (nearly forgot it)has risen so much that I need a new…
Chicken cutlet curry at cocos @ Cocos
Lol reminds me of when I'm giving my husband directions😂😂�
#tbt most little girls dream of moving to Paris bit my girl she wants to move to Amsterdam lol. She…
Sourdough starter day 5. Not bad even after someone put it in the fridge last night. I shed a tear...
I’m getting real tired of these ‘cows’ hogging the thigh circuit machines. They are for working out, NOT having a confab. Heffas! #gymrant
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#gymproblems #gymrant people in the gym who sit and play on their phones between sets, people who train in groups...
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Do your set and move. Don't just sit there and hog the machine #petpeeve #gymrant
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Excuse me girls, but watching your friends work out does NOT improve your health. #getoutdaway #gymrant
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Biggest pet peeve: guys who walk around the gym like they are carrying two suit cases in each hand. We get it youre the man. #gymrant
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Is texting while at the gym considered cardio? I see a lot of it going on. #gymrant #befit
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Some dumb bitch in full make-up was on the bike with her cigs and lighter on the floor next to her, seriously what is the point!!! #gymrant
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Spotter shouts "come on you gay bastard" to his mate, most gay man are muscle bound adonises you moronic poser!! #gymrant #doyouevenlift?!
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#Gymrant ladies who buddy up and hog machines and not use it right cuz they're holding for their jean shorts and full facemakeup
Plus I didn't do long runs just 3-5. It's hot here. Next month me and the kids are back to school so we'll see how that goes
Less than last month due to the typhoon and vacation. Plus I started going back to the gym regularly again instead of 1ce a week last month
5 more miles and I'll be at 50 miles for the month of June! #motherrunner #fitmom
Been listening to Ruff Ryders/DMX all evening. Why haven't I added their music to my run playlist???…
Random as hell clean out the fridge/pantry dinner