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Just wanna fast forward to 2015
You contradicting piece of shit.
RT @tinyandgeeky: 算了我无所谓
Just wanna get out of hell and go somewhere alone.
I wish there's someone that can understand me.
Just earn only now I got debt for the next 45 months already ccb
Fuck singapore govt la seriously
Wtf repayment of the amt use for my 3 years poly via GIRO has come. 5k leh nahbei
I think I'll create a snapchat acct just to see Benjamin Kheng's selfies
Me: "我不能跟笨的人做工,我不喜欢" Manager: "Wa 你很坦白 leh" LOL thank god she came down to my rescue today 😂
Thank god she's not permanent hahah sack her man
爱心早餐 | Pretty much a satisfying breakfast. Thanks mummy 👩💖
"2015 liao, your pictures on the wall still Onew ah?" lol mum pls One & Only Onew for life ok
Hate to work under stupid people lol why do people with no intelligence exist
You don't deliver brochures to me how to have sales. Give you sales report no sales you still question me "no sales?" Kau bodoh?Cannot read?
RT @Blackalogy: Sometime I feel like we are the fallen angels that are being punished on Earth for our sin in heaven.
The new in-charge is fucking stupid. Do your homework please before telling me that I'm wrong k
Looking back at my @Krewella vid.... So much feels. Can't wait for the next rave 😍
What's new lol
RT @rockstarundiez: Funny how tumblr is our source of letting each other know what we would like but are too afraid to say.
Guess my Christmas plans are ruined. Thanks ah.
Can never have a proper sleep during weekdays. Zzzzzzz
My comp fucking blue screen me.... Now there's no internet connection. FML
Last Christmas, I ...... But the very next day, you .... 😭�
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Sudden crowd came & I've just hit the all time sales target.... Again.
Wow. This is fierce, but every guy needs to read this.
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Huge craving for Krispy Cremé & llao llao 😭
Feng shui no good then change the feng shui. Sales good 💪
Wa they all think I 18 sia jin happy
Entrance facing another way block my feng shui..... Today sales gonna be bad.
Lol this new friend so enthu I a bit scared
Such a nice weather to sleep in but had to wake up for work :(
Game till now. There goes my sleep... Sigh
As long as you're trying, I'm staying.
因为习惯所以我不能没有你 // I forgive you.
Play second day only people gonna top up and have wedding with me LOL
Dec 27 - NYC Dec 28 - Edmonton Dec 29 - Ottawa Dec 31 - decadence nye AZ Jan 2 - Singapore Jan 4 - Tokyo, Japan
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It still bothers me.
Back to Maplestory #oldschool
Thanks to @kellynxD I've cakes to eat 😙