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Love it when there's so much to smile and be happy about in life.
A zombie outbreak would never last more than 2 days due to natural predators like maggots and hot weather tearing them apart.
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Craving for Tom Yum ban mian 😔
Need a new white high-cut sneaker.
Hopefully I score this job... I like this company.
Funny how I interview back the interviewer 😂
I really don't get why some aunties have to stick this close to me. Ugh
〰 Four Shades of Curls 〰 // spent 6 days rotting at home, time to get outta the crib 🏩➡️
I think my body is detoxing. One day dk run toilet how many times 😑
Bad hair day all day err day
Father mother sisters brothers cousins and in laws all wanna take turns to cover my body
Everyday sure get a kiss one.
No. of mozzie bites this month rank no.1
And guess what, they called me up. HAHAHAHAHA
Been searching for jobs for the past 3 hours & only sent 1 resumé.
First thing in the morning my mum rushed into my room & told me "今晚吃燕窝" I'm like whuuuuuuut
Should I go to the chalet? Hmmmmm
Eat, sleep, game, watch drama. Life's goooooood.
Chionging the new tw drama "Fall In Love With Me" so naiseeee