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It's A Teen Thing!
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Good things will come to you if you focus on the positives and forget the negatives.
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Don't ever be afraid to show who you really are, because as long as you are happy with yourself, no one else's opinion matters.
Life is too short to be anything but happy.
This time, last year, everything was so different, things changed a lot.
I miss my childhood days when there's no worries, no responsibility, no heartaches, no pain just do whatever makes me happy.
A life without dreaming is a life without meaning.
Your choices, your actions, your life. Live it the way you want, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
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Sometimes you gotta accept the fact that certain things will never go back to how they used to be.
Happiness is the best revenge.
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That face you and your best friend get when you think of an amazing plan
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The best feeling in the world is knowing that you actually mean something to someone.
Don't apologize, and then do it again.
Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us.
Believe in yourself, even when everyone else doesn't.
It's not about having the perfect relationship, it's about finding someone who matches you and will go through everything without giving up.
People come and go, but life is simply about seeing who cares enough to stay.
If someone is loyal to you, don't take them for granted.
Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one, but you must remain strong.
If someone messes up, let it go. If they keep messing up, let them go.