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Keep reading Paris as Pasir Ris... lol my mind fucked up
As we grow older we start to understand why people drink and smoke till their livers catch fire and their lungs turn black
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Sometimes knowing too much can be a problem, I rather not know anything.
Fuk I'm late.... Hope I don't get sent home 😭
Damn Showtek @ Zouk tonight but not going 😫
Through our fate we fall into the storm, into the arms of a crashing wave.
Wish I was back in your arms.
Need to watch By The Sea.... Angie & Brad once again 💖
#Virgos see no point in going halfway, it's either all or nothing.
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Fringe growing long & starting to look badass once again
RT @Dory: i'm nice to literally everyone so if i seem rude to you, you need to ask yourself why
RT @SexualGif: It's kinda attractive when someone can reply to your sarcasm with sarcasm instead of just getting offended
RT @VodkaMuffins: If you can take shit from people without retaliating you pretty much succeed in life
A bit 小 late ah today
Drawing a fine line between madness & sanity. #MassVisualKicks
it’s weird looking back at who i started 2015 with and who i’m ending 2015 with
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Double-pay-2-shows-day leggo 💪🏻
And I turned my love for you into shots of memories
J.E.N's First Mini Album 📀 || nah we don't sing, we shoot. 📸
Sorting out Chapter 6 now hehe
Today's a productive day for Pixel Hop hehe
• S P R I N T • #MassVisualKicks Cr.: @jaylows
First time bringing my 5mil bag out after like... A year?!
i wasn't born with enough middle fingers to let you know how I feel
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“Para las personas, los recuerdos son el combustible que les permite continuar viviendo."
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So much grudge after work... Must be v tired
A I R (飞)|| Probably one of the best I could ever do (jumpshot) 💨 #MassVisualKicks
November 14th is coming soon. Get ready to light up your high tops. Pro Model w/ XENO.
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Jialat I left 6 hours of sleep
Reeked of Chivas in my breath hahahahahah what a time to be alive.
Nevertheless it's always fun whenever my khakis are around ❤️😚
What a night with 2 crazy drunktards
The heat after raining 🖕🏻
Minnie 🐭 x Champion 🏆📸 #MassVisualKicks
So much sarcasms needed to convey this morning
Up at 8am. Cool.
Not to be mean or anything but this uncle seriously smells like garbage
Words fell from your lips and all I heard was white noise in the dark.
Dk why u have to be so 记仇,if that makes you happy then ok lor
Wa this dude got a nice wolf tattoo on his arm........

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